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nedelja, julij 19, 2020

*BRONX COLORS Masterclass Pro Foundation
Creamy Natural

Texture and coverage: I only have a sample of this, but it was enough to fall in love with this formula. This is precisely the type of foundation I love most, so one that looks very natural on the skin with a light-medium coverage, though maybe much closer to medium. It covers well enough on my skin, which doesn't have that much imperfections. Where I have redness on my nose on the picture and under the eyes, I added two layers. It's a liquid foundation that feels very lightweight on the skin. 
Finish: This is hard to tell for me precisely, I can only definitely say that it just melts into the skin and looks very natural, almost like there's no makeup on - only place where it was obvious, was on the nose where the most prominent imperfection was and the skin isn't smooth. In terms of actually finish, I know I said in the IG story that it's a dewy foundation for dry skin, but I've since also worn it with a matte base under it and it wasn't as dewy as the first time. It's not matte, but it's also not greasy or overly shiny. It reminds me a lot of Bourjois Healthy Mix formula, which is one of my favourites.

Staying power: It wears nicely and doesn't go patchy with time, though I've only tried it with powder on top since I was testing several products at the time.

Shade: I got to try the 4th shade in a row called MPF04 Creamy Natural, while there are 15 shades available. It doesn't look like a good match for me swatched in a thick coat, but on the skin it never looked off, it just sort of adapted. It is lighter than Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 51, so it's still somewhere around NW15 and not very dark, but it's not as light as Essence's #insta foundation in 10. Undertone is pinky-peachy. 

Scent: It's strongly scented with a fragrance that reminds me of Bailey's liquor, so a creamy-chocolately-coffee scent.

Packaging: Looks like this. This comes in a black squeeze tube.

Price and availability: On official website it's €12.95. In Slovenia it's sold only in Ljubljana (Hipermarker Merkator Šiška) and Maribor (Beauty World and E.Leclerc). I sincerely hope this brand comes to DM or Müller so I can see the shades of this foundation in person, but Beauty World has an online shop too. The original Swiss site, where all the shades are available, for some reason doesn't ship here. It's possible because we have this brand in those few shops, but we only have a limited selection of products and shades, so why not let us Slovenes have the chance to buy the entire range at least online is just not very logical to me, but maybe things will change. If they start shipping here too or Beauty World expands their selection (though they have 03, which might be fine) or we get this brand in my local drugstore with pale shades, this foundation will be mine. 

I just love how this foundation looks on the skin and it's on my wishlist. I really don't want to say what skin this is best suited for because I have no idea, but it works on my normal-dry skin. Bronx describes it as a water-resistant formula with medium to high coverage and a slight powdery effect. 

*BRONX COLORS Boosting Hydrating Concealer

Texture and coverage: This is another formula I'm a big fan off. It's similar to the foundation, but more creamy, so again very natural looking on the skin. It blends with ease and has a medium coverage, which for some might not be enough, but I don't like heavy formulas, especially under the eyes. It reminds me a lot of Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer. Just like that one I can wear this as a foundation, which I started doing because I really love how natural this looks on the skin, yet it covers up what needs to be covered. Finish is just like at foundation very dependent on the base under it. With a matte base it can look matte or satin from the start, but in time it gets more dewy, while with a moisturiser + sunscreen it has that hydrating shiny finish from the start that then settles to less shiny. I didn't notice it creasing even with no powder to set it.

Staying power: I've worn this with powder and without and it wears nicely both ways. It not a formula that would last all day, but long enough and it fades evenly. 

Shade: I have this is the second shade and it's swatches even darker than the foundation and also more on the orange side, yet just like the foundation it kind of blends in. I don't know what kind of magic this is, but for some reason it doesn't look obviously dark when blended out. Still I'd like to have this in the lightest shade too. This also comes in orange, violet and green, while there are 5 regular shades. 

Scent: Unlike the foundation this doesn't have a scent.

Packaging: This comes in a paint-like tube with a doe foot applicator. The tube is deceivingly small because this actual has 10 ml of product, which is considerably more than my other concealers. 

Price: 6.99 € on Beauty World and 6.50 € on the official website. 

This gets my two thumbs up. It's a concealer similar to Radiance Reveal & Maybelline the Eraser, so it doesn't cover fully, but for me it's enough and I love such formulas that look like skin. I might just order that lighter shade, though I don't know how it looks like in person. 

*BRONX COLORS Compact Powder
Soft Beige

I'm currently wearing very shiny sunscreens (the cheap ones, while I idiotically save the nice ones, so they can go bad by the next year) and this doesn't fully mattify them. I can't say how it works on oily skin, but it's less oil absorbing than Revlon Colorstay which I was testing this against. But both formulas are very finely milled, they don't look like obvious powder on the skin and don't make the foundation look obvious.  

This exist in several shades and just like the concealer mine is the second one in terms of depth. Applied with a fluffy brush all over face that tint isn't visible, but when I use it on the eyelids as a base, it's noticeably a dark colour for me. It's about two shades too dark, so possibly best suited for light-medium skin tones NC/W20-25.

Packaging consist of just the pan for the powder, so no extra mirrors or brushes, which you tend to get for such a price at other brands, but it's also a thinner packaging because of that. There is, however, 12 g in the packaging, which is more than Colorstay and Maybelline Fit me Matte + Poreless, but 2 g less than in Rimmel Stay Matte. 

Price: 11.99 €

*BRONX COLORS Strobing Palette
SP02 Rose

This contains two highlighters and a contour powder, though the latter is shimmery, so these are basically just three regular highlighters in various depths. Shimmer in these is fine, but on the pictures I saw it made my skin look textured, so there are smoother formulas with a finer shimmer at other brands. Glow is moderate to strong. It's not super metallic, but I'm still at the top layer. Regardless this gives you more than enough shine. 

The three shades are a classic champagne with white shimmer, a warm rose gold shade with pink shimmer and a medium bronzy shade. Champagne fits my skin tone best and it's actually the only truly wearable shade for my pale skin, while rose gold one is already too tinted rosy-orange, so it might fit deeper skin tones much better. I'm conflicted about the "contour" one because in some lights it looks like an ok bronzer colour on me, but then sometimes it's just too orange. In any case it's not a contour because it's shiny and it's probably best suited as a highlighter on deep skin tones or a bronzer on light warm skin tones. 

This palette exists also in version Golden. 

Just the first champagne shade. Everything on the skin is Bronx Colors from this post, only mascara is Revlon Volumazing.

Staying power is nothing to write home about and in time only sparse larger shimmer remains. 

Packaging is the same as at powder, again holding just the three highlighters. 

Price: 14.99 €

*BRONX COLORS Single Slide Eyeshadow

These are in refill versions, so without a casing with a lid and the empty palettes are sold separately. The latter exist in several sizes, I got the one for two shades, while the largest can hold 8 eyeshadows (or 4 blushes). There are 36 of these classic eyeshadows, mine is one of the brightest in selection, a violet "Milka" shade. 

These don't seem soft or particularly creamy in the pans, but pigmentation is strong and this formula blends with no problems. In this respect these are great, though at that price for a single eyeshadow I expect that. However, staying power is not as amazing. I often say that eyeshadows last well on me even without a base, but I find that this formula more often than not creases in time. I haven't tried it with an eyeshadow base yet, just powder and/or concealer. Also keep in mind it's summer, which has an effect.

Price: 4.99 €

*BRONX COLORS Single Slide Eyeshadow Baked

These Baked eyeshadows are set separately from the regular ones and all feature this gorgeous marble design. They are named after planets and I got Venus, which based on the website is the best looking on to me - there are 12 in this range. Venus is a medium-deep brown with rosy-purple tones and a subtle gold shimmer. 

Quality is the same as the one above, again nicely pigmented and it blends with no problems. Just like that one, staying power isn't as good as eyeshadows tend to be on me.

Price: 4.99 €

*BRONX COLORS Urban Line Beauty Stamp & Eyeliner

A 2-in-1 product that has a classic eyeliner tip on one side and a heart stamp on the other. This is a very average performing eyeliner in all respects. The tip is a nice shape, but it's so stiff that it just isn't all that comfortable to use, especially compared to the latest Essence 24h Ever Ink eyeliner and I can already see this one likely won't last long because there are signs it's going to dry fast, but it's too early to tell and hopefully my prediction will be wrong. It's nicely black like 99% such liners, but staying power is not excellent as even with a base, it's patchy and faded in places after 6-ish hours. For the price there are just simply better ones. 

The heart stamp is not my style, but it works. Sometimes you don’t get perfectly filled heart and if you press harder, you get a partial or full ring outside. This exist also with a star and symbol for women/Bronx logo stamp.

Price: € 11.50

*BRONX COLORS Matte Lip Tint 

Texture: As far as matte liquid lipsticks go, which you know I've tested my fair share of, this is one of the driest ones. It sets into a matte finish fast and it feels like a tight layer on (dry) lips, so while it may look pretty, it's definitely not for dry lips. Formula is most similar to Sleek Matte Matte Me and Essence's Stay 8h Matte Liquid Lipstick, so if you can't handle those, you won't like this either

Shade: Shade Naked is a light beige pinky-mauve that's very similar to Sleek's Birthday Suit. This is one of the new shades and there are 18 in total.  

Staying power: is not particularly impressive, which is not common for such a formula. Unlike a lot of other matte liquid lipsticks this doesn't survive eating or drinking all that well. 

Scent: It has no scent.

Packaging: A square tube, shorter than most and with a doe foot applicator that's slightly curved and works ok.

Price: 7.99 €

*BRONX COLORS 2-in-1 Eyebrown Pen & Smooth Brush

I don't really do anything with my eyebrows, so my review will be a rubbish one because I can't compare it with a lot of other products. I can only really do the front of my eyebrows with this because the rest is too thick. I think this formula is a bit too soft, though I wouldn't say it has a full colour payoff, still the colour quickly ends up looking too solid on the brows also because of the shape of the tip. I’d prefer a more precise one, with a waxier and harder texture, so you can draw with a greater precision, but I don't have much experience nor do I know what people generally use. It's possible the heat is causing the formula to be too creamy right now. The shape is nothing new, at least Revlon & L’Oreal have a similar one, but that’s where my research ended. The brush is more unique, I think. It’s very dense and it takes a lot of the colour away unless you use a very light hand. 

Shade Auburn is a medium reddish brown, what else can you expect from the name and it's far from my fit, but it could be ok for redheads. For natural-cool brunettes or even those with chocolate-golden tones this will be too reddish. There are 6 shades of these. 

Price: € 10.95

*BRONX COLORS Magnetic Urban Brush
Blending Brush

Bronx Colors have brushes with a magnet on the bottom, so they can be stored neatly and they sell the magnet board too if you don't have anything like it at home already (I used a mirror). 

This one is called a blending brush, but it would be much better if they named it a smudger, since it's too small and dense for any serious blending, other than smudging eyeshadow on the top and bottom lash line.  

Price: 6.99 €

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  1. Wow finally baked eye shadows! Ali na žalost nema kod mene ovaj brand:) the look you made is so nice on you

    1. Ma neznam koliko su baked jel je tekstura kao obično sjenilo. Bronx Colors online shop šalje
      u Grčkoj.