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petek, marec 24, 2023

CATRICE Cheek Lover Marbled Blush 
10 Dahlia Blossom
A baked blush that has an intense pigmentation and a smooth formula. I need to apply this one slowly, as I can quickly get a lot of colour on my pale cheeks (it's one layer with a fluffy blush on the picture. Usually I really need to build blushes up for them to show on the camera, but not this one). Shade is a type of peachy-pink that's a lot more pink than peach. It has tiny shimmer in it that adds a glow, but since it's so pigmented and I need to apply little of it, the shimmer/highlighter effect isn't that intense on me - it should be on deeper skin tones (I apply Catrice's fantastic Glow Lover Oil-Infused Highlighter over it for more glow). Overall this is one of the best drugstore blushes I've tried, very similar to the discontinued L.O.V. blushes and better than Milani's Baked Blush (I have Petal Primavera which is less pigmented). Let's just hope Catrice keeps it and expands the range. 

WET N WILD Color Icon Blush
Pearlescent Pink
I used to have a Wet N Wild Color Icon blush in an apricot shade when they were still in a square packaging. I remember it being very good and nicely glowy, though I wasn't a fan of the shade. I picked Pearlescent Pink because I expected a pink shade with a glow, but this is a lot more peachy. It's one of those shades that on skin tones that are a bit darker than mine will look more pink, while on me the orange tone comes in focus more. It has shimmer in it that is on the larger side, so there is visible gold shimmer in it like in for example Hot Mama from the Balm. That means this has an intense glow on the cheeks if you build it up, but I find it can also highlight pores. Pigmentation is medium, I need to build this up with at least two layers and since I'm very pale that might mean it could be too weak for darker skin tones, but I couldn't say for sure. On the picture is very built up using a dense small brush and three layers (but it did look more intense in RL. Cameras pick up blushes poorly). 

CATRICE All Over Glow Tint
010 Beaming Diamond
There are three shades of these liquid highlighters and the stand had all three testers, but not the place for all the colours, just for 010 and 030. I liked the shade 020 more for my skin tone, which is more pink, but I had to settle for this champagne-golden one instead. It swatches beautifully, a lovely strong glow with no visible big shimmer ( I made a video swatching this, which shows the glow better than the picture). On the cheeks it's more subtle and it's the type of highlighter that looks like a natural glow. I find that it doesn't work well with all foundations or bases. I used it first over a hydrating, dewy formula (Oriflame GG Uforia) and it just did not layer well. It sank into pores and there were visible dots. Over a matte foundation (new Catrice's Nude Drop is like that on me) it looked considerably better, it layered well and I could build up the glow, but not to a super intense layer. Formula is light and not greasy. It's not a liquid like Oriflame's The One IlluSkin Liquid Highlighter or L'Oreal's Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops, but effect is very similar. All are great natural looking formulas, but L'Oreal's is kind of greasy, so before this one I always used Oriflame's which is a gorgeous formula. This one doesn't beat it, but Oriflame is not an easy brand to get.

CATRICE My Little Pony Highlighter
I got this just for the packaging, but it's a great quality highlighter - nicer than on my swatch (it's something I often notice at Catrice, that their highlighters swatch powdery/chunky looking, but on the cheeks they look smooth). The glow of this is lovely on the cheeks, with such fine shimmer like in their Oil-Infused Highlighter (but in direct sunlight, there are small shimmery particles visible). However, this is quite dark, so on me it's already almost a blush shade in a peachy/rose-gold colour. 

CATRICE Art Couleurs Eyeshadow 
360 Golden Leaf
I'm a fan of such shades and I rarely just walk past them. It's a beautiful green-gold colour, very metallic-looking on the eyes. Pigmentation is great, it's quickly fully opaque on the eyes (with two layers). It can be applied nicely with fingers or brushes. I noticed it creases on me after a while - which doesn't usually happen, but I don't use primers (often). It's not the quality of Artdeco single eyeshadows, but this formula is better than most of shimmer shades in Catrice's palettes I've tried. 

CATRICE My Little Pony Nail Lacquer
C03 Happy Skydancer and C01 Sweet Cotton Candy
The blue isn't as good in term of ease of application as the pink one. Not that's it's in any way problematic, but it needs two coats for an even look. The pink one is opaque with one coat. There are two more shades in this collection, a peach and a light green. 

REVLON So Fierce! Eyes Wide Open Mascara
A new mascara by Revlon. I'm a big fan of the red So Fierce! Big Bad Lash mascara, which remains one of my favourite regular formulas. This one creates a lot of volume fast even when freshly opened. It's not one of those wet mascaras that my lashes dislike (because they drop my lashes even faster and make my glasses dirty), but I wouldn't say it's as dry as a waterproof mascara. This one says it lifts the lashes - maybe. My lashes are so stubborn it's hard to say, but it does dry on the eyelashes fast and my lashes don't drops as much as with other mascaras. I'd say it's actually pretty good in that department for a regular formula. Brush has an interesting spiral design with bristles that are more wide apart than at most silicone brushes I've tried and it doesn't take long to build up the volume. From the start it was not wowing me with its definition or fanning out abilities, but after two weeks it got better and has a nice multiplying effect. Compared to the red So Fierce! Mascara, this is more volumising and creates a bigger impact, but it's less defining. 
Click2Chic and drugstores. 

REVLON Colorstay Micro Easy Precision Liquid Eyeliner
This has a micro tip with which you can really draw such thin lines - if only I had steady hands and the talent to actually do it, but instead I end up with the same type of line I always do. It's intensely black, the formula glides easily on the skin and you can perfect the wing with the precise applicator. The formula dries to a sort of layer and is waterproof. It's removed like a peel off liner, meaning this doesn't smudge, instead it flakes away with warm water and a foamy cleanser. 
Click2Chic and drugstores. 

REVLON Colorstay Micro Brow Pencil
Brow pencils with a small tip that's 0,3 mm wide. I don't use brow products, I've said that many times, but Revlon says you can draw mini hairs with it. My brows are too thick to attempt to draw mini strokes in them, but I tried it on the back on my hand and the strokes are a bit wider than a hair. Catrice's brow pencil I have is similar, but formula is less creamy. The strokes are soft and the brush on the other side softens the look, but this formula is not very intense, not even the black one, so you don't overdo the eyebrows fast with these. I got three shades that are sold in Slovenia: a Soft Brown, which is a light brown with a yellow tone, a Dark Brown, which is a natural brown that fits me best, but it's still a bit warmer than my ashy brown eyebrows and Soft Black, which is a similar shade to the Dark Brown, except a bit darker and cooler. The swatches on my hand didn't come off once they set and I tried to rub them away.    
Click2Chic and drugstores. 

LUKKY Peel Off Nail Polish
I already had a gold version of this shade, which I wanted to repurchase, but they only had the silver in stock. These take some time to fully dry, but then they can be removed by peeling. The coat should be thick to get it off in one piece. These are at the girl toys department in Műller.

Gotta love how creative Lip Smackers are. This one has an interesting way of opening, the bottom swivels open. The formula is typical Lip Smacker, so nicely soft and balmy. This is scented like strawberry sweeties. I got this on Notino.

LIP SMACKER Cinderella
This one smells like vanilla cupcakes. There was an Ariela too. I got this on Notino as well. Lip Smackers are some of my favourite formulas because they are creamier than most basic lip balm formulas.

A'PIEU Madecassoside Fluid 2x
A rich toner-like product with 30% centella asiatica leaf water, Madecassoside, Ceramide, Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Betta-Glucan and several extracts - it's a repairing & hydrating product. A'Pieu says it's suitable for sensitive skin. It feels similar to the Cosrx Propolis toner in a sense that it's richer than just a liquid, but on the skin it feels lighter than the texture indicates. It's has an intense herbal scent, which I didn't expect, but I'll get used to it. I bought it as a replacement for the Geek & Gorgeous Stress Less Serum because it also contains madecassoside and beta-glucan, but this comes in a 300 ml bottle for about 20 €, so it's a better deal. I've been using it morning and nights for about two weeks and I can't say I noticed anything special, but my skin is in good condition.  

SCHAEBENS Niacinamid Tuch Maske
Niacinamide Sheet Mask
A sheet mask with niacinamide, allantoin, carnosine, gylcolic acid, malic acid, hyaluronic acid and urea. I haven't used it yet, but I'll report back when I do. I mentioned a few times that now that I don't have IG, I post on FB.  
Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Dipropylene Glycol, Allantoin, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Carnosine, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Glycolic Acid, Malic Acid, Saccharide Isomerate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sucrose, Tartaric Acid, Trehalose, Urea, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylic/Capric Glycerides Polyglycerin-10 Esters, Citric Acid, Hexyl Cinnamal, Hydroxyacetophenone, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Parfum, Propanediol, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Lactate

EBELIN Puder und Make-up Blender
I repurchased one of these. I use them every time I apply foundation and I use them dry - that's just my way of doing it, but it's supposed to be wet. It's got a flat bottom with which I blend the foundation on most of the face and I use the tip for the triangle under the eyes. The velvety side is meant for powder, but I rarely use it. 

TANGLE TEZZER Wet Detangling Hairbrush
I got this brush as a gift on Women's Day (the PR package was very pretty). TTs are my favourite brushes and have been for many years. I have the Wet Detangling Hairbrush in a black colour that I use every day. If you plan to get one of these, I suggest you go for these with a handle because they are easier to hold than their classic ones. Compared to dupes, the bristles are softer and glide through the hair easier. 

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