Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush

petek, oktober 09, 2015

I've done my fair share of gushing about this blusher already and it became one of my favourite blushes ever. You might remember that I ranted a bit in my Max Factor Creme Puff review that those blushes look glowy on everyone but me. Well now I've found the one for me too and I'm really enjoying the glow. 

The main feature is the stiletto design in the blush which is an actual separate colour and not an overspray, though the heel is. I got the shade called Rose and it consists of two colours. The main colour is a pretty standard peachy pink with tiny champagne/iced gold shimmer, so it's not that dissimilar to very popular colours like Nars' Orgasm and its dupes. The central colour is much brighter and it's a hot pink

The textures differ a bit. I feel that the hot pink isn't as smooth as the peachy-pink surroundings, but it doesn't affect how the blush performs on the cheeks and it blends nicely. I tend to concentrate more on the lighter shade, but it's difficult to completely avoid the darker one with a big fluffy blush brush. I like to think that they had a similar idea in mind that Charlotte Tilbury has, so applying a lighter colour as a base and the brighter just in the centre of the cheeks to make it pop more. 

Mixed together is creates an illuminating pink flush and the glow is even picked up by my camera phone, which is unheard off (exception is the much more expensive Coralista). The shimmer has a nice tone to it, it's not too gold nor too pink, it's actually just the right mix for me. I've got a spare picture were you can see the glow even more.

The blush has a vanilla scent, though it's a bit cardboard-ish (best description of a scent ever) and I don't find it strong, but these things are a bit subjective. 

The design of the blush is beautiful. It's actually way prettier in real life than in pictures, even though it's essentially just a mix of plastic, cardboard and fabric. It's dressed in red satin with black fishnets on top and on the inside it's just black paper. They were aiming for sexy and I think they did it, it's certainly has that burlesque-look to it. Like all Physicians Formula cheek products it has an added mirror and a brush which are in the back. The brush is clearly not the best quality and the thin design is strange to work with, but if you have nothing else it's fine. 

I really love this blush. I love the glow it has, the colour is pretty and it shows up well on my light skin tone. The packaging is lovely and it even smells nice, so I have nothing bad to say about this blush. There is another, lighter shade of this available called Natural and there are many more items in the Sexy Booster line. I have a mascara from this line and you might think that I hit my head for saying this, but even though it's a regular formula, I ended up really liking it. I lifts my lashes a bit, but only if I don't use an eyelash curler. It's difficult to explain, I'll do that in the review, but the volume it gives is comparable to Essence's Lash Princess, which means massive lashes.

My blush is from Click2Chic, where is costs 15.90 € and it's another product I reviewed as a part of my work on their blog (they didn't ask me talk about it here as well, so I don't consider it a proper PR product).

Have a great day!

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  1. love the blush! Also love the cute packaging!

    Annie |

  2. Your blog is so cute, I'll be happy to read you! If you might be interested, add to my blog, we like honey, sweet style! :)

  3. It looks so cute with the heel design :-) It has way too much sheen for me though.

  4. Je pa res fajn glowy ja :) Pa še krasen odtenek je :)

    1. Se mi ne zdi nič bolj kot MF Creme Puffi izgledajo na drugih, ampak ne vem zakaj se ta pa vidi na mojih licih. Meni je krasen :)