Maybelline Colorama Bleached Neons 242

sobota, april 19, 2014

Mother of nail polishes was this a hard shade to take an accurate picture of! I fixed them with software to get it as close as possible, but they still lack that "neon-ness" that is noticeable in real life.

This is a shade that looks so pretty in the bottle where it appears as a bleached (muted) neon coral-pink and I had every hope that it will look like that on my nails. But as it happens so often with anything coral on my skintone, it's a more orange shade on me. On my nails it looks like a pastel neon orange with a hint of pink, which looks more pink under some artificial light. It's a bit lighter and more neon than on my picture, but if I lightened it then it just looked pastel apricot, so that's the best you can get from me. It's definitely bright and will get noticed, that neon-ness is actually not that bleached if you ask me. I think this would look nice on someone who's tan or just as a fun summer shade.

The formula is like a classic pastel shade with it's signature thick formula that is difficult to apply evenly (think Mint Candy Apple-like). The brush is a standard one.

I paid 2.49 € in Müller.
Have a great day!

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  1. čudovit odtenek. :3 sem si jih ogledovalaa zadnjič a nisem vedela, da tako super izpade na nohtih. :))


  2. Tale odtenek pa tudi ni slab:) Sem že razmišljala, da zakaj nisem vzela še tega. Res zelo primerni odtenki za poletje:)

  3. ful fajna barva, na srečo sem si ga kupla :P

  4. Tudi jaz se mu nisem mogla upreti v trgovini, ampak ga še nisem sprobala na nohtih :)

  5. Na nohtkih izgleda boljše kot v embalaži, pa vseeno ni tako zelo neon.. :/

  6. Ooooh, what a pretty shade! <3

  7. Prelep odtenek, ampak je pa zelo nefotogeničen :)

  8. Lovely color! I was at the store today and I saw this collection- I was going to pick up the green polish but decided not to. I definitely have to go back and pick a couple of these up haha