Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray

petek, september 11, 2015

Well I sure took my time to make an actual review of this spray and the irony is that I've been using it all the time since I got it. I even got a back-up of it because I was worried I'll run out and I'll be without it for a while. I never thought I'd be that girl - the one who swears by texturising sprays. My hair has tons of natural "texture" due to being coarse and thick, so such products aren't what you'd expect I'll like. I also have a fair amount of natural volume, though even I'm never really happy in that department because I always see girls with way prettier and thicker hair than me. I use texturising sprays for one task and that is to make my freshly made curls look better and last longer. The first texturiser I tried was from L'Oreal #TNT and it's useless, but I loved the second one VO5 Texurising spray. Charles Worthington's one is very similar to the latter, but it has a stronger hold and that's why I prefer it, but both are great. 

Just like the VO5 one it's something like a mix of a dry salt spray and hairspray. It's a product that can feel almost like nothing on the hair if used in moderation, but it can also create a bit of that crispy-hairspray feeling if you apply it liberally. Personally I don't mind if it makes my hair a bit hard as I'm used to having loads texture in my hair because my hair is coarse and never soft, but it might bother all those who have silky soft thin hair. As far as volume goes, I'm pretty much set with what nature gave me anyway, but this does give that bit of texture and hold, so it holds the volume once the hair is "tousled" or messed. I like to apply this right after curling the hair to get the curls to look better and in conjunction with a hairspray it actually helps keep the hair curled a lot longer - something I greatly appreciate. With this my curls last for days, or better said, a day or two longer than normally as you may know that my hair keeps curls very well anyway.

It has a fruity scent that I can't point out exactly what it is, but I think that it may be grapes and watermelon, though it doesn't last long on my hair.

I've been trying out my new curling iron, Sapphire Complete 8 in 1 Wand (available here), so I did two looks meaning I used two wands (you'll hear more about the curler sometime in this or the next month). For the first I used the pearl wand for messy, beachy waves. 

For the second I used the 3.8 cm wand for very loose waves, it's more about volume than curls. So far I'm in love with this curling iron.


If you read my lip colour and blush reviews then you've seen me after I used this spray many, many times. Basically it's on my hair in probably over 90 % of such posts since December last year. I love using this spray when I've just curled my hair because it adds a lot more hold, it makes the curls look more lived in, adds volume and basically it just makes it look better. I'd definitely give it a try if you have thin hair with no volume or if you have the type of hair that doesn't hold curl well because it adds that grip and texture that silky hair needs to retain a curl. To my delight this is a winner in my book and I'm glad I ventured into the world of texturizing spray as they have become indispensable to me.

I buy it on Boots Intenational where it costs £6.99.

Have a great day!

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  1. I'm glad it worked for you and your hair looks lovely:)

    Chaste & Beautiful

  2. Tvoji lasje so mi bolj zanimiv kot izdelek :D Again, čudoviiiiti lasje;) Sploh zadnja fotka...spominjaš na te hollywoodske novodobne dive :)
    Izdelek ne bo zame. Crispy is not my kind of hair. Imam raje silky smooth, čeprav potem nimam nič volumna. Oh well, you can't have it all :)

    1. Hvala <3 Če ga ne uporabiš veliko, potem ti ne naredi crispy lase, ampak se mi vseeno zdi, da bi tebi bil bolj všeč od VO5, če bi že želela imet en tak izdelek. Oh, da bi jaz kdaj imela silky smooth lase. Samo Kérastase pride blizu, ampak tako špraram njihove stvari, ker so tako drage. Zdaj sploh odkar je evro tako padel proti funtu :(

  3. Jaz si sploh ne predstavljam več imeti skodranih las brez tega, čisto spremeni izgled kodrov <3 Mi pa ta VO5 ni všeč, ker se mi zdi da mi nič ne naredi. Morem mu dat še kakšno priložnost več glede na to da sem ga samo 2x sprobala :)
    Na drugi fotki pa tvoji lasje še bolj bombastično izgledajo kot ponavadi, sploh nisem vedela, da je to mogoče ;)

    1. A ne?! Meni je super :) VO5 ni tako podoben laku za lase kot ta, je definitvno lažji, ampak mi je vseeno všeč. Edino kar me moti pri VO5 je, da je prazen desetkrat prej kot CW.
      Hvala <3

  4. Damn, ta druga fotka! Čudovita fotografija, čudoviti lasje in čudovita ti! Tale zadeva se pa sliši zanimivo.A ti kaj zmasti lase?
    Xoxo, Nyx

    1. Hvala <3 Ne, sploh ne zmasti lase, je preveč suh za kaj takega. Mislim, da bi se dobro obnesel na laseh, ki se hitro zmastijo :)

  5. taa druga slikca je res zeloo lepa :)