Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick 06 Abrico'dabra & 09 Fuchsia Botté

sobota, december 16, 2017

Every lip product that claims to be matte catches my attention and this is no exception. I swatched all the shades in the shop the first time I saw them and in the rather classic selection of shades, I liked shades 03 (light pink) and 05 (medium rosy shade) most. Of course I shuddered at the price of almost 14 € and walked away. I was later sent two shades, 06 (peach) and 09 (hot pink/fuchsia). I already gave 06 to my fellow blogger Adjusting Beauty since I don't wear such colours and I knew she'll appreciated more, plus she makes even better reviews than me, in fact she already reviewed the lipstick here. I swatched both shades, but only truly tested 09.

Texture and finish: Matte formulas tend to be waxy and thick, but not all, like for example Colourpop Matte X is quite siliconey, but this one from Bourjois is so slippery, it just slides on my lips with no breaks, so the first time I was applying it I was like: "Whoa, where are you going?!" However, this buttery texture does have a bad side - it's a lipstick that's impossible to apply perfectly with neat edges, so a lipliner is pretty much a must as these (maybe not at light shades, but definitely at more intense ones). That slip also means that this isn't an instantly matte lipstick like Matte X, instead it starts creamy and then sets into a matte finish in about 2-3 minutes. And I'm talking about a proper, almost-looks-like-matte-liquid-lipstick type of finish. It even only transfers in traces once it sets and it feels so light on the lips. In terms of whether it's drying, Adjusting Beauty will tell you more about it, since my lips are never dry and she's more sensitive to such things. Based on my experience I'd say it's not a drying formula, but don't quote me of that.

06  Abrico'dabra

06 Abrico'dabra is an orange shade that will suit those with a warm undertone. If you check Petra's swatches, you'll notice how different it looks on her than on me. She has a slightly darker skin tone, but more importantly a warm undertone (mine is neutral), so it looks more coral on her, while on me it's pure orange. It's sheerer compared to Fuchsia Botte, so not completely opaque with one coat. 

09 Fuchsia Botté

09 Fuchsia Botté is as the name suggests a fuchsia shade in a warm pink version, but nothing unique. It's completely opaque with one coat. I did something stupid when swatching this for you - I didn't wait for it to dry completely (forgive me, the light was fading), so you can't see just how matte it looks after it sets, but it's very similar to the finish of Mirror, Mirror from Colourpop.

Staying power: This lasts ok, about 6+ hours, but I only checked the staying power of 09 and hot pinks tend to outlast other shades (I'm sure no one believes the crazy Bourjois claim of 24h staying power. They took exaggeration to a whole new level). It survives a meal pretty much intact (except very greasy ones), but it starts to fade towards the end of the day and it's not the nicest even fading, but you don't get that ring of colour. I haven't experienced any smudging with these, nor bleeding or feathering.

Scent: These have a strong scent that's difficult to describe. It's kind of chemical-musty type of scent. Not pleasant, but also not horrible to me, though maybe some will find annoying. It's only noticeable at application.

Packaging: You can see the packaging on the pictures, but it's a simple plastic one and all correspond the colour of the lipstick. The closing mechanism is tight, so it doesn't open easily.

Price and availability: They are sold in drugstores for 13.89 €, but you can also buy them online in shops like Feel Unique which has worldwide delivery.

These are one of the best releases this year and if you're a fan of matte lipsticks, you'll love this formula. It's so light and creamy, so I honestly did not expect such a beautiful matte finish nor their good staying power when these first touched my lips, but these are definitely some of my favourite ones I've tried so far. I wish I had a different shade in my collection, something I could wear every day, but at 14 € per lipsticks, these are so expensive for a drugstore brand. But maybe once I find a discount and feel it's time to expand my lipstick collection, I'll buy the shades I want because I'm very tempted. I still think Colourpop Matte X are better and they are more affordable, but Bourjois are best in our drugstores.

My fellow blogger Passing Fancy/Nalična tested and swatched five shades in her video review here (those who don't understand Slovene, swatches are at the end of the video).

Have a great day!

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  1. I own four shades of these and I must say I love the formula. My lips are always dry and these lipsticks don't make it worse :)

    1. Looks like Bourjois did the almost impossible - a matte lipstick that's ok for dry lips :) I think the formula is fantastic :)

  2. Ampak ti 06 tud full paše. Vsaj pomoje ;) 09 pa itak :) Se mi zdi da je to čist tvoja barva :)

    1. Hvala :) 06 bi se morala navadit, ampak 09 je že bolj moj odtenek :)

  3. Končno imamo neke dobre mat šminke, ki ne izsušujejo ustnic v naših drogerijah. Cena resda ni idealna, ampak ok, je vsak izbira. 09 ti res zelo paše. <3 Ti fuksija odtenki ti vedno lepo pristajajo.

    Še kar ne morem verjet kako oranžna izgleda na tebi. Prav nič koralna. Ampak se zdaj vsaj lažje odločim, ko vidim kak odtenek na tebi, ker vem da bo na meni ravno obraten :D.

    Btw odtenek je 06 Abrico'dabra. Mislim, da imaš narobe napisano ime.

    Hvala ti za vse linke s katerimi si me vključila v tvojo objavo. <3 Se pa ne strinjam, tvoje ocene so definitivno boljše. Jaz se zgledujem po tvojem standardu ;)

    1. Res, Bourjoisu je uspelo praktično nemogoče :) Cena je pa za moje pojme previsoka, ampak se strinjam, da imajo lep izbor odtenkov :) Hvala, 09 je lušen, ampak bi vseeno kaj bolj vsakdanjega v tej formuli.

      Yup, za 06 sem takoj videla, da bo na meni čisto oranžna. Je sploh nisem hotela načet in sem imela takoj plan jo nekomu dat, ampak če že pošljejo se mi je zdelo fer, da vsaj swatcham. Pri naju se odlično vidi vloga podtonov pri izboru ličil :)

      Hvala da si me opozorila! Sama še dolgo ne bi opazila. Zmotila sem se pri prepisovanju, pa potem skoz copy-paste.

      Hvala <3, ampak tvoje ocene so pa še bolj podrobne kot moje :) Jaz kar pozabim na kakšno stvar :D

  4. Amazing!
    If you like make up,you can vist my blog,too.

  5. S formulo so zadeli v nulo, mislim da bodo še všeč tistim s suhimi ustnicami. Jaz si bom še definitivno kupila kak odtenek, čeprav je cena pretirana za drugstore šminko.
    09 ti super pristaja <3

    1. Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo :) Mene tudi resno mika 02, ker vem, da ga bom veliko nosila, ampak cena je pa previsoka. Hvala <3

  6. This Fuchsia Botte looks gorgeous :), it really suits you. Kristina

  7. Tale vijola-roza-lila varianta ti tako noro paše, uau.

    Meni je tudi formula super <3