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petek, julij 31, 2020

It might be very premature to put this in favourites considering I only had a sample and in wrong colour (sort of), but it lasted a few uses and I was delighted with this formula every time. It's "my type" of foundation, one that looks very natural on the skin, pretty much invisible, which is what I want from foundation as I dislike the obvious look of makeup. I actually have plenty of such formulas, Bourjois Healthy Mix, Maybelline Fit me Matte + Poreless, Essence #insta perfect,… so it doesn't stand out that much, though the coverage is highest among such formulas, yet still in that light-medium or possibly medium category. It's very lightweight and the finish is skin-like, so neither matte nor dewy. I even like the scent which reminds me of Bailey's liquor. Sadly getting one of the lightest shades is proving to be a challenge, so I guess buying a full tube of this will have to wait. 

This is very similar to the foundation and to two of my favourite concealer formulas, Maybelline The Eraser and even more to the Bourjois Radiance Reveal. It's also very natural looking on the skin, it blends like a dream and has a light-medium coverage, which for some might not be enough, but I don't like heavy formulas, especially under the eyes. I can and have been wearing this as a foundation too because I really love how natural this looks, despite having this in a shade that is too dark for me, but it adapts. Another plus is that this is one of the largest concealers in terms of quantity compared to my other concealers with 10 ml of product.

This was already in the last monthly favourites, though at that time I've only had it for a few days. Not surprisingly it was my most worn lip product in this month. Not only is it super comfortable, similar to Ultra HD Matte formula, which I also love, but here I'm also a big fan of the shade. This is the glossy version of Revlon's liquid lipstick, but it's thick enough that it manages to hold on the lips for quite a while, as I can still feel a layer of it after hours, even after eating an drinking, so it's actually better than lip balms and the glossy finish, for my preference, luckily settles to a more cream one in time. I'm also a big fan of the Kiss Cushions, but I didn't ended up wearing them that often because I don't find my shades suit me that well, but these two formula as some of my favourites for dry lips, while their Overtime lipstick has an outstanding staying power. 

To be fair, I don't think this is the best formula I've tried, for one the staying power could be a lot better, but it's nicely soft, easy to apply all over the lips and the pencil is larger than an average lipliner (it's also a lot more expensive, which is a minus in my books). The reason it's here is because I like this colour on me. It's a medium pinky-mauve shade that finally looks like Mac's Soar lipliner does on people with a medium skin tone. If you're pale like me, then you're familiar with the struggle of trying popular shades (or dupes of those shades) that end up much darker and with different undertones on you and this shade works for pale skin tones without ending up too purple, too brown or too dark. 

GARNIER Ambre Solaire Ultra-Light Sensitive Face Fluid SPF50+
Ambre Solaire Sensitive expert+, UV-Schutz Fluid mit Hyaluronsäure, LSF 50
This is my new drugstore love. It definitely filled the void of not having such easy access to Asian sunscreens, as this is equally light and elegant on the skin as those. It has alcohol right after water, but I just don't care. This is a very liquid fluid that applies with ease on the skin even in larger amounts. There's zero white cast and not much shine when you apply it, then within minutes it's just gone on my normal-dry skin. It’s a tiny bit tacky on the skin for a while, but then in sets into a smooth, velvet primer-like finish. Despite the alcohol, my skin doesn't get tight later like it does at Etude House Sunprise fluid, which has a very similar texture. This will replace my Asian sunscreens because it's easily available everywhere here and the price isn't too bad (since it's everywhere, there are good discount options). The packaging is very thin and sleek, so perfect for carrying in pockets and it has precise nozzle that dispenses as much as you need. I should have bought this sooner, I regret now getting Lavozon one and enduring the excessive shine because this is so much nicer.

GARNIER SkinActive Hydra Bomb Night Tissue Mask
SkinActive Hydra Bomb Tuchmaske Nacht
This was my first Garnier mask. I've always assumed these suck or at least there's not as good as Asian masks, but this was a pleasant surprise. Nivea's and Balea's were such disappointments when it comes to the sheets, but this was actually one of most comfortable ones I've used. This and Schaebens Hydrogel Pink one are my new favourites from our drugstores. It's nice to see we now have some nice options and I don't have to order online. 
Sheet: Not super thin, like some Asian masks have, but it was very soft and comfortable. Fit was pretty good too. The sheet alone makes this a great "treat day" pick.
Essence: this has more than enough of liquid. I used the remains on the entire body. It's toner-meet-serum type of texture, so not as light as toner, yet not as thick as some serum. It feels great on the skin.
Scent: Nothing special or strong. Just a light chemical scent. 
Effect: just a classic moisturising effect. On my skin it got a bit tight when the serum/essence dried, but not in a sense that my skin needs extra moisture, it's just the essence forming a kind of filter. It was still on my skin when I was washing my face in the morning.

GARNIER Fructis Smoothing Macadamia Hair Food Mask
I've already used up a Banana one, which was very decent, though I much preferred it as a leave-in product because it could leave my hair moisturised for more than a day when used as a hair mask. When I read reviews about products, I try to find such where someone say that it left their hair greasy or that they love it for their 4 b/c or 3 b/c curly hair because my hair is very thick and dry, so I look for very rich textures. This is highly rated among curly girls, it's supposed to be richer than the banana one (which I got only because they didn't have this one yet. We got it here later than banana, pomegranate and papaya.) The scent is actually the same as in the banana one, so I guess it's universal among all of these, all have this tutti-frutti scent. Texture is the same as at Banana, so this isn’t a very thick mask, but it’s also far from a thin, runny formula. It’s silicone free, which I’m not a fan off, so I add them extra later, but that’s my preference. Due to being silicone free this doesn’t have much slip when I’m rinsing it off, however, it’s nourishing enough for my dry hair. It’s not quite like Cantu, especially when it comes to long term results, but my hair was softer than when I used Dove conditioner last and overall felt nice (again La Croa, which I applied in abundance did a lot too, so I’m saying that I like this drugstore combo for my very dry hair). As a leave-in it works like the Banana one and it’s nice. It moisturises dry ends well without leaving the hair with no slip and tangled like Cantu does (which is why I've been using it on damp hair after washing only and I was looking for a similar replacement that would work on dry hair). The effect lasts only a day or so when used on dry hair, then I have to do it again.

LA CROA Protect & Shine Hair Oil Spray
I have the worst luck when it comes to my hair favourites because they are being consistently discontinued. Createurs de Monoi Shine Spray is the latest such product (they just stopped making all hair stuff, but kept the moisturiser and oil, which are cool), which was already a replacement for Orofluido Sahara spray. Basically both were silicone-oils in a spray, but really good ones because they were greasier than most, so great for fixing very dry hair in a pinch, plus the silicone content made them the type of oils that detangled, added shine and left the hair silicone smooth, rather than oily. I've tried Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine spray, which is great, but it's more similar to got2b Oiliscious or #Oh My Nude Tame it Softly Dry Lightweight Oil Mist, so it's much lighter than CdM or Orofluido, making it suitable for all hair types and for me it's more of a finishing product that adds the finally touches, rather than an extra boost of nourishment. So I went to Müller and checked every spray bottle that claimed had oil, checked the ingredients list which one has silicones first followed by oils and I found this. It's very similar to CdM, it's only a bit lighter, but a very worthy replacement. It does exactly the same job - detangles, nourishes, makes the hair a lot smoother and adds shine. I also noticed when I came home that this is a Croatian brand, which is nice to see. I didn't even know they had any hair brand (excluding Biobaza, which is more of a skin care brand with a few shampoos) and their other stuff looks potentially interesting, with argan oil high one the list. Their keratin serum caught my eye too. I air dried my hair after using Fructis mask and this, and my hair is noticeable nicer to touch than usually. I'm not a fan of the scent. I think most will like it, but to me it's smells a bit dated, too musky vanilla or something. The bottle is small too with only 60 ml for the price, which I don't know how long will last for me because I used up a lot of this stuff. But hopefully this stays on the market for long because I like the fact I have such a nice product easily accessible in Müller, though given my luck  I should stock up before someone has a clever idea to discontinue this too. This will likely be too oily-feeling for thin hair or maybe not, I don't know. There are lighter similar products I've mentioned above.  


NIVEA Body Souffle Coconut & Monoi Oil
This isn't a true favourite and that's because the scent is disappointing to me, but I've been using it almost every day since I'm a fan of the texture and it's a great body moisturiser for dry skin. I bought this with high hopes of a nice, summery coconut beachy scent and this isn't it for me. I don't get much coconut, instead I get tons of vanilla and some frangipani flowers. Having said that, it's apparently just my opinion because every single review I read said this "smells like summer". It's somewhat similar to Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion which also doesn't smell like coconut to me. Texture of this is really nice - rich and excellent for dry skin. It's not overly greasy, but it's a lot more reminiscent of thin body butters than lotions. Souffle is a bad name for this because it's not feather light, but I'm glad it isn't. There are sparse golden beads inside which are oil capsules. Nivea's body moisturisers are also excellent when it comes to long-term results and unlike other brands they can tackle even my driers, roughest areas. 


SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL Dark Oil line: Oil, Lightweight Mask and Silkening Fragrant Hair Mist - One of you send me a long message with recommendations for hair product and this was among them (also L'Oreal Liss line, but I think it's being discontinued because I can't find much in online shops and a Palmer's oil, didn't learn which precisely). I went to check reviews and this oil supposedly stands out among others, in particular when it comes to smoothing the hair. Mask is also highly rated and despite the name, reviews describe is as thick which tends to be a good sign. The silkening mist sounds a lot like got2b #ohmynude taming spray, so I don't need it, but I'm still curious if it's as great as reviews say. 

L'ORÉAL PARIS Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation with SPF 50 - This is new and not in our drugstores. I wonder if we'll get this because we don't have the Maybelline Urban one with SPF 50 (giving Slovenes a foundation with a high SPF would be just insane apparently), but I remain hopeful.  

L'ORÉAL PARIS Infallible Matte Lip Crayon 102 Caramel Blonde - These are matte and this shade looks wearable, I really don't need to say more. We don't have them here yet, but they are online.

THE INKEY LIST Niacinamide Serum - My skin loves niacinamide, but I've been avoiding The Ordinary 10% one because more often than not their skin care just doesn't suits me or work at all, so I'm considering this one. It also has squalene and ferments, both my skin tend to like.

KÉRASTASE Discipline line: Maskeratine, Keratin Thermique Crème and Fluidissime Spray - I'm on a hunt for products that will give me a smooth blow-out, since my faves are consistently getting discontinued. This line has great reviews, however, I am a bit worried it'll disappoint me like the Chronologiste mask, which cost an arm and a leg. Fluidissime spray looks like the best bet. 

L'ORÉAL PARIS Elvital Dream Length No Frizz Serum - I saw this in Müller and it looks interesting. It's a heat protectant, but one with no silicones and it has some proteins. One day I'll give it a try. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but I don't know if reviewers have thin or thick hair on average.

PALMER'S Natural Fusions Ceramide Monoi Hair Food Oil - Palmer's has a lot of products with such great ingredients. This caught my eye because of ceramides which act like a cement on the hair and it's one ingredient my hair care still lacks. This is a combination of oils (canola, sunflower, coconut, macadamia, argan, shea, …) and ceramides, but it's silicone free, so it's something I'd use as a pre-wash treatment or on the ends when my hair is very dry.

LA CROA Keratin Hair Smoothing Serum and Nourishing Hair Oil - After trying the spray oil, I'd love to try some more. I've tried the Silver Conditioner and I was not impressed, but the ingredients of keratin serum look great, as it has hydrolysed keratin second on the list and argan oil not far behind. The oil too has argan oil right after the two silicones and some other extra oils, so it might be one of those thick ones my hair loves.  The mask is sadly only available in 25 ml satchels here, so one won't be enough for my long thick hair (you get 50 ml at HASK for 2.75 €) and 4 € for one use is a lot (one is 1.99 €), but I might try it nonetheless.

Have a great day!

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  1. Jaz pa še nisem prišla do testiranja Bronx Izdelkov - razen dveh senčil in šminke. Me je zdaj kar malo strah, ker sta korektor in podlaga tebi oba všeč sem prepričana, da meni ne bosta :D.

    Garnierjeva sončna krema mi izgleda kot nek dupe za La Roche-Posay fluid zdaj preimenovan v Shaka. Kot bi šli prav na to foro naredit nekaj istega, ampak bolj poceni. Sem že hotela kupit, pa sem si ravno zaradi alkohola spet premislila. Mogoče me pa premami kdaj.

    Jaz sem tudi že gledalla The Inkey Niacinamid pa tudi nekaj drugih njihovih izdelkov. Ampak se nisem še odločila za nakup. Se mi pa zdijo njihove formulacije bolj zanimive kot od TO. Mi je tudi všeč, da tukaj ni dodanega cinka. Ker je pri TO niacinamid bolj namenjen za pore kot občutljivo kožo.

    Kerastase je mene večinom razočaral. Sem ravno zadnjič porabila Resistance masko, ker sem jo res že zelo dolgo imela v omari. Njihove cene mi ne odtehtajo kvalitete kot npr. Joico. Pa tudi dražji so od Joica.

    1. Ja, tudi jaz mislim, da podlaga in korektor ne bosta ravno po tvojem okusu, ampak lahko te bosta presenetila :). Saj ti je Eraser všeč, a ne? Korektor je podoben.

      Saj je dupe :) Menda ista tekstura z malo slabšimi filtri. Meni je top :) Lahkotnost azijske sončne kreme in to v vsaki trgovini. Alkohol sploh ni dosti zaznaven, ne vem kako :)

      Ja, saj to, od TO je prav namenjen za mastno kožo in me je strah, da bi bil preveč "suh" zame. Vsi omenjajo da jim TO zmanjša maščenje in jaz tega ne rabim, bi pa glow od niacinamida.

      Resistance ti ni kul? Zakaj pa ne? Ker jo imam na wishlisti in mi je nekdo rekel na IG, da je njena najljubša maska. Nutritive je meni izjemna linija, pošteno prekaša Joico K-Pack, ampak tisto je hranilna linija in ne "repair proteinska" kot K-Pack. Samo odkar so skenslali masko (vsaj se mi zdi, ker je ni nikjer), si ne upam kupit nove verzije. Sem raje vzela Chronologiste zaradi izjemnih ocen in me res ni navdušila. Vseeno me Discipline zelo mika.

    2. Nisem vidla nekega ful efekta od Resistance maske. Pač ok, so gladki lasje in tudi precej bolj ravni, ampak ni pol toliko hranljiva kot Joico K-Pak. Meni se je že ko sem jo kupila zdela predraga za ta efekt. Sem pričakovala, da bo pa res vau efekt.

    3. Aha. Bi sicer pričakovala tak učinek "repair maske", ker te s veliko proteini pustijo lase trde in rabiš nek dodatni balzam (na meni tako deluje Joico Reconstructor). Ampak Resistantace nima ravno proteina tako visoko na seznamu, ima pa kar nekaj animokislin. To da so lasje pa precej bolj ravni pa je učinek, ki ga iščem na svojih čudno skodranih/neskodranih/mega frizzy laseh.

  2. Wow, this wonderful information. thanks for sharing ..