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ponedeljek, december 04, 2017

Time for a new collaboration, this time Holidays inspired. My lovely and amazing fellow blogger Petra from Adjusting Beauty and me decided to do a gift guide for all who are beauty enthusiasts, with our picks focusing on affordable beauty products, so everything is under 20 €. I don't have those fancy prepacked gifts to show you, however, I went through my collection and made a selection of products that I believe would make a great gift for someone who loves cosmetics.


For those who like retro packaging and anything pretty Misslyn has a collection of blushes, powders, highlighters, bronzers and palettes (eyeshadow and lipstick ones) with lovely pop art designs. I think specifically the bronzers are nice and you can pick between three shades. It's like a budget friendly version of theBalm, though the quality isn't as fantastic as at that brand, but that's high-end and this is much more budget friendly.
Müller, from 5.99 €; Beauty Bay, from 8.30 €

I highly recommend these to any beauty enthusiast. The quality is some of the best in the drugstore plus you get five lovely shades per palette. My favourite is Ambers, especially because of the shade called Amber Love, though Pinks is a great choice too.
Drugstores, Feel Unique & Amazon UK, 13.49 €

MILANI Rose Powder Blushes
Apart from being stunning to look at, these are also some of the best blushes I've tried from the drugstore. 01 Romantic Rose is a beautiful natural shade that will fit so many, while 11 Blossomtime Rose is a dupe for the popular Benefit's Coralista. Milani has in general a lovely collection of blushes and recently highlighters, so it's a brand worth checking for gift ideas.
9.99 $, available in US drugstores and online shops (Beauty Joint, Beauty Bay,...). Na voljo na Click2Chic and v Moja Drogerija.

Both pretty and good, my favourite choices from cheapest to most expensive are ESSENCE Volume Stylist Curl & Hold Mascara (3.29€, does what it promises),  MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Mascara (9.29 €), which is currently in a shiny metallic packaging, and the mega popular L'OREAL Paradise Extatic Mascara (14 €) which aside from being a lot smaller in Europe than US meaning it dries faster, is still a great mascara if you want to treat someone.

Winning both categories in being cute and nice quality, Unicorn Heart is a mega shiny highlighter for those who love some serious shine. This is the most shiny highlighter I've ever tried and you can't really apply it sparingly, so pick this only for those who want their shine to be visible from space. Makeup Revolution recently released liquid highlighters (FX Custom Enhanced Drops dupes), which I haven't tried yet, but from what I've seen, they look great too.
Tam Beuty, £5.60; Lič Panda, 7.99 €

If you're picking something for a matte finish enthusiast, Bourjois has a new line of lipsticks called Rouge Velvet The Lipstick (13.89 €) which have one of the closest matte finishes to liquid matte lipsticks I've tried (aside from Colourpop Matte X). Formula is very soft and comfortable, so you might even be able to risk it for someone with frequently dry lips.

More pretty and great quality lip products: MILANI Amore Matte Lip Cremes (9.96 €) for those who love proper matte finishes, MILANI Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks (6.83 €) combine pretty packaging and great formula, and the newest MAX FACTOR Honey Lacquers (9.49 €) for those who like a comfortable lip colour with shine.

The packaging is just stunning, but it's not just a pretty thing, it's also a great foundation. It's a medium coverage foundation with a dewy-turns-satin finish and nice staying power. It's a little bit over 20 €, so I really suggest you try to find the best price in several shops. The lightest shade is about NC15-20 and two darker ones exist.
$24 in various K-Beauty Shops (Jolse, Rose Rose Shop, on eBay,...)

Butter bronzer is the most hyped-up product from this brand, but they have a big selection of pretty products and based on my experience most are lovely. My top picks are Nude Wear Radiance powder and Sexy Booster blush, but I have yet to try anything from the Butter line which is highly praised.
From 8.08 € to about 13 € on iHerb. Za Slovenijo: Click2Chic.

If you can still find this is the shops it's completely gift worthy. The palette is stunning, the highlighter massive and has a lovely glow, so this is great limited edition to try to track down, even if the only thing you find is the bag. A set of brushes with the bag also comes in a nice gold box, so most of the work is done.
Drugstores, from € 3.99 - € 5.99. Set costs 17.49 €.

My favourite nail polishes. These have a lovely formula and great staying power, plus the packaging is beautiful. However shade range is very basic, so this is not for those who love nail polishes with anything else but a cream finish.
Müller, 5.99€

In the US known as Demeter Fragrance, this is a brand that has a large selection of unconventional fragrances that are great quirky gifts. Gingerbread is a perfect Christmas scent and the have others (Christmas in New York, Egg Nog,…), but they also have simple one note fragrances (peony, amber,…) plus fragrances like Rain, Paperback, Clean Skin,… Truly their selection is remarkable. Apart from Gingerbread I have two clean smelling fragrances Baby Powder (true to its name) and Sunshine (a warm clean laundry scent).
20 € on The Library of Fragrance website, while mine are from Boots. V Sloveniji so na voljo v Ikona Ljubljana (tudi na spletu).


Among Korean cosmetics there's a nice selection of products that aren't just cute and affordable, they are also good. My favourite is TONYMOLY Panda's Dream White Sleeping Pack (cheapest on Sweet Corea for 4$) which is like a light moisturiser and it hydrates the skin nicely. Also super cute are ETUDE HOUSE Missing U Hand Creams (5.11$), I have panda, but three others exist. SECRET KEY Pink Racoony Hydro Gel Eye & Cheek Patch ($11.90 on eBay) are heart-shaped multi-purpose patches that you can use under the eyes and on the cheeks.
Available in various K-Beauty Shops (Jolse, Sweet Corea, Cosmetic Love, Tester Korea, Rose Rose Shop,...), iHerb and eBay. Tony Moly is also sold in Sephora (including in Italian and I believe Serbian), but it's a lot more expensive than online.

The Body Shop finally opened its shop in Slovenia (online) and they have a good selection of pre-made gifts, but any body butter by itself is a great product to give to someone, from the regular and Christmas lines. Another top product by TBS if you know someone who has problems finding light enough shades, just get them Adjusting Drops because they are the best thing ever.
Drops: 14.50 €; Body butters: 6.90-17.50 €

One of the brands I most regret we don't have in Slovenia because just about everything I tried (apart from face skin care) was so nice. They also have pre-made gifts, mostly with minis and the prices start at £5. My favourite products are their scrubs (especially Flake Away), Hand Maid Antibacterial Gel and body mists, while Orangeasm is my favourite scent, though all their scents are lovely.
Soap & Glory, Boots & Amazon UK, £2.50-£8.00.

L'Occitane hand creams are the most foolproof gift there ever was. It's so foolproof that just about everyone gave me at least one, hence my collection. My favourite is the original which is the best hand cream ever, Vanilla is also fantastic, while Peony, Neroli and Almond have lighter textures.
8.10 € for 30 ml sizes

Not like foam shower products didn't exist before, but this year Balea released some lovely ones, which are quite impressive and very affordable. Bilou still has an even greater selection of scents and comes in adorable gift-worthy packaging. Both have moisturisers in foam form, both for hands and body.
Make sure you check Petra's gift ideas as well, she made an amazing guide.   

Have a great day!

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  1. Imava celo nekaj istih favoritov :) - Maybelline maskara, L'Oreal maskara, Bourjois šminka (ki je res fantastična), Bilou pena in jaz sem tudi vključila L'Occitane kremo, ki je celo meni všeč. Pa nimam rada običajnih krem za roke.

    Catrice Kaviar Gauche je res kolekcija, ki bi se je vsaka razveselila. Mi je všeč, da si jo vključila. Sploh paket škatlice s čopiči je res čisto giftable. Samo zaviješ in je :D.

    The Library of Fragrance je pa res najboljša opcija za dišave. Sama nisem vključila parfumov, ker so bolj osebni, ampak njihovi vonji so pa res luškani za podarit. Sploh kakšen Gingerbread <3. Ful je zanimiv vonj, samo imam občutek, da me dela lačno :D haha.

    Tvoji dodatni predlogi so odlični, sploh seti. Tega od Balee sem že gledala z eno oko, saj veš kokos pa to :D. Etude House čokoladne palete so pa absolutno adorable <3

    Super je bilo pisat objavo s tabo in celo se nisva veliko ponavljali :D <3

    1. Preden sem sprobala navadno karite kremo od L'Occitane sploh nisem marala krem za roke. Odlično formulo ima, extra hranilno, ampak se hitro vpije :)

      Caviar Gauche je morala it v to objavo, samo upam, da je še po trgovinah, drugače samo brezveze dražim :D

      Library of Fragrance so super, sploh če izbereš kakšen vonj z zanimivim imenom, npr. za nekoga, ki rad bere knjige je super Paperback. Našli so dobro tržno nišo :) Gingerbread te pa res naredi lačno :D

      Balein set sem si tudi jaz ogledovala, samo ne vem, če naj zaupam Balea kvaliteti za tisti body butter in piling, ker ponavadi imajo prelahke teksture za moj okus. Me pa mika zaradi vonja :) K-Beauty stvari so mi pa adorable :)

      Enako, super je uspelo tole sodelovanje :)

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  3. Odlična objava! :D

    L.O.V lake imam na WL že od začetka, ampak še nisem prišla do njih. Včasih opazim kakšno akcijo, ampak ravno te nimam časa v Müller it ponavadi, ali pa pozabim.

    The Body Shop gledam zdaj po novi spletni strani, ampak se še nisem spravila, da bi naročila. Moram si celi seznam naredit, kaj se sploh splača. Any recommendations? :D Najbolj me zanimajo te praznične zaenkrat.

    Afroditin Cinnamon & Honey sem dala zdaj na WL, ker predvidevam, da odlično diši :D

    1. Hvala <3 Meni so super, sem pa večino vzela s popustom oz. tistimi boni od Müllerja. Si pa želim, da bi imeli kakšne popolno prekrivne nude odtenke :)

      Body butterje moraš vzet, to itak :) Vonj pa kateri tebi ustreza, vsi so kul :) Meni so najljubši karite, satsuma in almond milk & honey. Mene od prazničnih paketov najbolj mika tisti z mini body butterji v različnih vonjih.

      Jaz ga imam na WL, ampak ne zaupam Afroditi, da ima avtentičen vonj. Njihovi so mi vsi bolj brezvezni z izjemno Peony.