Essence Stay Cool Llama Highlighter

petek, november 16, 2018

Essence is no stranger to cute packaging and I admit I was drawn to this because of the cute llama, but I've had some luck with Essence highlighters, so I hoped this was another good one. It's very subtle, which is somewhat unusual for Essence's usual offerings.

Texture: This is a smooth and finely milled powder, but it's tightly pressed and I tend to prefer more buttery formulas when it comes to highlighters. Pigmentation is weak and it reminds me more of illuminating finishing powders rather than a proper highlighter, especially if I apply only one layer. You see the glow just fine in strong light, but it doesn't create that very luminous effect like some Essence's other highlighters. The shimmer is fine in this with no extra larger chunks of glitter.

Shade: There are three shades in this: a gold, a pink and a cool toned off-white, which all mix into a peachy looking shade with glow, though it's very pale.

Price and availability: I bought mine in Müller for 3.89 €.

To be fair this is a disappointment to me. It's too weak and is not the most noticeable highlighter even when a thick coat is applied. Essence has much better highlighters in their ranges, while this is mostly just cute.

Have a great day!

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