Beauty News: Catrice Alluring Reds LE and Essence Merry Berry TE

ponedeljek, september 28, 2015

Colour and Care Lip Balm C01 Smooth Operator. 4.29€
Liquid Lipstick C01 Moulin's Rouge, C02 Brigitte Bordeaux and C03 Marilyn Monrouge. 4.29€
Nail Glaze C01 Object Of Desire, C02 Art Of Seduction in C03 Pleasure Of Temptation 5.29 €. Consists of a silver base coat and a red nail polish.
Matte Lipstick C01 M-attraction, C02 Striking M-attitude and C03 M-attempt To Conquest. 5.29€

Available from November 2015.

Highlighter 01 i love my golden pumps. 3.59 €
Eyeshadow 01 the perfect dress ain 02 the masked ball. 2.19 €
Lipstick 01 let's the berry-tales begin (glossy), 02 pink & perfect (glossy) in 03 red rocks (matte). 2.49 €
Scented gold dust powder 01 i love my golden pumps. 3.79 €
Hair fragrance 01 i love my golden pumps. 3.79 € (contains shimmer and acts as a leave-in conditioner)
Top Coat 01 i love my golden pumps. 2.19 €
Nail polish 01 the masked ball, 02 purple with purpose, 03 pink & perfect in 04 red rocks. 1.49 €.

 Available from November to December 2015.

I don't generally care for LE's and TE's any more hence why I never post them, but I these are interesting. Especially Merry Berry is gorgeous and I'm interested in the nail polishes, the highlighter and the hair fragrance. At Catrice those matte lipsticks look very appealing.

Find anything intriguing? Have a great day!

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  1. Waw Essence kolekcija me pa zelo prepriča :D

  2. Oooo, Essence temna šminka zgleda obetavno, upam da ne bo preveč "sheer" varjanta. :)

    1. Glossy finiš naj bi imele obe vijola, tako da obstaja večja možnost da bodo sheer kot ne.

  3. Essence kolekcija je res dobra :D upam, da bojo šminke zdržale več kot 15min, ampak mogoče je že zaradi barv vredno :D Pa Catrice matt šminke definitivno :D Ampak a ni Mattraction že v redni liniji?

    1. A je Essence sploh že uspelo naredit šminko, ki traja več kot 15 minut :D Ampak ja, barve so lepe. Lets hope for the best :)

      Točno to sem se jaz vprašala. Ja, je že Mattraction v redni ponudbi in mat je.

  4. I always love informational post which helps us to increase our knowledge. Here found new post which is best for me.

  5. Both are beautiful collections, too bad we don't have Catrice in Serbia but hopefully Merry Berry will be here :)

    1. You don't have Catrice there? I was so sure this entire time that you do. What are they waiting for? I hope you get Merry Berry, it's super pretty :)