Essence Draw the Line Instant Colour Lipliner 07 Eternal Beauty

nedelja, avgust 25, 2019

Draw the Line Instant Colour lipliners have been around for a while and I actually already have a full review of the shade called 05 so un-grey-ful. I planned on getting more shades of these because I was impressed by the staying power of that shade, but it slipped my mind until recently when I fell in love with Essence's Soft Contouring lipliner in the shade 08 Big Proposal, which is an amazing natural colour for me, but the staying power isn't the best. I then remembered this line and I grabbed the shade that looked most natural and wearable.  

Texture: These are some of the thickest liners, with a slightly sticky texture that doesn't wipe of easily when applied on the lips. It applies ok on the lips due to the creamy texture, but it's not as smooth as Essence's Stay True Waterproof lipliners (which ironically are less long lasting). I wear this shade a lot instead of a lipstick, just on its own and it doesn't feel drying or uncomfortable. I was warned on my IG that these dry out quickly and I managed to dig out my old 05 shade, which really is not useful anymore, so you have to use it up in the first months.

Colour: I have the shade 07 Eternal Beauty which is a light-medium muted pink. It's definitely a colour for my skin tone and one of the prettiest in my collection. It's currently my no-brainer colour that just grab in the morning and wear on its own.

Staying power: These have the best staying power out of Essence's liners. However, though it can't be wiped off easily when fresh applied, it doesn't perform quite as outstanding on the lips, but for the price I'm not complaining.

 An attempt of removal of swatches with a wet wipe. The two visible ones are Essence's Stay True and Draw the Line formulas. 

Price and availability: I got mine in Müller for 1.59 €. Only one was unswatched out of four, since they don't have testers, so check every one before you buy one of these.

Have a great day!

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  1. The Essence lip pencils are really great! I like the roll up ones

    Candice ||

  2. Essence draw the Line je najbolja olovka za usne što sam ikad imala, ali na žalost ne mogu više naći moju najomiljeniji nijansu, 08. :) Boja kose ti je super!

  3. Ja ne koristim takvu olovku kao karmin :)