Disappointments and Products that didn't meet Expectations

ponedeljek, januar 02, 2017

Not that I'm one who keeps it only on a positive note here, just stroll through my New in and Empties posts and you'll see I'm not so forgiving to products, but I very rarely gather them in one post. I've done Best Buys for 2016, but I was watching some YouTube videos and I felt inspired to do disappointments as well - it's only the best way to start a new year, right? I went through my New ins just from 2016 and counted a record amount of misses just in one year. I don't know if I'm just that hard to impress (my family is probably screaming "Yes, you are" right now) or it was something else . 

I won't write which one I bought and which one was given to me because it doesn't matter, but please read all these disappointments posts critically. You're smart enough to recognise this is just one opinion. When I criticise a product, I emphasise it didn't work for me and most products are not bad, they could still work for a different type of either skin/hair or personal preference. There are over 40 products on the list (I told you, it's crazy), I included a few I got before 2016 because I use/look at them a lot.

MAYBELLINE Fit Me foundation normal/dry skin - This is just so greasy, it never sets on the skin, which in turn means it also doesn't last long and my biggest pet peeve - it makes my smile lines visible from space. I don't like how it looks on the skin, even now when my skin is completely dry (literally feels like sandpaper), but damn it, the colour is beyond perfect for me. | Positive review (video)

RIMMEL Lasting Finish Nude foundation - a.k.a. foundation from hell. I despise it, it makes my skin look horrible because it slips into every pore, emphasises smiles lines and almost always looks patchy on my nose. I actually had comments on how bad it looks on me. I hate it - I still use it on most days because, you know, the shade (us Snow Whites have so little choice), but I hate it. I use it for mixing with darker, better foundations. | Positive review 

ESSENCE get picture ready! brightening concealer - I expected something like Maybelline's the Eraser and what I got was a horrible applicator and a product with little coverage. This should be repackaged and sold as a BB cream/light foundation formula. 

L.O.V. EffectFul Concealer Pen - another product I hoped was similar to Maybelline's, but it has such a light coverage, needs a lot of time to set, the sponge is hard and I notice no brightening effect. I'll of course use it up because the shade is great and it was expensive.

WET'N WILD Cover All Concealer Palette - this is not that bad and the colour correcting bit works, however, the formulation of the three correcting shades is too thick for my taste (highlighter is great though). I don't like these paste-like products that need to be warmed up before use. | Positive review

ESSENCE Stay All Day Fixing Powder - looks white on my skin and can wear strange with some foundations. | Positive review. 

BEYU Strobe & Define Palette (not on the picture) - actually not a bad product and I love it has everything you need for contouring, however, both BeYu powder products I've tried are so loose. I prefer more pressed, silkier formulations. | Positive review

L'OREAL Blush Sculpt Trio Contouring Blush - again not a bad blusher at all, however, they call it a contouring blush and you just can't create a 3D effect with these, also because of the unfortunate packaging. Plus it has chunky shimmer and this shade on the picture, 102, is more like a bronze eyeshadow.

BEYU Beauty Blender - the worst makeup sponge I've tried so far and I've used both cheap ones and the most popular one. It doesn't expand at all when wet, feels stiff/hard and bouncing it on the face is almost painful.

MAYBELLINE The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara - basically worst mascara in history. Sorry, not sorry, just check my original review where it's on my lashes. Formula is too thick. Most Maybelline mascaras are great so what happened here? | Positive review

BEYU Liquid Fine Liner - I liked this a lot from the start because it's super precise, but I got it only a couple of months ago and it's already too dry to use.

CATRICE Glam & Doll Super Black Liner - I couldn't do a smooth line with this, nor a flick. The formula isn't black enough either. 

STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner - I'm just not loving this eyeliner. The tip on mine wasn't smooth, it was too flexible and I couldn't do a precise line. It also dried way faster than I expected. | Positive review

LAVERA Eye Shadow Base - doesn't do anything, neither intensify the colour or make the eyeshadows last longer. | Positive review

BEAUTY UK Eyeshadow Collection No.7 Naked- First row is just a bunch or poorly pigmented shades that look the same on the lids and in the bottom row, the last two shades also look the same. Only three shades are useful in the palette. 

BEYU Eyebrow Stencil Set - All are designed only for a very specific brow shape which I don't have, so I can't use any.

L'OREAL Brow Artist Sculpt - I know I'm not really one to judge because I don't use brow products, but I just don't get the applicator. Shades are also strange and the formula is odd too. | Positive review

BEYU Cashmere Lip Color Matt - Though it's nicely pigmented and a comfortable product, it's not matte like it says, which I wouldn't mind that much, but staying power is too poor for me. | Positive review

ESSENCE Mat Mat Mat! Lipstick - I know everyone loves these, but it has such a poor staying power and the packaging isn't good. | Positive review

ESSENCE Velvet Stick 02 Peony Star - again a typical Essence product with no staying power and it's not matte or velvet, but I also don't like the colour of this one. BeYu's and Golden Rose's versions are perfect if you're looking for a matte chubby pencil. | Positive review

BEYU Scandalous Lips 81 Instant Feeling - this should be called a sheer stain because that's what it is. It has only a hint of colour on the lips and because of the shade, it doesn't look that even. The formula is very old school and I just prefer more modern, cream gloss formulas.

L'OREAL Baume Caresse 706 Coral me Back - I don't think this is sold anymore, I guess L'Oreal recognised it's not the best formula, but it's just a clear lip balm. They could add a touch more pigment, even if it's a lip balm.

ESSENCE Studio Nails All in One Complete Care - Definitely not all in one and as a top coat it takes a million years to dry, while as a base coat it feels almost a bit rubbery. I still use it every time as a base because I have nothing else. 

BARRY M Speedy Quickly Dry Nail Paint Road Rage - Gorgeous colour, but horrible formula that's impossible to apply evenly. | Positive review

ESSIE Fiji - if you ever wondered what formula from hell is, this is it. I still use it on my toes because it's a nice colour and it doesn't matter how horrible the application looks.

SOAP & GLORY The Ultimelt Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser - I don't know why I expected this to be more like a balm, but it's just a simple creamy cleanser, which is fine too, I guess. But my main problem with it is that it doesn't remove makeup well and my skin doesn't like it much. | Positive review

SOAP & GLORY The Greatest Scrub of All - my skin doesn't feel smoother with this. The scrubby bits feel very fine and it's pleasant to use, but I don't see a difference. | Positive review

BALEA Reinigungs Öl - I know so many adore this, but I just don't get it. It's so light, I need to use a ton of it and it doesn't even remove mascara well. It's just not comparable to more expensive products IMHO. By the way, I see it's still sold on DM website. I thought it was discontinued? | Positive review

GLAMGLOW Supermud Mask - I'm not saying it's bad, actually it's really good and I'm really happy Nadja gave me a sample, it's just not magical and it's majorly overhyped for what it is - a clay mask with scrubby bits (unlike most I feel no tingling). I find it insulting they charge so much for a damn face mask. I get the same effect with L'Oreal's Exfo mask, but they are not dupes. | Positive review.

DVOREC TREBNIK Tropical Cocktail shower gel - it's just too thin for my liking and barely foams. But it does smells nice.

AFRODITA 100% Spa Sugar Scrub - I expected something along the lines of Soap & Glory scrubs, but this is sooo oily, you can't wash it off and it leaves this heavy layer behind. Flake Away also leaves a bit of an oily filter, but at Afrodita's it's just too much. At least it scrubs well. | Positive review

BALEA Golden Glamour Verwöhnpeeling - this is actually a decent scrub, though more on the gentle side for me, but the texture is so odd, like a jelly and it just slips from your hand in the shower, so the pot doesn't last you long. | Positive review

AVON Bubble Bath - for years I read reviews of mountains of bubbles with this and I got barely a 5 cm cover of foam no matter how much I used. Eurospin's/Hoffer/Lidl baths are better. | Positive review.

SAUBÄR Bubble Bath Honey and Almond - again the same deal as at Avon, there are just not enough bubbles. The formula is so thin too.

SILISS Créme Dépilatoire - I basically just realised I hate all depilatory creams, powders and other chemical preparations. They remove maybe 30 % of hair on me and it's not even smooth. This one just doesn't work on strong hair.

SILISS Stripless Wax - as satisfying this is too use and painless, it again manages to remove less than a half of hair. And I mean a half a cm long, strong hair. On a 1-2 mm long hair, you get no effect.

AFRODITA Hand Cream Olive 2 in 1 - This is just too old school for me and it takes way too long to sink in. I prefer Balea Pflegecremes and L'Occitane hand creams.

GARNIER Neo Deodorants Intensive Antiperspirant - I kind of made a couple people angry at me because I promised this is an anti-perspirant (it says on the bottle!) and I got complaints it doesn't work at all. They smell nice and look cool, but don't stop sweating. | Positive review

VISETT Haar Stop - this deserves a special place in hell! I paid 8 € for this and of course I didn't expect some amazing results, I'm not stupid, but I at least hoped it'll help me shave less often because I get maybe a half a day of smooth legs (seriously FML!), but this does absolutely nothing. It doesn't even work as a moisturiser. I just wanted one bloody extra day. I hate it with intense passion and I want my money back. | Positive review

L'OREAL Elseve Extraordinary Oil Conditioner, Mask and Oil - I adore the shampoo from this line, it's the best ever for really dry hair, but the rest of the line is disappointing. Even though the mask and conditioner have a thick formula, they do nothing on my dry hair and the oil is light as water. Try if you have normal/quickly oily hair with moderately dry ends. | Positive review

BALEA Oil Repair Haaroil Spray - I wanted a got2b Oil-licious dupe, but this does absolutely nothing. 

AFRODITA Serum 10 in 1 Protection - I don't know what this is. It's not a regular, nourishing oil and it's not a silicone, shine-giving styling oil. It just does nothing and doesn't even smell nice. As you can see, it's being used, but it's useless to me. | Positive review

JOHN FRIEDA Frizz Ease Secret Agent Perfecting Creme - so many good reviews, but it doesn't make my hair any less frizzy and neither more smooth. Dove is my choice here. | Positive review

SCHWARZKOPF Styliste Ultime Satin Frizz Control Anti-Frizz Lotion - I got this because I hoped it's similar to Dove, but it's thick, slightly sticky and it just coats the hair, yet has no effect. No frizz control on my hair. | Positive review

BUMBLE & BUMBLE Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer - so much hype for this? It does nothing, neither nourish the hair, neither make it more silky, smooth or frizz free. At least it's a heat protectant. | Positive review

PALMER'S Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots - this should help with the itching of the scalp, but I saw no effect. | Positive review

PHYTO Phytovolume Volumising Shampoo - I get that volume shampoos are mostly drying, but this one completely stripped my hair, the texture is so liquid and I noticed no more volume than usual. It's probably good only for very oily hair.

PHYTO Phytovolume Actif Volumising Spray - I just did not get this product. It made my hair so sticky, I had to wash it again. It gives a bit of volume, but the hair is unmanageable.  | Positive review

If you're wondering what happens to these - well, a majority simply gets used up. I have this very annoying habit where I use products I hate because I want them gone, while saving my precious good stock. Plus I paid for these/worked my backside off with a review, I'm not going to just throw them away. I do give away some of them to people who I think the product will fit better, mostly makeup.

Have a great day!

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  1. Meni je pa od Essenca korektor prav všeč, res mi ni slab tudi gobica ni grozna :)

    Se pa strinjam glede :

    - Brow artista, nikakav (ne morem reči drugače) nobene barve ne da.

    1. Essence korektor imam kot rezervno BB kremo v torbici, ker celo lepo izgleda na koži kot nekakšen lažji puder, ampak korektor pa to žal zame ni. Gobica mi je tudi nepraktična, nič ne blenda, bi raje imela kar drugega.

      Brow artist sem dala par drugim za probat, pa ni nobenega navdušil.

  2. LOL - zdaj moram pa takoj sprobat mojo BeYu gobico, da vidi to čudo. :D
    L.O.V korektor mi je pa tudi po tvojem opisu še vedno všeč in planiram nakup. Drugačne želje pa to.
    Jaz bi dala v hate skupino Maybellin Eraser,ker je navoj crknil prej kot v enem mesecu. :D

    1. Veš da me res zanima, če bo vsaj tvoja reagirala kaj z vodo? Moja se ne raztegne čisto nič, jo imam lahko samo za tenis igrat, tok je trda. Kar nekako ne verjamem, da bi BeYu naredil tako čudno gobico, da nisem jaz kakšne weird dobila.

      Te kapiram :) L.O.V. je še vedno spodoben korektor za zelo suho kožo, ki ne rabi dosti prekrivnosti, pa še super lahek je in nikoli cakey. Samo jaz hočem prekrivnost kot jo ima Maybelline za ta denar.

      Očitno sem potem imela srečo, ker pri mojih treh so navoji zdržali, je pa tečno ker zadnjih par milimetrov nikoli ne spraviš ven :).

  3. Fantastic post, I love reading these! Not everything is ah-mazing and shouldn't be, I appreciate your honesty. On another note, as far as I know the Balea cleansing oil has been discontinued in Croatia and Slovenia because it didn't sell enough, but it is still normally available in Germany. I liked it, but I realized cleansing oils aren't for me - I'm way too clumsy. My newfound love is the Banila Co. Clean It Zero :)

    Also I would love it if you could try out the Missha BB Perfect Cover in 13 and compare it to Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 51. If you get a chance and if it sparks an interest, that is :)

    1. Thank you :) I would do these more often, but it's so much work and I already include such products in New ins, though I think I should start doing them more often.

      Oh, well that's strange. I remember German bloggers breaking the news the oil is being discontinued. So they got it back and we don't? It doesn't matter, I won't miss it anyway. I'm currently trying a sample of Biobaza micellar oil and it's really lovely.

      I actually had Missha BB Signature in shade 13, which I think is the same shade as at Perfect Cover. If you need to see a comparison of shades, they are here:
      - http://matejasbeautyblog.blogspot.si/2013/03/missha-m-signature-real-complete-bb.html
      - http://matejasbeautyblog.blogspot.si/2013/07/diorskin-nude-bb-plus-guerlains.html
      I remember when I was buying it, I was choosing between Perfect Cover and Signature and I choose the latter because it was lighter in texture. Still it's greasier than Bourjois HMS, but the coverage is about the same. Shade 13 is one of the best shades I found for me, it's very light and has a neutral/slightly greyish tone.

  4. Mateja hvala za omembo :) Najprej ti želim vse lepo v novem letu :)
    Prav z veseljem berem te objave, kako nekaj ne štima. Ful me preseneča, da ti ni všeč Bumble & Bumble. Ti je kak drugi njihov produkt bolj všeč? Razmišljam o nakupu, ker jih načeloma vsi hvalijo. Drugače pa Visett res, meni je bistveno izboljšaš stanje dlačic, manj vraščanja in dejansko počasneje rastejo. Phyto pa se strinjam, jaz sem jih tudi imela priložnost sprobat, in mi ne pašejo nikakor, pa imam mastne lase.

    1. Ni za kaj in tudi tebi srečno :) Nisem kaj dosti preizkušala B&B, ker je vse tako drago, imam pa Pret a Powder, ki je v redu suh šampon/volume powder. Zelo dolgo traja, zato se ga splača vzet. Ta Primer pa ne da je slab, ampak nič posebnega ne naredi za to ceno, razen da deluje kot toplotna zaščita. L'Orealov Elnett v sprayu je praktično isti.

      Fouš sem ti, da na tebi Visett deluje. Resno, zelo fouš, ker jaz bi ga najraje zabrisala skozi okno, pa se vsakič spomnem, da sem za ta šmorn dala 8 €. Niti vraščanja dlak mi ne prepreči, pa imam ogromne probleme glede tega.

      Od Phyto mi je do zdaj všeč edino Phytopolleine in pa šampon proti prhljaju, drugo pa žal ne.

  5. Z Balejinim oljem se 100% strinjam. Sem ga kupila zaradi dobrih ocen. Pri meni niti navadne maskare ne spravi takoj dol in se mi zdi da tudi potrebujem veliko olja, da sploh kaj dol spravim. Je pa res, da nasploh nisem neki fan teh olj :)

    Phyto izdelki so tudi mene razočarali, šampon sem uporabila samo enkrat in nikoli več, ker mi je izsušil lase. Volumising spray pa mi je lase samo zlepil. Sem pa imela še neki vzorček maske ali balzama, ne vem več, ampak tisto pa mi je bilo kar všeč.

    Ti moram povedat, da nisi edina, ki ima gladke noge pol dneva haha. In resno iščem neki izdelek, ki bi vsaj za en dal podaljšal britje, ker že to bi bilo nekaj :D

    Se vidim v zadnjem odstavku, slabe izdelke hočem porabit, ker mi je škoda denarja, dobre pa šparam, da slučajno ne bi kakšnega zmanjkalo haha :D

    1. Baleinega olja je treba uporabit trikrat več kot ostalih podobnih olj, mene enostavno ni navdušil.

      Phyto mi je všeč samo izdelki proti prhljaju, ampak ostalo pa ni zame. Tukaj nisem omenila, ampak Phyto 9 mi je bil tudi fail.

      Res? Se že počutim manj samo :D Sanjam o tistih laserskih odstranjevalcih, ker ne prenesem pogleda na moje noge. Popolnoma so poškodovane od vraščenih dlak, kljub redni negi in tudi po britju so vidne korenine pod kožo. Imam epilator, ampak drži recimo en teden, potem sledi pa groza rdečih pik in vraščenih dlak. Začaran krog.

      Ne morem kar vrečt nekaj stran, denar je denar, ampak se mi je že zgodilo da se mi dobra stvar zato pokvarila. Moram se odvadit tega :)

  6. Sedaj ko sem prebrala cel post in opazila da je kar veliko "positive review" linkov na moj blog, se sprašujem kako imava lahko tako različne okuse :P :)
    Je pa res, da opažam da pri nekaterih izdelkih iščeva drugačne lastnosti :)

    Si me pa presenetila z Essie Fiji, ki mene vedno znova pozitivno preseneti v vseh pogledih, obožujem ga <3 In pa Garnier Neo Antiperspiranti, ker so me 100% očarali. Sem na več blogih brala, da ljudem niso všeč, ampak na meni delujejo točno tako kot obljubljajo, - ne samo da se ne potim in da ni niti strahu o neprijetnih vonjih, če dvignem roko na koncu dneva še vedno zadiši po deodorantu.

    Strinjam se za Glam Glow, it works ampak niti malo ni vredna take cene, če je toliko mask ki deluje enako (če ne celo boljše).

    Za Ultimelt, Stila eyeliner pa ti verjamem na besedo in sta odstranjena z moje WL :) (yay, for saving me some money!).

    Upam na več takih postov v prihodnje, so mi zelo všeč. Bom še jaz pobrskala po skritih zalogah, da vidim kateri so tisti, ki me lani res niso navdušili :)

    1. Tvoje objave sem si najbolj zapomnila, zato si dosti linkana :) Ampak ja, očitno imava drugačne želje pri nekaterih vrstah izdelkov :)

      Fiji je menda bil že večkrat preformuliran in obstaja kar nekaj verzij, ne samo formule, ampak menda tudi barve. Moj ima zelo težko formulo za z njo delat.

      Neo deodorant na meni ni bil nič posebnega, pač navadne sorte, ampak ni ustavil potenja, samo drugi jih pa sploh niso marali, menda ni zdržal niti poti v službo.

      Glam Glow bi imela med boljšimi izdelki, če bi bila recimo 5 € na lonček, ker več ni vredna.

      Ultimelt ni res nekako ne priporočam, raje vzemi npr. Good Things Manuka Honey, ki je cenejši, če želiš kremno verzijo, Stila eyeliner pa ne vem ali je moj imel tako čuden aplikator ali je na vseh tak, vsekakor pa sem pričakovala, da bo deloval brezhibno več kot pol leta.

      V bistvu že v New in dodajam disappointing stuff, ampak se moram res spomnit raje vsake par mesecev naredit, ker to je bila pa res gora izdelkov :) Tvoje pa veš, da bom z veseljem prebrala :)

  7. To pa je objava in pol! <3 Afroditin pling tudi meni ni več všeč; vonj je čudovit, piling je fajn grob ampak ta plast ki jo pušča za sabo na koži in banji je pa preveč :( Baleino olje za odstranjevanje mejkapa mi je pa odlično, ful malo ga porabim pa mi vse odtrani. Sem brala komentarje zgoraj, upam da se ga bo vsaj v Avstriji morda še dobilo. Z zadnjim odstavkom se pa tudi jaz strinjam, vse je treba porabit :D

    1. In to sem jo celo naredila na novo leto, ker sem imela polno navdiha strest jezo nekam :D

      Meni pri Afroditi niti vonj ni tako všeč, ampak tega olja je res čisto preveč, se še ubiješ pod tušem :D Ampak razumem, da so morali ga dat več, ker bi se verjetno cuker skupčkal, kot pri doma narejenih verzijah.

      Baleino olje sem pravzprav tudi po tvojem priporočilu kupila, ampak mi žal ne ustreza kot sem želela. Na DM spletni trgovini je na zalogi, samo za Avstrijo pa ne vem, če velja isto.

      Itak, ne moreš kar metat stvari stran :)

  8. Meni je pa Afroditin sladkorni piling super za pozimi, ravno zato ker pusti tak zaščitni sloj na koži, da ne rabim uporabljati kreme, sploh na nogah.
    Črna Glamglow maska mi tudi ni bila preveč posebna, sploh ko sem enkrat preiskusila tisto v beli embalaži. Je pa res, da so takšne čistilne glinene maske pogosto več kot spodobne, tudi če so zelo poceni in s preprostimi sestavinami, brez nekih patentov, itd..

    1. Meni je ta oljni sloj enostavno preveč masten, pa drsi potem po banji/tušu, imam veliko raje Soap & Glory, po katerem isto ne rabim kreme :).

      No saj pri glinenim maskah ne moreš kaj dosti izumljat in so kot praviš poceni verzije čisto dobre :) Samo ne razumem zakaj tak hype za tako drago masko, ki ni v bistvu prinesla nič novega.

  9. I do the same thing - I just use up products that I hate, because I also hate wasting. I can't simply throw away something... ;)

    1. I completely agree :) It's such a waste to just throw something away, I always find a use for it :)

  10. Na meni je pa Maybelline fit me oksidiral, se pa strinjam da ni najbolj obstojen. Essence Stay All Day me tudi ni kaj preveč navdušil, včasih je deloval vredu, naslednji dan pa spet slabo.
    Sem pa čisto ista, da boljše šparam za konec in prej porabim ta slabše produkte. :D

    1. Na srečo na meni Fit me ne oxidira, je pa odtenek najboljši kar sem ga našla do zdaj, samo formula je pa polom.

      Opažam tudi da ko se trudim nekaj porabit v bistvu bolj skrbim za npr. mojo kožo, ker bolj redno uporabljam losjon/body butter, pa čeprav se ga hočem znebit :)

  11. The bad has to be said too, not everything can be a hit. I'm surprised that Maybelline mascara was so awful. Normally I love Maybelline mascaras, so it's a pity that that particular one has such a thick, heavy formula. I'm currently using their Smokey Eye Mascara and I like it a lot.

    1. I'm know, Maybelline mascaras tend to be so good, but this one is just a complete miss. I kept giving it second chances, but it always sucked.

  12. Vidim da nisem edina, ki navdušena nad Afroditinim sladkornim pilingom. :) Mislim, da sem ga imela kar kako leto prej ko sem ga sploh porabila. Mi je pa recimo ta tanov od jagode top. :)
    Super objava :)

    1. Jaz sem ga porabila hitro, ker sem se ga hotela samo znebit. Enostavno ni bil zame :/ Jagodne stvari mi imajo pa preveč fejk vonj.

  13. To objavo si je pa vredno shraniti :D. Toliko slabih ocen sem prebrala o Maybelline maskari, da je niti nisem preizkusila. Sem jo dala eni prijateljici, ki ima rada Maybelline zadeve. Res čudno, ker so meni drugače njihove maskare ene najboljših.

    Hehe hvala za link pri Balea olju :D. Pri meni pa bo kar v favoritih. Predvsem zaradi cene in seveda tudi učinka :). Sem zadnjič v Avstriji v DMu gledala in ga nisem našla. Upam, da je bilo to samo naključje. Sicer imam dobro zalogo in sem dobila še nekaj od Sabine tako da mi ni panike :D.

    Si mi pa odčrtala Stilo iz seznama. Zdaj itak od Cliota ne odstopim :). Super objava. Je prav fajn kdaj prebrat tudi kaj negativnega.

    1. Ponavadi te navadne maskare, ki mi ne ustrezajo, romajo v druge roke, ampak te pa niti najhujšemu sovražniku ne bi dala :D Drugače so Maybellinove maskare definitivno zelo dobre :)

      I know you love it :D Lej, matram se ga porabit, pa me nikakor ne prepriča. Naslednji bo od Biobaze, ker mi je sodeč po testerju najboljše olje kar sem ga preizkusila. Ne vem kako bo zdaj z Baleiinim, ali bo tudi v Avstriji ali samo v Nemčiji.

      Bi že naročila od Clio, pa čakam bodo moji vsi prazni. Superstar je legenda, še zdaj dela :)

      Samo toliko brezveznih stvari, kot sem jih preizkušala lani pa ni bilo nikoli. Za prejšnjo tako objavo sem jih komaj spraskala nekaj.

  14. Muahah, I love lines like "basically worst mascara in history. Sorry, not sorry" because it makes the whole beautyblog-business so entertaining and I know how good it feels to speak from time to time from the heart :)
    The Reinigungsöl from Balea is still available because German Beautybloggers were requesting it so much.. in Germany, we have a very good connection to Balea and stuff, because it's a german brand as well as dm and they cooperate with the German Beautyblog-Community. It's right that I take about 8 squeezes to remove all of my makeup, waterproof sunscreen und mascara, but it is so cheap and, most important, gentle to the skin, that I don't mind. A really good product, if you don't want to spend the fortune to buy the Cleansing Balm (from Clinique, I guess?).
    Besides, I really liked this L'Oréal Hair Mask because it made my hair straight without a straightner 'lol'..
    and thanks again for parts like this:
    "I get maybe a half a day of smooth legs (seriously FML!)...I just wanted one bloody extra day. I hate it with intense passion"

    Happy new year!

    1. Love that you appreciate my sorry attempts at angry humour :) But that is seriously such a lousy mascara.

      I love Balea and it's clear they work well with your blogger community, I saw the latest unicorn shower gel is such a hit, but they push the rest of the countries to the sidelines and we often don't get the best products we want. The oil is a hit here too among bloggers, but they still discontinued it. I currently use Trilogy cleansing balm, but I love Balance Me more. My next cleansing oil with be from a brand Biobaza that's sold in DM here and it's still affordable.

      L'Oreal mask didn't make my hair feel nourished and it was very frizzy, so it was a fail to me. I love their Total Repair, though.

      I hate that Visett stuff because it I paid 8 € for a can of nothing and I feel stupid for believing their empty promises. I would gladly toss it out the window.

    2. "I paid 8 € for a can of nothing" LOL!! This is exactly how I feel towards many expensive mascaras that didn't meet my expectations ;-)

      This Unicorn shower gel is such a miss, cause it smells like every balea shower gel smells, a cheap vanilla scent like this 'Zuckerpuppe' thing they had years ago and what took me years to empty ^.^ so don't mind, it's not that bad if you didn't get the chance to try it.
      I guess, every country has the feeling to be left out a little: it's funny how your words could be transmitted to the german community which is always mourning for everything out of the US-segment ^.^

    3. I just bought the Unicorn shower gel :D I saw we have it and I couldn't resist, it's so cute (I'm allowed to have a grumpy personality and love unicorns). I haven't tried it yet, but yeah, I noticed the vanilla scent, usually they are not my favourite.

      Oh, don't get me started on the whole US vs. the rest of the world. At least you get more than us in the shops (I hear you have NYX? I can't see that happening here anytime soon), but yeah US residents are so privileged as far as makeup is concerned. But I'm happy things are moving in the right direction, since in Slovenia online shops started stocking brands like Milani, L.A. Girl, Wet n Wild, ...). It's a limited stock, but it is something.

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