August Favourites

četrtek, avgust 29, 2013

It was already featured in my product of the week post (link^), so I won't go into much detail. In short, it's my favourite concealer and it was the only thing I wore in terms of base during the heat wave. It blends seamlessly into the skin and looks incredibly natural while offering medium coverage. I wear the shade called Fair.  
Lancôme Hypnôse waterproof mascara
Now this is what I call a fabulous mascara. It's one of the rare mascaras that actually hold curl all day, it has a normal wand (looking at you Majolica Majorca),  gives lots of length and some volume. I have the post with a detailed review almost ready and it should be posted shortly.

I have been on a search for an orange based Lady-Danger-like but more transparent red for a while and this is the perfect shade. It is the first shine lipstick that is actually worth the 12€ price tag because it has a far better formula than any I tried so far. Bourjois outdid themselves yet again.

I started wearing more eyeshadow this month. For my go-to natural look I used Permanent Taupe as an eyeshadow and base in one. I like taupes on me because they emphasize and compliment the colour of my eyes. The best feature of this shade is the fact it's matte. 

L'Oreal Made for Me Natural Brow & Duo Eye Shadow
I never speak of this trio, but when I decide to wear a natural smokey-ish eye I always use it. I like all the colours, but the middle one suits my eyes best. The top colour is a matte light slightly taupe-ish brown shade (similar to MAC's wedge), the middle is a warm hazelnut brown with a satin finish and the last colour is a light pink with a satin finish. The quality of these eyeshadows is really nice; they blend well and are pigmented enough. I think this trio is discontinued, but you can still get it on eBay and Amazon. 

I bought this a while ago as a treat since it is flippin' expensive. There is annoying this thing I do when I buy something I really love - I hardly ever use it because it's so precious to me. I really need to stop doing that. Anyway, I decide to use it up. This oil is a part of the same line as the Almond Shower Oil and needless to say the scent is just divine. The quality of the oil is supreme and it was made to help very dry skin. It is one of my favourite body products (and can also be used on hair).

I seem to always have a scent of the month. On a random moment, a memory of/craving for a certain scent just pops into my mind and then I wear that scent constantly. This month it was Beyonce's Pulse. It starts off with a sugary orange candy note which then evolves into a very powdery fragrance with a hint of vanilla. Much like Lady Gaga's Fame, it is quite different from typical celebrity scents even though it's super sugary, and I don't find it generic at all.
Have a great day!

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  1. I have never seen the L'Oreal Made for Me Natural palette in the US, but we do have a collection called "Made For Me Pinks". I wonder if this will be coming my way? I also enjoy the Maybelline concealer, it's my favorite :)

    1. This little palette is quite old. I actually don't recall when exactly I bought it, but more than a year ago. It was a part of the permanent range here and it has been discontinued a while ago.
      It is a wonderful concealer, isn't it :)

    2. Sami super favorites :) Tale permament taupe senčke pa tudi mene mika, barva je čudovita :)

  2. Jaz imam tudi tega Taupe, pa sem ugotovila, da se mi nekako bolj nabira v očesno gubo kot pa On and On Bronze. Mogoče ravno zato, ker je mat.

  3. I love Perment Taupe by Maybelline!!!! :D

  4. vsi hvalijo ta maybelin concleaer...ampak kaj ko se ga pri nas ne da kupiti:(( mi priporočas kak drug izdelek za prekrivanje podočnjakov? Hvala

    1. Da se dobi pri nas, mi je od Essence Stay All Day zelo dober :). Bourjoisov Healthy Mix je tudi v redu, čeprav me moti emabalaža ko gre korektor k koncu.

  5. Mislis da imajo ta Maybeline korektor v Seiesbergu v aust?