Catrice Ten!Sational 10 in 1 Dream Primer

sreda, avgust 28, 2019

Catrice has several primers and they keep adding new ones (as well as discontinuing them), Ten!Sational is their latest and maybe the most ambitions one with the 10 claims boldly stated on the front of the packaging. It only attracted my attention when I went through the ingredients list on their website because I saw this has glycerine (3rd) and niacinamide (5th) on the list and I knew immediately this won't be a typical mattifying silicone-feeling primer, but something more like Max Factor's Facefinity All Day primer, which is my all-time favourite, but it's no longer sold in Slovene drugstores. It looked like a good combination of a primer for dry skin combining some skin care benefits.

Texture: It's like a moisturising tinted lotion with a medium thick consistency. Despite the silicones on the first places on the ingredients list, this doesn't feel at all like mattifying primers and instead of that matt dry-to-the-touch feeling, it leaves a slightly tacky finish. In that respect it reminds me of Max Factor's All Day primer.

In terms of individual claims:
1. Priming - Yes, it creates a good base and it looks like it's prolonging the staying power of makeup. It can pile if you apply it with rough circular motions.
2. Hydrating - yes, it's good for my normal-dry skin.
3. Anti-wrinkle - niacinamide might have the long-term skin care effect, but when it comes to immediate result, this doesn't hide lines, however, it also doesn't make them worse like I experienced with Catrice 1 Minute primer.
4. Natural Glow - yes, it has a very small amount of mini shimmer that looks like a subtle natural glow. Unlike most glowy primers I’ve tried which look just too much, I like this one, though you won’t be able to see it on before/after pictures because it’s too subtle.
5. Anti-pollution - I have no idea.
6. Anti-oxidation - I don't know, as I have no foundation that oxidises to test at the moment, but primers overall tend to fix the problem of oxidation because the prevent direct contact with natural oils.
7. Pore minimizing - no, it's not comparable to mattifying silicone primers. It helps a tiny bit, but I've had better products.
8. Evens out the skintone - a bit, due to the tint, but it's less than 1 Minute Primer. The added niacinamide high on the list might help even out the skin with regular use.
9. Blurs imperfections - no, again it's not like mattifying silicone primers. The tint helps a bit, but this is pretty sheer.
10. UV protection - it has an SPF 15 which is nothing when you apply this in a regular amount. Another SPF under it is a must.

Shade: This comes in only one shade that's light-medium, but the tint is very sheer, so in a thin coat I don't even see this on my skin. Still I have to be careful around the edges of application to blend it out well otherwise I end up with dark patches. The tint is lighter and the formula has less pigmentation than at 1 Minute Primer Catrice has in a pot. 

Packaging: A standard soft squeeze tube. 

Ingredients: stand out ingredients are glycerine for hydration (3.) and niacinamide (5.) for brightening, anti-aging and clear skin, there's even some ginger extract, also an anti-ageing ingredients, but it's way too low on the list.

Price and availability: It costs 6.39 € in drugstores.

The 10 claims are of course exaggerated, especially when it comes to minimizing pores and blurring effect, but one look at the ingredients and I knew that's not what I was getting here. Instead of the mattiying primer that would do those things, this is a hydrating primer suited for dry skin. I'm particularly happy with the fact they didn't make it too highlighter-y and that the glow is actually a lot more natural because they didn't go overboard with the shimmer, as that one tends to emphasise the texture of the skin. I like it combines a primer + a decent skin care item with niacinamide high enough on the list, but the SPF should be much higher, 50 would be perfect and if they made either more shades or just remove the tint, it'd be perfect. Occasional pilling can be an issue with this one if you're rough with the application of the primer or products over it. 

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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