New in #95: Diego Dalla Palma

sreda, julij 22, 2020


This is one of the most volumising mascaras I've tried so far. It's right up there with L'Oreal Lash Paradise (regular formula) and you get a lot more volume than with most mascaras with one coat. Despite that it's not clumpy and it's also not very wet, so it's not messy. It's not brilliant at definition due to the brush, but it's manages to fan out the lashes ok. This is an excellent choice if you want big, voluminous lashes and a formula that can do it quickly, without the need of plenty of coats. 

It crumbles under my eyes at the end of the day, but it doesn't smudge. For some reason oil doesn't remove this well because it has this strange texture when you try to get it off, but a regular soapy cleanser does it well. 

I guess it's redundant to add that it's not a mascara that would hold a curl on me, but that doesn't matter to most of you. Obviously it's not really a very useful mascara for me which is a shame because I like the volume.

Packaging of this is big. It's about 1/3 larger than regular mascaras, but it has only 13 ml, which is 0.5 ml less than a Max Factor mascara (False Lash Effect) or 1 ml more than Essence I <3 Extreme, both of which have regular sized tubes. 

I don't know the prices in our shops, but on official website it's €25.90.

*DIEGO DALLA PALMA Makeupstudio Matt Eyeshadow
155 Tobacco

Formula of this is quite creamy and with a great pigmentation, so you don't need to pick up a lot of the shade with a brush. It reminds me of the old Revlon single matte eyeshadows (from a really long ago), which were drier, but had a similar smooth formula. It's not as easy to apply in an even coat because it sometimes sticks to much to where you place the brush first, by that I mean a flat eyeshadow brush because with fluffy ones it works ok. It creases a bit in time without a base. 

Tobacco is a classic taupe, so a mix between a grey and brown. It's actually much more brown on my eyes that it appears in the pan.  

Price: 18.90 €

04 peach satin

In terms of pigmentation, this is averagely pigmented, though it is in general a light shade that's best suited for such pale skin tones as mine and for me it's enough with two-three coats. What I like about this one is how smooth the formula is. It really shows this is high end because it's so finely milled and even with several coats it doesn't start looking powdery on the cheeks. Shade is a very classic peachy shade and on me it luckily it doesn't end up orange like such shades often do, still for my colouring and taste I prefer something pinker, while it just might look fantastic on warm pale skins. 

The added brush is not the best for blending and just deposits the colour in one place, though it is nicely soft. 

Price: 28.90 €

80 Antique Pink

I was an immediate fan of the shade of this. Antique pink is a good name for it, it's a medium pinky-mauve shade that luckily doesn't go purple on me like similar shades do. But expect this shade will look vastly different on various skin tones because such colours just do that. Formula is very much like the old Essence lipliners, but with a better staying power. It's very soft, more than most I know and this also means you need to sharpen it a lot, for me it's after two-three applicator. Luckily this pencil is longer than all lip liners I've tried so far, so you get a lot of product. It doesn't doesn't fit into my eyeliner storage. Despite being so soft, it's still precise enough because it's also a thick formula, which also means this isn't very light on the lips. 

Size compared to a new Essence lipliner. 

Staying power is average and it doesn't survive drinking well, eating even less. 

Price: 20.50 €

*DIEGO DALLA PALMA Push Up Gloss (or The Gloss) 

I don't know the shade of this because the tube is without any description. There are two glosses in the same packaging, one is Push Up and the other The Gloss. Based on pictures online, I think mine is Push Up Gloss in 52 Mauve, but I can't be certain. Both formulas claim to be plumping. Formula is an average gloss, it really doesn't stand out in terms of formula, but that's true for most glosses and you get plenty of shine with this one, as well as a nice comfortable feel. At first I thought this is a liquid lipstick, either matte or glossy because it looks opaque in the tube, but I was surprised to see it's a sheer gloss. Colour is a translucent rose, cute, but nothing special. Staying power doesn't stand out either, but it is one of those glosses that doesn't just disappear from the lips in a half an hour, though the strong shine is gone soon.

Ličila Diego Dalla Palma so na voljo v Müllerjih Supernova Rudnik, BTC and Aleja Šiška. 
For international readers: this brand is sold on Feel Unique and their official website. 

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