Oriflame Giordani Gold MasterCreation Lipstick

ponedeljek, november 19, 2018

One of the newly released Giordani Gold products is a range of MasterCreation lipsticks which are available in ten shades. This formula promises an anti-ageing effect, it contains a moisturising biometric peptide and has a SPF 20. It's a standard lipstick, so not my usual preferred matte finish, but I liked this straight away.

Texture: Formula reminds me of Kiko's Romantic Rebel lipsticks which was a LE, but it's one of the best non-mattes I tried. It's neither overly creamy like most non-matte formulas tend to be and it's not too waxy like old-school lipsticks, so it just glides on the lips with ease, but you get a very controlled application that looks neat enough at the edges. It's a very light formula on the lips and not drying, though it's not a very moisturising formula, so not a substitute for a lip balm like some very creamy-shiny lipsticks. Finish is satin with some shine.

Shade: Delicate Pink is a light-medium peachy pink, just a simple and wearable every day colour. The catalogue swatch is actually surprisingly accurate. The darker your skin tone is, though, the more pink this shade will look. My skin just amplifies peachy tones every time.

Ogrlica iz Fatalka.si.

Staying Power: Given it's not matte I didn't expect it to last long, but I was surprised to see it still going strong after several hours. 

Scent: It's got a light vanilla scent.

Packaging: The packaging is metallic with some weight to it, so it's high quality and pretty much like the high-end stuff. The pattern also gives it a vintage kind of vibe.

Price and availability: Regular price in Oriflame catalogue is 14.90 €, while current offer is 8.99 €.

Everything from the formula down to the packaging is great quality at this lipstick. It shows it's a part of Oriflame's premium and more expensive range. I've had a couple of Oriflame's cheapest lipstick (I forget the name as it was years ago) and this GG formula is miles away from that waxy quality. I'm not sure really believe this formula will make my lips fuller and younger-looking in time, but it has an SPF and it feels nice on the lips.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Sem videla, da si jo hvalila že na Instagramu in takoj sem jo imela na WL, embalaža je čudovita :D So pa danes tudi meni poslali ta odtenek tako da upam, da bo tudi meni tako všeč :)

    1. O super, upam, da ti bo všeč :) Kvaliteta je res zelo dobra :)