Bourjois Shine Edition 21 Rouge Making Of

sobota, avgust 24, 2013

Finally. A shine lipstick I really like. Bourjois' Rouge Edition is my favourite lipstick formula and their newest Shine Edition does not disappoint either. What sets it apart from other versions of lipstick/gloss/balm hybrids is that it's actually very well pigmented, not as shiny and lasts a lot longer. Plus 21 is my favourite number and the shade is beautiful.

The texture is thick and creamy making it closest to Revlon's Lip Butters formula, yet I find it better since it's not sticky. It's very balmy and moisturising, therefore a good substitute for a lip balm. It's least glossy of the shine lipsticks I own and closest to a regular creamy finish. Staying power is great for such a product and though it won't survive a meal, it lasts several hours and doesn't wipe off that easy.

21 Rouge Making of is a bright tomato orange based red. It's like a more translucent and shiny cousin of Mac's Lady Danger, and exactly the shade I was looking for. Pigmentation is great for a shiny lipstick, especially compared to the other versions and it is no glorified tinted lip balm.

The packaging is very similar to the original Rouge Editions with the exception of a mirror imitation design. It is appropriately well made for the price and the coloured top is real handy when you have so many lip colours as me.

Bourjois lipsticks are expensive for drugstore as they retail at about 10-11€, but you get what you pay for. 

I've already done a comparison of all the shiny lipstick I own before, but I'll do an update here as well. I have so many of them: from Revlon Lip Butters (similarly thicker formula as Bourjois', but lacks it's staying power), L'Oreal and Maybelline (lovely lightweight formula, but poor staying power), Boots 17 Mirror Shine lipstick (best shine and a nice creamy formula), Catrice Ultimate Shine (great pigmentation), Isadora Jelly Kiss (rather average at everything) to Essence lipsticks (poor staying power and some shades are drying). Bourjois are my favourites, followed by Boots 17 and rounding the top three are both Maybelline's and L'Oreal's version. Out of all, Bourjois is the only one I feel comfortable paying 10€ for.

Have a great day!

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  1. Izčrpna ocena:) Čisto vse mi je všeč, embalaža, odtenek in blagovna znamka:)Odlično izgleda;)

  2. Super review, tele že nekaj časa opazujem v drogerijah, pa nisem hotela tvegat 11eur , če mi ne bi bile všeč... Zdaj me pa mika kakšno vzeti, bom naslendjič pogledala če imajo kak odtenek zame :) Tale tvoj je super in ti paše :)

  3. Čudovit odtenek, si me prepričala v nakup :)

  4. U, krasna barva :)

  5. Ta šminkica je pa res super! :) imam roza odtenek :) sicer mi je še vedno bolj všeč moja Chanel Coco Rouge, ampak ta se tudi povzpe zelo visoko, in obstojnost je pa res velik + :)

  6. wow is my favorite color, I am really inspired from your blog hoping you will be there with more interesting post like this. Its really interesting to many readers. Thanks
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  7. It's such a pretty color! I wish I could buy Bourjois here in Italy as well! :'(

  8. Iz Francije sem dobila odtenek 23, ki ga iz meni neznanega razloga nimamo v Sloveniji in ga obožujem. Res fantastična šminka, tako da me mika vzeti še kakšnega, predvsem 24 me mika. :) Super ocena!

  9. Nominirala sem te za Versatile Blogger Award. Več si lahko prebereš tukaj:

  10. Super review :)
    Pa js isto uporabljam pa mi je tut awesome odtenek :D