EVELINE COSMETICS Variété Satin Matt Lip Liquid 02 Raspberry Cream

četrtek, marec 16, 2023

My experience with this brand has been mixed, so I knew this might not impress me as much as matte liquid lipsticks from other brands, but I liked the shade. I haven't bought a matte liquid lipstick in a while and I miss them - I miss this trend that apparently slowly died out. This one is an average formula that reminds me of Sleek and Essence.

Formula is opaque with one coat, which is a standard at such formulas anyway. It's creamy at application and it takes about a minute or two to dry to a matte finish and after that it doesn't transfer. After about 5 minutes it start to feel tight, so this is not a formula for dry lips. Even I have to prep my lips and nourish them beforehand, and I usually don't have a problem with matte lipsticks. 

It can survive drinking, but not eating. Usually such formulas are more long-lasting, though not the very cheap ones (not that this one was cheap for drugstore prices). 

02 Raspberry Cream is a pale warm pink, too pale for darker skin tones than mine in my opinion, but it's wearable for me. Eveline has a selection of such nude shades among the three matte liquid lipstick lines they have, but this is the lightest I found on the stand.   

I bought it in DM for 5.99 €, which is not that cheap, so I'd expect something better than Essence's version that's about a half the price. At least the shade is nice. 

Have a great day!

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