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ponedeljek, november 10, 2014

RIMMEL Lasting Finish Nude Foundation 
010 Light Porcelain
You wouldn't believe how much I'm struggling with this foundation. I bought it because I ran out of Match Perfection in the same shade, which is one of the lightest colours I ever found, but I disliked the formula, so I mostly used it for mixing with other foundations to make them lighter. I hoped the new Lasting Finish Nude foundation has a more tolerable formula, so I could just use it on its own, but I just can't get this to work for me 90% of the time. Figuring out a method of application that would make this look decent on the skin is more difficult than defusing a bomb. On the first day I applied it with a Real Techniques Expert Brush and then went out - I actually had my cousins say that my foundation looks so weird, like I have a band-aid on my nose. Literally my nose looked all patchy with redness shining through and it looks normal without foundation. I find that out of my brushes only E.l.f. Powder Brush works with this and I can use just a small amount of foundation, which means I can only get a light-medium coverage, instead of medium-full, which it's fully capable to do. God forbid you put powder on this, it will look intolerably cakey and it will ruin your day. I had to take the entire makeup off one time in the middle of the day, good thing I carry makeup wipes with me. I'm currently on the-mixing-it-with-different-foundations stage of testing. 
I just don't get along with Rimmel foundations. They feel a bit gross on the skin and look so obvious, but I just adore the their 010 Light Porcelain shade because it's such a great match for me. I will try working with this foundation further and do a review.
Feel Unique, €10.39

URBAN DECAY Naked2 Basics Palette
It had to happen. I'm a huge fan of the original Basics palette and I use it almost every day as it's just the perfect palette for me. I squealed like a little girl on helium when I first saw the press release for the Naked2 Basics and it instantly went on my wishlist. I patiently waited for a discount and then placed an order for this pretty palette. I love it. Simple as that. I love all the colours, they combine so well, the quality is again amazing. So happy I got this. I was thinking of doing a little comparison with the Catrice Absolute Matt palette.
Feel Unique, €28.60

CATRICE Longlasting Lip Liner 
040 ...And the Cherry on the Top and 150 Vintage Rose
I had a sudden urge a few weeks ago that I "desperately" need lip liners, since I had only a few and even those I disliked apart from the Bourjois one. I asked on Instagram which lip liners you recommend and Catrice was by far the most recommended brand, so I grabbed four in the shop literally three hours after posting that picture. I took two classic liners that need to be sharpened - a dark red one and a nude one. They are harder than Essence's, something I like, but not as hard as Bourjois', which means staying power isn't impressive, especially of the lighter shade. Swatches and pictures have already been taken, so expect a post about these shortly.
Müller, 2.29 €

CATRICE Ultimate Stay Lip Liner 
040 Love the Way you Plum and 080 Mauve Me, Tender
I grabbed Love the Way you Plum based on Taya's recommendation as I needed a better match for my Rimmel's 107 lipstick and Apocalips in Eclipse than Rimmel's Black Tulip. It's perfect. It matches both beautifully, so I'm very happy I got it. I got the other one Mauve Me, Tender because I wanted to try a bit of a darker version of the 90's trend, but without going brown (which is so not my colour), but this is just too purple on me. You'll see in the review how it looks on me, but I'm not a fan. These are twist up pencils, however, the quality of the packaging is shoddy at best and these break off ridiculous easy.  
Müller, 2.49 €

CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour Mono 
790 I Wear My Plum Glasses At Night
One of the new shades for autumn I believe. I'm a fan of Catrice's matte eyeshadows and I fell in love with the shade, so I had to get it. It's a taupe with strong purple tones - basically a plum toned Starlight Expresso (also by Catrice).
Müller, 2.89 €

CLARINS Beauty Flash Balm
 I was send a very generous sample of the famous Beauty Flash Balm (remember when Lisa Eldridge started the hype? I've been itching to try it since) along with some other samples, which I'll discuss latter. It's a primer and you have to be very careful to really apply the smallest amount as a tiny dot can be distributed on a large area. It's not particularly silicone-y and it reminds me a bit of the Max Factor Stay All Day primer, but it's more moisturising and more spreadable, so essentially you get to use a lot less product. I'll do a review. 
Na voljo v Mueller, Nama, Maximarket, Kompas Shop in Mercator Beautique

CLARINS Gloss Prodige 
03 Rose 
Why is this shade named Rose? I don't get it. Anyway, I was sent this as well, you might surmise that, since it's not the colour I'd pick from the counter, at least not any more. It's not as nude as it looks and the coverage is more on the sheer side, however, the formula is excellent. In fact, it reminds me a lot of their Instant Lip Perfector in a sense, that it's again that buttery, very comfortable formula to wear, but it is a thick gloss. It smells fantastic, like candy (Kiki soft candy). 
Na voljo v Mueller, Nama, Maximarket, Kompas Shop in Mercator Beautique.

THE BODY SHOP Vineyard Peach Body Mist
Finally! *angels singing* I have been lemming this body mist for ages. I even went to Celovec/Klagenfurt primarily to track this down and received a shock when I was told it was out of stock due to popularity. I finally found a seller on eBay that was willing to send this overseas, but I did pay a lot for shipping, though still it's less than for petrol to Celovec or Gradec again. I'm a massive fan of the Vineyard Peach collection and I utterly, utterly adore the scent. I have the corresponding body butter and scrub as well, so I am one happy bunny right now.
eBay, 8 € (without shipping).

KÉRASTASE Specifique Bain Exfoliant Hydratant Anti-Dandruff Moisturising Shampoo
If you don't know yet, I've been suffering from dry itchy scalp and dandruff since I was 11 and nothing ever helped, while my dermatologist refuses to prescribe me anything. Anyway, this is the latest shampoo I'm trying out. Kérastase in my favourite brand, so even if this doesn't help with my dandruff, at least I have a great shampoo. This is one of those exfoliating shampoos that has beads in it and it should help removing that coat of dead skin on the scalp (sounds delightful right? Welcome to my life). I've only used it a few times, but I think that the applicator is simply genius because I can get the shampoo directly to the scalp and the exfoliating beads actually reach my scalp. It smells nice as well.
Feel Unique, €17.68

KÉRASTASE Nutritive Nectar Thermique
My HG heat protection for my dry hair. I reviewed this a few days ago, click here for review with a giveaway  - the prize is another heat protectant Kérastase Discipline Keratin Thermique Creme.
About 20 € (depends where you buy it), available in some salons and online shops.

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer
Too many people raved about this and I can't resist a new hair product, especially an all-in-one heat protection. Based on the name, I expected something like Orofluido Sahara, but this is closer to a very light lotion. Honestly, I'm a bit underwhelmed. It may be that I'm too spoiled by Kérastase, but for the Bumble and Bumble price, I pretty much expect the same type of miracle product. It's a nice heat protection that much is certain. It's easy to apply because of the spray and can be used on damp or dry hair (I advise moderation on dry hair), however, it doesn't control frizz well (I tested it on me and on someone else), it doesn't hydrate the hair as well as Sexy Healthy Hair leave-in or Kérastase Nectar Thermique, though it is moisturising and it smells very blah, like a classic soap scent mixed with porcini mushrooms (SLO jurčki) and cream. I have been using it a lot though because it's a fast way to apply heat protection, but it does make the hair feel wet, unlike the Tigi S Factor one. I need more time before I say my final verdict, but it should pop up in a post one day. By the way, I used it here.
Look Fantastic, €24.70

PALMER'S Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray
Sunday Girl recommends this for soothing an itchy scalp and though I have my Alpencin Forte to help me with that, I wanted to try something else, since Alpencin smells like herbal schnapps and is hard to get now. Palmer's also hydrates the scalp, which is something I need, since my scalp is very dry. However, when it comes to alleviating itchiness, it's not nearly as effective as Alpencin. It smells a lot nicer, like coconut with mint and the application method is a lot better, still it's not as effective and it can make my hair greasy, which if you know how dry may hair is, is not something I'm used to at all. However, I haven't used it on damp hair yet, just on dry. I'll keep using it and report in time if I have more to say. 
Feel Unique, €4.93

REFAN N.135 imitation of Lancôme Pôeme
Oh, the smell of the 90's. This was my mother's fragrance for a certain period. It's a difficult fragrance to describe, since like all the "before 2000's fragrances", it has a ton of notes, so it's not like now when you can clearly smell a certain note due to there being so few. It's a strong and warm scent, but it's nothing like cookie vanilla celebrity scents, though it does have vanilla in it, rather it's more of a balsamic, floral and even a bit green scent. Basically, it smells very expensive and classy. In fact, it's similar to Roberto Cavalli's Just Cavalli, but the latter smells more modern and better in my opinion.     
15 ml  5.80 €

NIVEA Powder Touch Anti-Perspirant 
I screwed up. I planned to repurchase the pink version called Pearl & Beauty, which is wonderful - it smells lovely, actually works for a spray deodorant (I layer it over my trusted Rexona) and leaves little white marks despite having powder in it. However, they didn't have it in the supermarket, so I picked up Powder Touch instead, thinking surely it's just as good. It's just horrible when it comes to white marks! This actually sprays white powder and my armpits are like covered with flour. Holy smokes! It also doesn't smell the best. I mean it's ok, but Pearl & Beauty smells a lot better. Oh, what am I going to do with it…
Interspar, 2.99 €

ECOTOOLS Bamboo Tapered Blush Brush
Since my Bobbi Brown Blush Brush and Art Deco Blush brush are both ancient, I thought it was high time to get something new, but still on the budget. I have several Ecotools brushes and I think they are excellent, plus their blush brush has an excellent rating on Makeup Alley, so this is the one I've chosen. I am very happy with this brush. It's super soft, softer even that Real Techniques brushes, which I thought was impossible. It is tapered and flatter on one side, but most importantly it's not too big for me, which I'm frequently concerned about when buying brushes. It picks up the blush well and applies it nicely on the cheeks. I really like it.

iHerb, $6.99

TWEEZERMAN Mini Slanted Tweezers
Green Tea
I have been searching for a pair of super precise tweezers that would grip even the tinniest hair and pluck it out. Tweezerman's are a cult favourite and the minis are very small, so I expected great precision. The are quite precise, though not amazingly so, however because they are very, very sharp, they cut through about half of the hair instead of pulling them out. I'm not terribly pleased, but as far as precision goes they are the best I've tried so far and way superior to the clumsy Ebeline version. These come with a plastic holding tube.

Look Fantastic, €16.25

JESSUP 5 pc Eye Makeup Brushes
I was really curious what these will be like. I'm not going to say that I didn't expect much for the price as I have very cheap brushes that are so good and I've been using them for years. These feel very well made. There are many sets to choose from, but I chose a set of 5 eye brushes for start. I'd say four are excellent as they are super soft, but one, the pointed one, is simply too dense and I don't know how to use it yet.

One is a classic dome brush, though to big to fit in my "crease", so I use it for blending. The other three have a flat surface, but are cut differently - straight and slanted. These are excellent for blending concealer. They kind of changed my world a bit as they make it so easy and flawless. They are also great for applying a base colour on the lids, or applying powder under the eyes so the concealer won't crease. In general, I'm very, very happy with these.

eBay, 4.75 € 

ECOTOOLS Six Piece Essential Eye Set
I got this as a birthday gift for my cousin, but I'm posting a quick picture here nonetheless. The handles are short and based on a quick unpacking we did in the restaurant, they looked really nice, dense and soft - basically classic great quality Ecotools brushes. There is a
large eye brush for applying a base shadow over the lid, an angled crease brush for definition to the outer corner, a blending brush, a highlighting brush and a smudge brush.
iHerb, $7.99

As I said before I got several generous samples of Clarins skincare and I'll planning on doing an empties type of post soon where I'll talk about the products. So far I am in love with the Instant Eye Make-Up Remover - brilliant stuff.

Fragrance Samples
I received a slew of fragrance samples, which I so chuffed about because I adore fragrances. I'm planning a sort of a Christmas guide on fragrances maybe later in the month or in December, though I can post it sooner if you wish. I'm loving several scents - Reveal, Sheer Beauty and Forbidden Euphoria all by Calvin Klein as well as Just Cavalli.

I also ordered NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Copenhagen over a month ago and the package hasn't arrived. There is quite a bit of angry emotions brewing under my, in general, cool exterior. I hate dealing with all the back and forth messaging on eBay, but it happens way too often. Too many parcels just get lost. I really wanted that lip cream. At least I got a refund.

Have a great day!

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  1. Ah, Naked 2 Basics, js sm se že odločila, da mi je ljubša kot ta prva. Imam pa tudi podoben set čopičev iz Ebaya in še tudi nisem našla namena za ta pointy čopič :D
    Pa poročaj kako ti bo pa KÉRASTASE proti prhljaju, mi skoz iščemo nekaj kar bi pomagalo sestri. Zaenkrat še bolj kot ne neuspešno...

    1. Naked2 se mi zdi boljša za vse, ki niso tako bledi kot npr. jaz. Sta mi pa obe tako všeč, da ju uporabljam kot eno, torej kombiniram odtenke iz obeh :)
      Za zdaj kar se efekta tiče me šampon ni navdušil. Do zdaj je bil najboljši od Phyto skupaj s Phytopolleine, samo na meni vse neha delovat po eni flaški :/ Lost hope a long time ago...

  2. Rimmel Wake Me Up si že poskusila? Sicer ne vem kakšen tip kože imaš, za mastno verjetno ni idealen, ker je preveč dewy, ampak za moje potrebe je super. Zdaj v hladnejših dneh ga imam najraje, ker mi ne izsušuje preveč kože, pa še 010 mi zdaj čisto ustreza. :)
    Lepa zaloga testerčkov drugače. Samo še Angel Eau Sucree manjka, po mojem eden boljših flankerjev te dišave.

    1. Nisem, ker sploh nisem vedela, da obstaja Light Porcelain tudi pri Wake Me Up, dokler nisi ti povedala (na Asosu je, a ne?). Na uradni strani se mi zdi, da sploh ne piše. Imam pa normalno kožo, tako, da bi verjetno bil zame. Me pa trenutno bolj mika kar Narsov Sheer Glow Siberia, če je mogoče vsaj tisti spodoben kar se formule tiče.
      Moram preverit tale Sucree ko bom v drogeriji :)

    2. Ja, Asos ga ima. Mene skoz kaka malenkost premaga, ko dajo popust na ves Rimmel asortiman. :) Nars pa ne poznam, se držim raje stran od high end teritorija tekočih pudrov, ker bi denarnica preveč trpela, hehe.

    3. Ja, oni imajo kul popuste :). Ampak zadnjič ko sem pri njih naročila Match perfection je prišel brez zgornjega pokrovčka od pumpice. So weird :/
      Saj jaz tudi večinoma kupujem drogerijske znamke, ampak zadnje čase kar opažam, da se splača več dat za nekatere stvari, če hočeš bit res zadovoljen.

    4. To pa drži za marsikaj v življenju. :) Čeprav za določene stvari sploh ne bi bil tak problem, če se cene ne bi direktno pretvarjale iz USD v EURO. To je pa že tema za kdaj drugič. :P

    5. Ja matematika in pretvarjanje cen je šibka točka uvoznikov. Se ne rabijo kaj dosti čudit zakaj se povečuje količina spletnih nakupov iz tujih trgovin.

  3. Tale Peach vonj bi pa ful rada sprobala...Upam, da mi uspe najt kaj od tega v TBS :)

    1. Nazadnje ko sem gledala po uradnih straneh je Vineyard Peach kar nekam izginila. Me skrbi da ni šlo iz prodaje :/

  4. Oh Mateja, everytime I come around my wishlist gets longer and longer ^.^

    But this time, I'd like to help YOU out! I read that your dermatologist won't prescribe you anything for your itchy scalp problem: that sounds not to bad to me since this could mean that you don't suffer from a severe disease that needs medication.
    Me, too, I started suffering from dandruffs and itchy scalp as soon as I got into puperty. The dermatologist prescribed only soft stuff like a thick cream that I had to leave on my scalp an hour before I washed my hair so all the dry skin would go away more easily. In fact, it was just some sort of normal cream. And I got some kind of alcohol to put on in case it got worse.. great, when it's all red already!
    Enough of the not so happy stuff, I finally got to talk to a befriended doctor from France and she told us to try some shampoo from La Roche Posay: there are several treatment shampoos that you just use like a normal shampoo. But you have to use them like forever. I used the treatement and alternated with a very mild shampoo from La Roche Posay.
    Now, I use Vichy Dercos for years already and it still works. I also read in a forum around the internet that people suffering from sebhorric eczema on the scalp (greasy, itchy dandruffs) consider this one as the strongest since it erases the dandruffs and dead skin cells in one whipe, I mean, just by washing it once. There is a version for dry skin and one for greasy skin. If you haven't tried this one and are suffering from itchyness, too, I can only suggest you to try it. It really helps me and I can live normaly, except that my shampoo smells a little bit funny and is all orange ^.^

    I hope you get better, soon.. sorry for the long text :-D

    1. My dermatologist said that my dandruff problem is kind of borderline between acceptable and severe, but she won't prescribe me anything because the medicine is too strong to use if you don't have a severe case of dandruff. I understand her, but at the same time it's so irritating having that constant itch and a coat of dandruff stuck on my scalp.
      I actually had that La Roche Posay shampoo and it was very good, in fact the version for dry hair is one of my favourite shampoos because it at least lessens the itchiness, but most dandruff shampoo stop working on me as soon as I finish the bottle, so I'm actually having an extended break from that shampoo and hopefully when I buy it again, it will work as the first time.
      I also loved the Phyto's shampoo together with Phytopolleine, but again that stopped working. I had Vichy Dercos for dry hair as well and the same thing happened, but that one is the one I haven't used the longest, so it might be time to try it again :)

  5. How funny that you said you suddenly got the urge to get lipliners! I was in the exact same situation, but mainly for nude lipliners :) I also picked up the Catrice Longlasting Lipliner in 150 Vintage Rose like you, can't wait for your review! The other lipliners in my basket were: the Catrice Ultimate stay Lip liner in 070 Rosy Brown and the Essence Lipliner nr 11 In the Nude. Xxx

    1. I actually got another one from Catrice that was featured in my previous new in, it's the shade called I Got You Babel and it's my favourite :) I wear it instead of a lipstick. But I am currently eyeing some Bourjois shades as well :)

  6. Sami čudoviti izdelki:). Ecotools bom odslej vedno izbrala nad Real Techniques, ki pa res niso ne kvalitetni, ne mehki. Jaz uporabljam ta blush brush za puder v prahu. Tudi tisti set štirih čopičev sem naročila na Ebayu. Sicer še nisem dobila, pa tudi vidim, da nastopajo pod različnimi imeni "znamk". Upam, da je kvaliteta vseeno enaka:). Sem že razmišljala o Tweezerman pinceti, pa ne vem če je vredna denarja. Jaz bi si tudi privoščila mini verzijo, ampak če reže dlake...potem ni ravno praktična?! :)

    1. Se mi zdi, da so ti "Jessup" čopiči neki generični na katere dajejo svoja imena "znamk" in jih dosti ljudi prodaja :). Tako kot na tiste paletke.

      Ne vem glede te pincete. Po eni strani mi je všeč, ker je majhna pa zaradi tega ker je ostra spravi ven te tečne vraščene dlačice, ampak za pulit mi pa nekako ni najboljša. Moram bit ektra previdna, da se dlačica ne prereže. Mi je fino, da jo imam, ampak mi je za pulit moja prva pinceta kupljena v Tušu za par evrov boljša. Ebeline pa sploh ne glej.

    2. Ravno to Ebelin imam kot ti. Pa mi ni tako zelo nevšečna. Samo problem je, da z njo ne morem ven potegniti majhnih dlak. Samo kadar so dovolj dolge. No niti nisem ogromno pincet preizkusila:).

    3. Ta Tweezerman je sposobna potegnit ven mini dlake, ampak kot sem rekla, je treba pazit da se ne prerežejo, s tem mislim, da je treba predvsem pazit na kot "vlečenja".

  7. I'm curious about the Kerastase scalp product. I'm wondering if it'd work on my psoriatic scalp. I tried a scalp mask in the past.

    1. It's just a shampoo :) I tried just one proper scalp mask before from Phillip Kingsley and I wasn't impressed. I did like the Phytopolleine, though as far as pre-wash treatments go :)

  8. Kot vedno, odlični nakupi! <3
    Sploh tole Catrice senčilo mi je čudovito in seveda UD Naked basics2. <3

    Se že zelo veselim Christmas guide on fragrances objave. Toliko parfumskih vzorčkov pa se jaz tudi ne bi branila. :D
    Pa mislim, da mi bo končno uspelo preizkusit nekaj TBS izdelkov. :)) Mi katerega še posebej priporočaš? Trenutno si najbolj želim čistilno olje kamilica - ravno zaradi tvoje ocene. :P

    1. Super, me veseli, da še nekoga zanimajo parfumi tako kot mene :)
      Od TBS ti priporočam, da sprobaš kakšen body butter. Moj najljubši je Vineyard Peach po vonju, pa Satsuma super diši. Po teksturi so mi pa najbolj všeč Honeymania (ne diši čisto po medu) in pa Almond. Ampak vonj si itak tako vzami, da bo tebi všeč :)

  9. Whew, what a bunch of products!!! I look forward to hearing more about that Rimmel foundation. And yeah, the Vineyard Peach range from TBS smells soooo divine!

    1. I'm just hoping I find a way to make that foundation work for me. So far I noticed it performs well enough mixed with Bourjois foundations :) Vineyard Peach FTW

  10. Tale Rimmel puder je že kar nekaj časa na moji wishlisti =) super objavica!


    1. Ti ga nekako kar ne priporočam. Raje prej preizkusi Match Perfection, čeprav meni tudi tisti ni bil všeč, je pa vsaj dosti drugim :)

  11. Mogoče lahko ta piinted brush uporabiš kot pencil brush za spodnjo veko ali pa za pod obrvi. Mogoče tudi, če kdaj zajebeš eyeliner, da zblendaš korektor, ko hočeš popravit :)

    1. Preveč gost je za to. Še posebej pod očmi si ga ne upam uporabljat, ker preveč "vleče" kožo. Podoben je na primer kakšnemu čopiču za šminke po trdoti :)

  12. Same dobre pridobitve, sploh čopiči so mi všeč <3 Me zanima kako se ti bo obnesel tale Rimmel puder, meni je naprimer Match Perfection super in en ljubših, Wake Me Up, ki ga vse tako obožujejo, pa kar naporen za nanašat in lepo zblendat, da ne izgleda da imam masko na obrazu. Sem imela pa tudi jaz naval na lip linerje zdaj, samo da sem kupila par različnih od Essence, Catrice še pridejo na vrsto :)

    1. Čopiči so res kul :)
      Mi je že malo boljši tale puder, ampak samo če ga nanesem res malo pa s fluffy čopičem. Ampak zadnjič ko sem namesto tega uporabila Bourjoisovo CC po dolgem času, so se mi kar nebesa odprla. Enostavno je miljonkrat boljša. Ju pa mešam skupaj, da je svetlejši odtenek :).
      Mi je Match Perfection še vedno boljši, pa čeprav mi tudi tisti ni kaj dosti všeč. Wake Me Up pa še nisem sprobala.