August Favourites, Updates and Wishlist

sobota, avgust 31, 2019

Obviously these were going to be in this post, I knew this the moment I got them. I mentioned in my New in that I got the shade 510 Metalfusion in December and it's been pretty much the only eyeshadow I've worn since then. Now I got five of these and I love every shade - something that never happens to me with any eyeshadow range, especially since in the last years it's all about warm tones, which don't suit me best. I love this formula, it's my favourite because it's so pigmented and so easy to use and blend. I just apply it with fingers, quickly blend and I'm done. I have used brushes with it (Nanshy ones) and they worked well too. The texture is somewhere between a loose and pressed eyeshadow, I know of nothing like it, but pigmentation is so great it's easy to get an opaque coat with these. If I had to pick one shade, I'd pick 530 Magnetize, an old gold-green shade, but I think 520 Metallight might suit me best, since it's the most neutral brown-bronze taupe. 530 Metalure is a pleasant surprise too. It doesn't look like much in the pot, but it's a lovely deep brown with antique gold tones. I'm really glad I have these. 

These two are my mascara favourites duo. Essence is my all-time favourite formula, while 2000 Calorie is my choice for most days when I don't want to torture my lashes with waterproof mascara and its removal. I posted this story on Instagram overviewing all of the mascaras I got in 2019 - 10 of them to be exact, of those 8 were PR products, which is just a crazy amount and a majority are regular formulas that drop my lashes. So I was busy for the last 8 months testing new mascaras and I didn't pick up I <3 Extremes for a while. Since Lash Princess WP and Catrice Eyeconista WP did not impress me with their curl holding powers, I picked this one again to compare it with those two and let me tell you this one blows all of those 10 mascaras out of the water. It has by far the nicest effect, it creates the biggest lashes, it has the best multiplying effect because it catches individual lashes and doesn't stick them together, and it holds the curl best of all. One minus that I can live with because this is regardless an absolutely outstanding mascara, is the massive brush which almost always touches my lids during application, but otherwise I have no complaints. 2000 Calorie is one of those 10 mascaras I got and it impressed me because it has this amazing ability of putting my dishevelled lashes into place and creating a lovely fanned out effect. It doesn’t create amazingly big lashes like Essence mascaras do, but it just makes the lashes look somewhat naturally pretty looking. It doesn't hold my lashes curled like a waterproof formula, however, since it's not a heavy, wet formula, it also doesn't weigh them down completely.  

3-Zonen Tagescreme LSF 30
While I can't report back on any possible visible results from this, I very much like the idea of a sunscreen + care in one. I know some people don't like it and say that sunscreen should be applied separately, but I really don't see the reason for that provided you use the sufficient amount. This combines sunscreen with Olay/Olaz classic Regenerist red pot formula, so it has niacinamide, my favourite ingredient, high on the list and also some peptides. As an extra plus it comes in an airtight bottle with a pump. It's a moisturiser suited for dry skin, especially if you apply more than one pump, so it's not for everyone, but my skin seems to get on with it ok. I got it to use an SPF on days when I don't spend much time outside and I feel it's a waste using my separate SPF 50 sunscreen, as here I have two things in one: care & protection.

NEUTROGENA Norwegian Formula Anti-Ageing Hand Cream SPF 25
Neutrogena is the only brand I could find in our drugstores and supermarkets that has an SPF, actually Petra from Adjusting Beauty informed of existence of this cream, otherwise I'd never know about it. It's thicker than Nivea Q10 I'm currently using, but it doesn't take too long to absorb, though it leaves a noticeable moisturising film on the skin which is not slippery. I was afraid this is one of those creams that leaves the hands greasy for ages and I'm glad I was wrong. SPF could be higher, but it's the best we have here.

The reviews were right this is a true gem product. It's one of rare cream products that can be used both on damp and dry hair just like my discontinued all-time favourite Dove Super Quench Crème Serum. In fact they work about the same, both leave my hair nourished and more sleek, though granted Dove has a better taming effect when used on damp hair before blow-drying. In combination with Pantene Intensive Repair conditioner this makes hair so soft and silky (I said many times, my hair is rarely soft due to its coarse, thick texture), so it's one of the best leave-in products I've tried so far, plus it's got the Olaplex ingredient (bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate), which fixes broken sulphide bonds. Two minuses: the god awful packaging, which is completely wrong for such a thick product and the price, which will sadly definitely have in impact on how often I use this because I'll want to save it too much.

PANTENE PRO-V Hair Superfood Conditioner
My love for the Repair version is well established, but I was not quite as impressed with version Sleek, though it's still good compared to 90% of drugstore stuff, still I was a bit apprehensive trying their other lines because I was almost sure Repair is their most nourishing line and the rest is more suited for less dry hair. Well, Superfood is even thicker than Repair, which is already thicker than a lot of hair masks and in terms of effect it is just as good as Repair. For now I can't tell the difference yet, but both work wonderfully for my very dry, thick bleached/coloured hair. It leaves my hair nourished and softer than most conditioners (that tend to fail in this category), so it's another fantastic conditioner in the drugstores that I will surely be buying more of these and check out the rest of the line.

BATH & BODY WORKS Champagne Apple & Honey and Twilight Woods
I saw that BBW released these two scent again in their autumn collection and if you missed them, you have another chance to try them - provided of course you like these type of fragrances. I adore both of these so much, in fact Twilight Woods is my most worn scent for the past year or so and I have a backup. It's this fantastic warm, cosy woody scent that always puts me in a good mood. Champagne Apple Honey is by far the best apple scent I've smelled. It smells like proper apples and it's a great mix of tart and sweet notes, though I can't say I detect proper honey, but there's definitely some nice sweetness in it. BBW released a lot of new scents and I'm interested in many of them, so I will be expanding my collection.


I had high hopes for this. It's not often we get a new oil cleanser and the last one I tried from LVLY was not impressive, but this one is easily accessible here and reasonably priced, however, Afrodita's stuff just more often than not tends to disappoint me. I wish it wasn't so, it is after all a Slovene brand and it deserves the support, but this oil fluid didn't impress me. Despite its promises it performs poorly when it comes to removing makeup and it stings when it gets in my eyes. The texture is nice enough, not an oil fluid, but an oil gel that turns into a milky emulsion in contact with water and ingredients are lovely, but unfortunately this isn't a product that fits my needs, 

Why do western companies even bother with sheet masks if they all plan on using awful material for the sheet? Nivea did the same mistake as Balea and Schabens: they used a terribly thick and stiff material which makes this mask one of the least comfortable ones I've tried. And as nice as the ingredients of this one sound, I got no visible result, not even the basic hydrating, so it was a waste of time and money. For the price of these I get 4 Etude House masks with Madecassoside which are amazing for my skin.

I think I've said enough in my latest New in, but the gist is not enough product for my long, thick hair and more importantly no warming effect. Now it's likely I was the one very unlucky girl who got the dud (luck truly has not been on my side this month. I must have pissed of some higher cosmic being), but for the price I'm not giving it another try. The turban is nice and holds well, but the rest is very underwhelming. I got only a moderate moisturising effect and this should be an intense treatment. 3 € is not cheap for a single use, so I'm quite disappointed by this. 


CATRICE HD Liquid Coverage 002 Porcelain Beige - For years I was not the biggest fan of HD foundation because it looked so fake and strange on my skin, but that changed in the pasts months and this foundation started to look a lot better on me. I have the shade 010, the original lightest shade, which is too dark and they added a new lighter shade 002 not that long ago I think. It's not ideal from what I could tell in the shop, but it kind of looks passable, so I might give it a go.

MAX FACTOR 2000 Calorie Mascara Waterproof - by now I just naturally assume that waterproof versions of mascaras aren't sold in Slovenia (with exception of Essence and Catrice), but then the ad for the waterproof version of 2000 Calorie popped into my Instagram Stories and to my shock it was actually in Slovene. I really enjoy the regular version, so maybe the waterproof is worth a try too. 

OLAZ Eyes Firming Eye Serum or Illuminating Eye Cream - I was pretty much set on Innisfree Orchid Eye cream, but then I saw great reviews for these two on Amazon and my focus shifted to the more easily accessible Olaz instead of K-Beauty products. They are very expensive, but about the same price as Innisfree and I hear they work, so maybe one day I'll pick one and give it a try. 

INSTANATURAL Retinol Serum and Moisturiser or THE ORDINARY Retinol 0.2% in Squalene - I've had the first TO retinol which did nothing for me, but I'd like to give these another try. I found InstaNatural on iHerb and I'm drawn to the serum because it also contains a form of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and Q10, so it looks like a great all in one, provided of course it does anything at all. There's also a moisturiser version, which I'm less interested in because I want something liquid, but iHerb has small sample sizes of both and it doesn't hurt to try the two, in fact I already ordered them. The new TO versions are also interesting, albeit very confusing to choose from, but I think Retinol 0.2% sounds like something so me, however I'll give InstaNatural a try first.

PALMER's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil - this contains a ton of different oils (sweet almond, grapeseed, camelina, macadamia, sesame seed, coconut, argan and rosehip), plus some smaller amounts of retinol, a form of vitamin C and centella asiatica extract. I already ordered this on iHerb and I'm hoping I'll like it. 

OLAPLEX No.7 Bonding Oil - Of course I need this. Silicone oils are some of my favourite products, plus this has bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate and I want as much of that in my hair as I can. Bad sides - super expensive, only 30 ml and the packaging looks awkward with the screw lid. It's probably also going to take a while before this reaches online shops in EU.

BATH & BODY WORKS Fine Fragrance Mist - I have several of these and I want more because these are some of my favourites ever.
In The Stars - Make every moment glow with an addictive fragrance that radiates from start to finish like the stars above. In The Stars is a warm, sparkling blend of starflower, sandalwood musk, sugared tangelo, white agarwood & radiant amber - notes sound great and I read a ton of reviews claiming this is one of their best scents they've made. I already ordered a bottle. 
Autumn Nights - A fresh-meets-cozy blend of toasted tonka bean, warm amber & vanilla orchid - sounds like a nice warm scent and even though the notes don't mention it, it's supposed to have leather too. I already ordered this too. 
Kaleidoscope - Effortless. Beautiful. You. Kaleidoscope mixes with your body chemistry for a fragrance that’s uniquely yours. With notes of iris, cedarwood & pink pepper - a very interesting concept, a fragrance that becomes your own, but we'll see how this works on me. I ordered this as well.
Midnight Peony - An enchanting blend of raspberry lychee, sparkling prosecco & toasted vanilla - apparently this one smells like a fancy perfume. It's not at the top of the list, but maybe I'll get it one day. 
Toasted Praline & Pear - A warm, nutty treat of poached pear, toasted praline, graham cracker & tonka bean - this one is not at the top of the list either, but I'm still interested. Sounds like a good warm fruity scent.

L'OREAL Elvital Dream Length Steam Mask - I'm still pondering whether to spend that much money on a mask for a single use, but I heard both that it's good and that it's nothing special from you on my IG, although you all agreed this has the warming effect. There's only 20 ml of product which is waay to little for me, but it has the same ingredients as the mask in the pot.

Have a great day!

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  1. Tale L.O.V magnetna senčila so res super. Sama tekstura, izgled in seveda kako izgledajo na koži... sami presežki.
    Sama sem navdušena nad Catrice HD pudrom (meni ustreza 010 odtenek) in sem vesela, da dodajajo več odtenkov, da jih bo lahko še več ljudi preizkusilo in uživalo v tej čudoviti podlagi od katere se sama kar ne morem ločiti

    1. Ja, LOV senčila so res super :) Meni premagajo veliko bolj priljubljena Colourpop Super Shock.

      HD Liquid Foundation je nujno rabila razširitev odtenkov in jo še potrebuje. Mene edino moti, da jo moram hitro zblendat, ampak izgleda lepo na koži :)

  2. Tale Essence wp maskara je res fantastična. Še imam doma eno zaprto tubico, ampak trenutno sem čist obsedena z L'oreal lash paradise wp, naredi res prekrasne trepalnice, vedno dobivam vprašanja, katero nosim. Ampak se mi zdi, da je že malce suha, skoraj podobno, kot njihova klasična verzija. :(

    Ooo, ti B&BW vonji meglic se berejo fantastično. Jaz sem svojo obsesijo z njihovimi produkti kar malce potlačila, od kar se več toliko zadev ne da dobiti na Notino. :( </3
    Kje pa si naročila? A na eBayu? Mene živcira, ker imajo skoraj vsi predrag shipping.

    1. Moram nujno sprobat Lash Paradise WP. Sem že namerava naročit na Spletični, ampak imam trenutno tono maskar. Me sicer skrbi, da se bo hitro posušila, ampak za sprobat bo :)

      Ja, eBay. Notino res nima skoraj nič več, upam, da bo drugače v jeseni/zimi. Shipping je bil 3$ iz ZDA, prodajalec here4you.

  3. Zdaj si me spomnila, da moram nazaj ven posatvit Twilight Woods :D. Vreme gre že an bolj hladno, čas bo spet za močnejše dišave. Ta je tudi ena izmed mojih najljubših <3 Super, da so jo spet uvrstili med svoj asortiman.

    Autumn Nights se mi bere skoraj kot Avon Attraction Sensation. Tega imam samo še dobro četrtino, tako da poročaj kakšen vonj bo. Bom počasi spet morala kaj novega nabaviti :).

    SPF kreme za roke je res nemogoče najti. Če že delaj za obraz, naj bi še za roke dodali. Zdaj je itak vedno več tega SPF-a v negovalnih izdelkih. Mogoče pa v prihodnje.

    Jaz bom Superfood verzijo tudi kupila ponovno. Meni so prav tako všeč te goste konsistence. Sploh za hladnejše dni. Mogoče je samo vse v glavi - imaš občutek da bolj neguje. :D

    1. Twilight woods največ nosim od svojih dišav :) Res je tak poseben topel vonj :) Ja, Autumn Nights zveni nekako kot Attraction zaradi usnja, ampak je menda tudi bolj unisex. Bom videla kakšen bo. Res upam, da mi bo všeč :)

      Sem bila res presenečena, da krem za roke s SPF-om pri nas praktično ni. To bi pa ja moral bi standard, sploh ker so roke kot obraz ves čas odkrite. Pričakovala bi po eno pri vsakih znamki, vsaj te anti-aging varijante, pa razen Neutrogene in Nivee ni nič. Nivea je pa zelo medla s svojo trditvijo o UV fitrih, čeprav vidim, da ima UVA in UVB zaščito, ampak prenizko na seznamu. Upam, da se ponudba malo razširi.

      Moram nujno sprobat še preostali del Superfood kolekcije. Pantene me res navdušuje odkar sem ga (ponovno) odkrila :)