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sreda, oktober 26, 2016

 *L'OREAL Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette
01 Light/Medium and 03 Medium/Dark
My fourth new contour kit, would you believe it and a third cream one. And yet, I like this one the most, the 01 version to be exact and that's because the shade is the best out of all contour kits for light skin. It's the most taupe-grey one in the bunch, so the best at faking a shadow on porcelain skin. Both shades in the kits have no shimmer, so the "highlight" shade in my opinion doesn't do much, at least on porcelain skin, which to be fair, doesn't even need help making parts lighter, so it would be better if it had a shimmery shade. The 02 shade is much warmer, but not that much darker. Texture is creamy and lighter than Beauty UK's or Catrice's, also less pigmented, but that's because of the format of packaging.
10.99 €

 *L'OREAL Blush Sculpt Trio Contouring Blush
102 Nude Beige and 201 Soft Rosy
This is designed to work as a contouring blush, meaning you play with different intensities to get I guess the plumpest looking cheeks. It's not a bad idea, but in reality it doesn't really work. It might if the centre panel were wider because now I can't grab just that colour with anything other than an eyeshadow brush. You can use this as a blush colour and highlighter separately if you wish or just mix everything. The highlighter has some chunky glitters which is never a good look, but both blushes are very pigmented.
102 Nude Beige - I'm having a real hard time believing this is meant to be a blush. Maybe for medium-dark skin tones? But still it's too eyeshadow bronze-y, at least for my porcelain complexion. It's very, very pigmented and dark, so I had a hard time applying it in moderation (I failed to be honest) and it not the best look on me. It's a dark peachy shade with shimmer  that turns brassy. I'd use it an eyeshadow.
201 Soft Rosy - The more wearable one of the two, but very Barbie bubble gum pink.
11.99 €

*L'OREAL Color Riche La Palette Lips
Nude and Red
I have been avoiding lip palettes all my life because 99% of them suck and it's so time consuming to use them, but these aren't that bad. For one the pigmentation is like at real lipsticks, it's just hard to apply them in a fully opaque coat without spending 5 minutes on your lips. These are all glossy on the lips and less waxy than real lipstick, but not creamy. Both have six shades in the palette, nude one has a nice selection of wearable everyday shades and the red one has a great selection of different reds, so you basically cover all types, but actually none as are good of  shade as Blake. I will have every shade on my lips in my review. These are nice for mixing.

13.99 €

*L'OREAL Brow Artist Sculpt
01 Blonde and 02 Brunette
I was sceptic about this from the moment I saw the applicator. I don't do anything with my eyebrows and don't own anything for them, since I give everything away to someone else to test as soon as I get them, so this won't be the best review, but as a brow newbie, I don't like this. The applicator is not a good idea, the doe foot and brush would be separate because now it's just too much work and it's clumsy. The gel is too mousse-y, making the brows too blocky, fake and full of product, but if you want to apply less, there's not enough colour. Both shades are bad for me, so I couldn't really wear them, both would suit light brown or blonde brows. The undertone looks most off on me, since my brows are dark brown with cool-silver undertones, but these have a yellow-taupe tone to it.

7.99 €

ESSENCE Midnight Masquerade TE ornament mask
01 from mask till dawn
This I wanted the moment I saw the press release because I've been searching for something like these for a long time. I could get it off eBay, but you forget such things. Incidentally I saw a similar one in Tedi too. It's a lace mask that's stiffer than I expected, so it doesn't form nice on my nose, but otherwise it's lovely. It ties in the back with satin ribbons. 
Műller, 3.41 €

ESSENCE Midnight Masquerade TE Nail Polish
01 Meet Me at Midnight and 02 Black Cats Wanted
I wanted these not after I saw the press releases because these two looked too bland there, but when I saw swatches on Instagram and I did a little mental squeal, then quickly made a note I have to track these down. I got the last two in my local Müller. I love the look of both because they remind me of the universe and I just love galaxy/space stuff. 01 Meet Me at Midnight is a bright blue-teal-violet duo chrome shimmer on a black base and 02 is a purple-pink duo chrome shimmer on a black base. Both are opaque in two coats. They have been swatched in my autumn picks post and on Facebook. Removal is more challenging than regular nail polishes and shimmer is left behind.
Müller, 1.97 €

L.O.V. LOVinity Long Lasting Nail Lacquer
290 Ash Allusion
After being so happy with shade 210, I wanted to get more shades and I picked another autumnal colour 290, which is a taupe-grey colour. It's more grey than taupe, but it definitely has some brown in it that prevents it from looking too cool. The formula is again so lovely, I need two coats and the brush is just fantastic for my nails. It's on my nails in the L'Oréal pictures.
Müller, 5.99 €

The last time I bought a regular mascara was over four years ago and most of the ones I'm sent, I then give away to my family, but this one did something outstanding - it managed to impress me so much that even an stubborn woman like me, decided to actually part from 14 € for a new tube. It's one of the two regular mascaras that's manages to lift my lashes at least half way. It gives me volume, but it's better at definition and length. 
Müller, 13.99 €

TRILOGY Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm
I ran out of Balance Me cleanser which I love, well I mean I still do, but the thing is that this last tube I was using was so much different than the previous ones, in fact all were completely different and I'm going to try something else that might be more consistent. I picked this one because it contains a bit of coconut oil and my skin loves that stuff. It's thicker product than Emma Hardie's version or Balm Balm's, but it still melts between your fingers into a sort of a thick, slightly waxy oil. I find it doesn't remove my eye makeup, especially mascara that well, but it removes foundation and the rest of the makeup. The cloth is a soft cotton towel material and feels comfortable to use, but it's not nearly as good as Emma Hardie's. I've been using it for a month now and though it hasn't caused me any major problems, I just don't feel my skin is looking that good. The scent is nothing special, but it's not that nice, just sort of herbal.
Look Fantastic, full price 23.95 €

BALEA Multitalent Creme-Gel & Maske 
I've actually been looking for this a few months back. I saw it on Instagram and of course I need to get anything with a peach scent, I can't help myself. I finally saw this where DM has their anti-spots products and I think I saw two other versions of masks. This is a moisturiser and face mask in one, I tend to use it more as a moisturiser and I've even tried it under foundation - I have to say on that day my foundation applied especially nice. It's a light cream, not really a gel and used as a moisturiser in sinks in about a minute or two. It's a light moisturiser, so I think it's best suited for oily, combination and normal skin, but those with any dryness, dehydration and rough, patchy areas will find this too light. The scent is the best part of this moisturiser, but it's the same classic DM candy peach scent they have in shower gels. 
DM, 2.29 €

ANDALOU NATURALS Instant Brightening, Pumpkin & Honey Face Mask
Sample Size
I've wanted to try this ever since I heard Jana praising it and now that I'm out trying new AHA's, it was the right time to test it, but I only got a sample because I heard it has just 1% of AHA's while Reviva Labs has 5% and I'm just the worst at using masks. It's a strange little thing, first that get you is an odd scent that the closest I can describe it to is the scent of mulled wine (I've never smelled pumpkin in my life, so this is the closest I can get at describing it). It's fruity sweet, but sour with spices, predominantly cloves, while I get no honey. Consistency is like a jam and it does looks like you smeared your breakfast on your face instead of bread, so you look especially lovely with the bright orange jam face. Almost immediately after application, I got a gentle tingle, nothing unpleasant, just so I know it works (again I have though skin, so I don't know how this would feel on sensitive one). You're supposed to leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinsing it off is a bit challenging because it sticks on the face, but it leaves the skin brighter and healthy looking. On the second day that I noticed my skin is a bit softer and nourished. I like it, maybe more than the Reviva cream because I could immediately see and feel the results (strange considering the acid concentrations), but the scent is something you need to get used to.

iHerb, $3.14, full-size 50 ml $12.71

REVIVA LABS 5% Glycolic Acid Cream
I must not have been thinking clearly when I decided to stop using AHA's because since then my skin had a few freak-outs that haven't happened to me in years. I've been relying on the combo Queen Helene Mint mask plus REN AHA serum as my anti-spot fighting duo, but since I ran out of the latter, I found myself in a serious pickle, when a few spots on my face developed their own gravity field and those little spot gels like Afrodita's and Balea's don't do a thing, plus I just knew that those marks are going to stay on my face until 2021 if I don't use some help. Cheap AHA's are so hard to find, but I found a great selection on iHerb and I picked the one that had the most reviews, so this one from Reviva Labs (by the way a 10 % version exists as well). It's a light gel-lotion consistency that leaves a slightly sticky layer on the skin and I feel zero tingling at this, but I have quite tough skin. I will report about this in a month or so, maybe latter when I start seeing results, but honestly, those immediate result that I was expecting like having smoother, brighter skin just aren't there (yet?).
iHerb, $16.25

PALMER'S Flip Balm
Ripe Mango
I love this. You might know that Palmer's Swivel stick is basically the only lip balm I've been using for at least four years now, even though it looks like kid glue and you look like a weirdo applying it, but now I have the same formula in a cute flower-ball design. I was afraid this will be more waxy, but I can confirm it's a very similar lovely, soft nourishing formula, just a bit lighter. The packaging is adorable and the balm, as the name suggest, flips around in the packaging, which is something different than EOS, Balmi and the likes. The scent disappointed me at first because I adore mango scents and this isn't it, but I've changed my mind because I realised it smells the same as the original cocoa butter formula (which is like chocolate cake batter), plus a tropical fruity note, so this ends up smelling something like Bananko and Schoko-Bananen, so that candy that is chocolate coated bananas or those fruity pralines. It also has a lovely sweet taste.

iHerb, $3.29

BATH & BODY WORKS Pocket Bac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
Pumpkin Cupcake and Pumpkin Cranberry Cider
Man, I overpaid these dearly, but I would never forgive myself if I didn't try them. And I'm glad I did because these smell amazing. Pumpkin Cupcake smells like cinnamon cookies spekulatius, which I love, while Pumpkin Cranberry Cider smells like Ledeni Čaj Brusnica from the start, so sweet cranberry fruity, but quickly becomes basically the same cinnamon scent that Pumpkin Cupcake. I have to warn you though that the scent is very strong, like a fragrance and it lingers for hours. That's what I want from a product, but I know there are a lot of people who would find this very irritating. I love how pocket friendly these are and they do their job without leaving any type of filter, but I still find Soap & Glory's are better because they also moisturise the skin.
eBay, 3.05 € per piece excluding shipping.

ETUDE HOUSE Bebe Foot Mask
This is one of those acid peel masks that make your feet peel in a to some horribly gross way, but most say the results are rave worthy. I've been struggling with files for years, but they are so time consuming and never do the job all the way, so I gave up and ordered one of these. I checked online first which are most popular and I think aside from Tony Moly this one is one that is not just most raved about, but also among the strongest. You get two packets of liquid in a foot shaped satchel and two improvised socks. The socks look like you just escaped a mental hospital, but they are still better than crocs, which are a plague upon humanity. They are double layered, with a waterproof, plastic outer layer and an absorbent paper layer inside, which insures that all the skin gets the product. You can walk in these, it's just weird, like walking in wet plastic bags and it's slippery. I didn't feel any tingling, but I never do when it comes to acids, there's also no particular scent. I left it on for longer than it said because I heard some leave it overnight for faster results. After I rinsed it off all I felt was my skin feeling dry and this persisted for days, but otherwise absolutely nothing happens for the first 5 days. On 6. day things start moving and you have the most attractive looking feet with dead skin hanging off (seriously don't use this in sandal season unless you really don't care about anything in life). It's best you soak the feet for a while, I did it in the shower, then used a rough towel (I don't use fabric softener for towels) and most of the dead skin comes off. My feet were smooth, but I can't say they are much softer. I walk barefoot a lot and that might be why I didn't get the softest result, plus it didn't get the really hard bits, but it's still a lot easier than using a file. I might try the Tony Moly next.

eBay, € 5.86

REXONA Motion Sense Invisible Pure
Where did the lace versions go? I swear every time I go to repurchase my trusted Rexona companion, I see new versions. Let's just hope it works the same. So, yeah, still using this, it's still working and I still love it. This one has a fruity clean type of scent. By the way, these are very white regardless what says on the packaging.
DM, 2.19 €

ESSENCE Girls Just Wanna Have Fun TE Lipsticks
01 Pretty Girls Rock! And 02 Barbie Girl
I just got these as a gift, but I admit I did not pay much attention to this LE, which I think is currently sold in DMs. These are both such bright summery shades, so I think it's be better if Essence released this collection in early summer, but shade 03 is actually a nice wearable peachy colour based on my quick swatch in the shop.  These have a classic Essence creamy, but light formula with a shiny-creamy finish and they stain the lips. 01 Pretty Girls Rock! is a classic bright magenta shade and it's the more wearable of the two, while 02 Barbie Girl is an extra bright coral pink with a white base. I swatched them here.

Have a great day!

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  1. Super objava in kraaaaasne slike :)

  2. Super objava kot vedno in slike so čudovite, prav z veseljem sem prebrala :)
    Z Essence laki si me skoraj prepričala, ampak vem da se mi ne bo dalo pol dol z nohtov spravljat. Bath & Body Works že tako dolgo gledam, ampak je poštnina preveč, mi je težko dat za poštnino, če povem iskreno skoraj raje dam več za izdelek kot pa da poštnino plačam haha :D

    1. Hvala <3 Ma saj niso taki težki za odstranjevat. Vatka se malo zatika od začetka, ampak ni klasičen glitter lak, kjer živce izgubiš. Edino micro šimer ostane okrog po koži, ampak gre z milom večina stran.

      Mene tudi vedno moti visoka poštnina in ne podpiram tega, da je poštnina višja od izdelka ki ga kupujem, ampak BBW sem si želela že skoraj 10 let preizkusit, pa sem se kar vdala v usodo :D

  3. Looove the Essence dark nail polishes, they look so pretty. And that lip balm packaging is to die for <3

    | |

    1. Nail polishes look awesome on the nails :) And the lip balm is lovely <3

  4. Sem hotela tudi sama sprobat Trilogy balm, pa se potem nisem odločila zanj. Me pa mika Monu balm, čeprav je cena huda... Emma Hardie se ti zdi vredna nakupa? :)

    Andalou maska je bila pa meni super, ampak za odstranjevat je bila pa bijač... hehe. :D

    1. Monu imam en tester kreme, pa mi ni nič posebnega za to ceno. Emma ima božansko teksturo in dobro odstrani ličila, pa še krpica zraven je izjemna, ampak moja koža ni s tem balmom nikoli bila čisto v redu. Vseeno se mi zdi, da se ga splača sprobat, ker nimava enake kože.

      Ja, ta Andalou se tako prime kože :D Ampak mi je razen vonja všeč.

  5. Tole MF maskaro sem si tudi jaz kupila zdaj ko je znižana v DMju in mi je odlična! Še moj je pohvalil, da se vidi razlika! Pa kupila sem si obe L'Orealovi paleti, zaenkrat sta mi všeč, sploh za mešanje odtenkov. Ampak nič ne zmaga nad Blake :P

    1. Res je dobra, sploh nisem pričakovala, ker ima tako čudno krtačko :D Blake je pa itak legendarna. Še noben super priljubljen Macov odtenek se ne kosa z njo :)

  6. Omg so much new products here. I am so in love in your photos.

    Charming Coco

  7. Waw, sami super izdelki! Nekaj L'orealovih stvari sem že preizkusila in tudi mene niso nekaj preveč navdušili, če iskreno povem - razen šmink. xx

    1. Mene je pa contour paletka najbolj navdušila, brez ostalega pa lahko preživim :D

  8. Wow, those palettes look gorgeous! As you said, they take more time to apply, but the colours look really great!
    I never tried the trilogy cleansing balm, but if you're searching for an excellent balmy makeup remover you should try the Banila & Co "Clean it zero". It's cheaper (at least here in France) and removes even the most stubborn makeup :)

    Have a good week-end! =)

    1. I like the combination of shades in the red version, as you get every type of red.
      Never heard of Banila & Co. I'm not sure where I could even get this brand, but it sounds intriguing :)

  9. Jaz sem ugotovila, da me L'Oreal embalaže ne privlačijo. Za ličila - razen kakšne maskare. Te palete za ustnice izgledajo kot nekaj kar bi uporabljali vizažisti, ne običajni kupci.
    Haha kako sem se mejala ob tvojem opisu postopka s stopali :D. Jaz sem verjetno ena izmed redkih, ki tudi ne mara crocsov in jih ne bom nikoli nosila :).
    A za AHA kisline si gledala kaj pri Korejcih? Oni imajo včasih te zadeve veliko ceneje :).

    1. Meni so všeč, ampak se mi zdijo narejene bolj za starejše :) Za paletke se pa strinjam, je bolj za tiste, ki se ukvarjajo z ličenjem, ker za vsakdanjo uporabo so vsaj meni zamudne.

      Oh Crocsi, kot da ni že dosti hudega na svetu mora še ta grdobija za stopala obstajat :D Raje sem bosa :) Pa povsod so zdaj. Greš po čebulice v vrtnarijo, pa jih imajo celo stojalo. Kam gre ta svet :D

      Nisem še gledala korejskih verzij. Vem da jih ima COSRX par stvari, ampak kaj podrobno še nisem preverjala, ker sem se koncentrirala samo na kaj ima iHerb.

  10. Nice, as always :). I like Loreal`s La Palette Nude but I`m not sure, I don`t think I`ll buy it.. Rexona sticks are ok but a little bit dry for me. Kristina

    1. Lip palettes are time consuming, but nice :) Rexona is so far the only deodorant that hasn't stopped working for me. Before I had to switch deodorants every few months, but I've been using Rexona for several years straight :)