Catrice Metal Sensation Ultra Creamy Eyeshadow

četrtek, november 22, 2018

In the latest line updates, both Essence and Catrice launched these metallic cream-to-powder eyeshadows, but only only limited shade ranges - Catrice has just four. For my standards Catrice always had nice eyeshadows, while I was never much impressed by the Essence ones, but both of these formulas are very different from their usual offering and they're also fun to use. 

Texture: Both Essence's and Catrice's eyeshadow have a very creamy, yet still powdery texture and they form dent when you try to swatch them, though Catrice's formula is creamier and softer than Essence's Chromes. I heard Colourpop's Super Shock Eyeshadow have a similar texture, but I have yet to try them (recently ordered three shades). It's a formula that I can't apply with a brush because it's just too creamy, so I always apply it with fingers and for quick blending, I use fingers too, but for a nicer diffused look, I use a fluffy brush. Pigmentation of this shade is about medium, so I need to layer it for a metallic effect, though this is less metallic and less shimmery than Essence's shades. I've recently got Milani's Gilded Desires palette, which has a similar creamy texture of metallic eyeshadows, but those are much more pigmented than both Essence and Catrice ones and create a more foiled-like look.

Shade: 040 Mauve Browntown is a similarly to Essence's 01 Zink About it a Mac Satin Taupe kind of shade, so as the name says a mauve brown. It's more brown than Essence's shade, but they still end up quite close on the lids, except Catrice's has more colour rather than a metallic effect.

Staying power: The formula of these is so creamy that it's one of the very rare eyeshadows that creases on me and the thicker the layer, the faster it happens. Overall it last well on the lids and it doesn't fade much, also the shimmer doesn't travel around as much as at Essence's Chrome shadows, so I feel more comfortable wearing these.

Price and availability: I bought mine in Müller for 4.79 €.

Unlike Essence's eyeshadows I tend to wear this one on its own and not as a topper, and the reason for this is that is a less shimmery formula and it looks good on its own. The formula is very creamy, so it creases and quite fast, plus these are not quite as pigmented on the lids as I had hoped (similarly to Essence's), so I don't think these are the best eyeshadows, but I still like them because the texture is so unique and I can use them for a fast application, just like cream eyeshadows. Sadly only four shades exists and this was the only one that appealed to me.

Have a great day!

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  1. Izgleda lepo, ampak ne vem, če bi se najbolj razumela z mojimi mastnimi vekami =/

    1. Težko bi kaj dolgo preživela ta formula na mastnih vekah, če že na mojih normalnih ne.