TheBalm Instain Blush Houndstooth

četrtek, november 08, 2018

I own a several TheBalm blushes which I rate very highly, but it took me ages to even notice the Instain range, which has some more unique shades. The idea behind these is that they stain the cheeks and therefore last really long on the skin. TheBalm always delivers when it comes to powder products and this one is not exception.

Texture: Formula is smooth, though a bit less creamy than Hot Mama and Frat Boy. It applies and blends with no problems, while the pigmentation of Houndstooth is good, but not very strong like other shades in this range, so I don't have to be very careful with it on my pale skin. Finish is matte.

Colour: Houndstooth looks like such a unique and interesting shade in the pan. It's a muted mauve-pink shade that I expected to look like a mix between a pink blush and a taupe contouring shade, but instead it ends up looking much warmer on my skin and a very classic looking pink. Initially I wasn't that impressed with the shade, though it's pretty, but I've been wearing it a lot in the last months, probably most out of all of my blushes.

Staying power: TheBalm in general has some of the most long-lasting shades and this is no exception. It lasts like freshly applied for hours, though I can't say this shade stains the skin as promised.

Price and availability: I got mine is Müller where it costs about 22 €.

Though it didn't end up looking as special as I hoped based on the colour in the pan, it's a very easy shade to wear and I use it often. Instain is a collection of TheBalm's more unique, bright blushes, so this one shade actually stands out, but they are again high quality and well worth a look.

Have a great day!

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  1. Danes sem ravno to kolekcijo swatchala v Müllerju. In od vseh odtenkov mi je bil Houndstooth najlepši. Ostali odtenki me niso pritegnili. So pa eni zdaj znižani na 11€, ampak se mi zdi da ravno ta ni bil. Meni se zdi dizajn čuden, hitro zgrešljiv. Lahko bi me bolj pritegnil.

    Tebi res lepo paše ta odtenek. <3 Jaz bi ga zagotovo največ nosila jeseni :).

    1. Meni so tudi ostali odtenki preveč posebni da bi še kakšnega vzela. Pinstripe mi je zanimiv, ampak pretemen. To je pa res dober popust, jaz sem ga kupila za 30% ceneje.

      Hvala <3 Zame bo kar za čez celo leto :)

  2. Divna mi je ova nijansa rumenila i tebi odlično stoji. Baš jučer smo sestra i ja kupile u Mulleru The Balm tekuće mat ruževe u nijansi Faithful snižene za 50%! Nisam previše obraćala pažnju na rumenila (jer ih imam previše u kolekciji), ali nakon tvojeg opisa i divnih slika mislim da ću se morati vratiti. ;) Karmen

    1. Hvala <3 -50%? Wau, dober deal. Sem tako daleč od stojala, da meni ne bo uspelo it pogledat, če se kaj splača vzet.