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sobota, julij 25, 2020

REVLON Colorstay 24h Makeup Normal/Dry Skin
110 Ivory
I already had this foundation in this shade a while back, so there's already an old review about it (which I updated with new pictures), except I had it in the previous packaging with no pump. I used to really like this formula, but that packaging was very annoying, so I'm happy they finally upgraded it. It's still one of the most popular foundations after all these years, but it's no longer my favourite and that is because my skin became drier. When my skin was combination, this was in excellent mat formula with a high level of coverage. I still maintain that this looks exactly like Sheer Glow on my skin, the only difference is that this one wears off better (I wore them side by side once and I couldn't tell the difference, apart from later on). Since neither of their light shades, Ivory and Siberia, fit me perfectly (too pink and too yellow), I mixed them together for years to get the perfect neutral shade. Now I can only wear it with something greasy under it, in fact it's perfect with Lavozon Matte Sunscreen, which is shiny and this on top creates a perfect slightly glowy finish and I don't tend to powder it on my dry skin, like I have to with other foundations. Despite being for dry/normal skin, this is the most matte formula in my collection (excluding Rimmel Lasting Matte, which I don't have any more), but some disagree with my experience, so if you want to try it for dry skin, I'm not stopping you. It's kind of a foundation you almost have to try for its cult status. Coverage is medium-high and buildable. Shade 110 Ivory is one of the lightest shades I know, especially in our drugstores, but not as light as Max Factor's Facefinity 10 Fair Porcelain, which too pale even for me. Ivory is pink toned. I've done plenty of swatch comparisons over the years.   

Click2Chic, 13.49 €

REVLON Colorstay Full Coverage Concealer
015 Light
Another product I already had, again in the same shade, but in the previous packaging, so an old review is also on the blog. However, from what I can tell based on reviews on official website, they changed the formula since - I'm not sure if mine is old or new, since this shade is not on the official website and it's also numbered differently than on Click2Chic as well as my old tube. It's another very matte formula that my skin can't handle anymore, but also this shade is too dark and yellow for me. It's one of those high coverage concealers like Catrice Liquid Coverage and similar. Formula thicker compared to some other similar formulas and this dries to a matte finish very fast, though I wouldn't say this makes it harder to blend because the formula has enough slip to it. This is a formula more suited for covering spots, while for under the eyes I prefer something lighter. Staying power is good, similar to other high coverage concealer and it doesn't crease. My shade 015 Light is darker than their lightest foundation, so this doesn’t suit me and it’s quite yellow toned, best suited probably for NC20/ Revlon Buff skin tones. 

Click2Chic, 7.94 €

REVLON Colorstay Pressed Powder
820 Light
Unlike the foundation and concealer this is a new product to me. I got two powders to try recently and this is definitely the more matte one, but actually not as drying super matte as I feared considering the other two products above. Powder is fine, it doesn't catch on any patches, it doesn't make the foundation more obvious and it doesn't even look much like powder on the skin, which pleasantly surprised me because I expected a different, more obvious formula. But maybe it's light like this precisely because the high coverage formulas above don't need much over it.  It does the job of mattifying, yet it’s very lightweight and doesn’t look flat one the skin. I can’t tell you how well it holds back oil because my skin is dry, but over a greasy sunscreen it works well. Revlon has several shades of these, though I didn't notice this having any tint on my skin. There is an extra compartment under the powder with a mirror and a sponge
Click2Chic, 11.55 €

REVLON VOLUMazing Mascara Waterproof
It’s rare I’m impressed by a mascara at first try, as even if it's great, a majority drop my lashes, so I'm mostly annoyed when I try new formulas. But this one I liked immediately and not just because it's waterproof, meaning it can hold a curl, but also the effect of this one is nicely volumising and lengthening. Formula is as at the best waterproof mascaras quite dry, so to those not used to, such formulas don’t feel smooth to apply, but only such mascaras keep the moisture away, preventing the curl of lashes from dropping. Only thing is that it could be better at is definition and fanning out the lashes, but it's already decent enough at that and at me the problem is my lashes are squashed behind the glasses, meaning they grow in very dishevelled fashion and fanning them out nicely is challenging to any formula, that includes Essence I <3 Extreme WP and L'Oreal Lash Extatic/Paradise WP (lashes on one eye are by now also impossible to curl. I need a new lash curler). I love the effect of this one because it can create big lashes for a waterproof formula (though not as much as great regular formulas can, it's a common feature of wp mascaras) and it holds a curl. It's become one of my new favourite formulas. 

Click2Chic, 8.99 €

REVLON Colorstay Look Book Palette
920 Enigma
Revlon has five versions of these. Pigmentation is great across the board with metallic shades performing best due to a creamy, soft formula. Mattes are very smooth and especially the rose-magenta one has a fantastic colour payoff for such a shade. The gold shade was the first I tried and like most such shades it very orange-coppery on me, which is a shame because it looks nice in the pan. You get enough colour on the brush with little pressure on the eyeshadows and they blend with no problems, even though the metallic eyeshadows are quite creamy-feeling (they are much smoother than similar shades in L.O.V. or Catrice palettes). The only slight complaint I have is, how narrow the pans are because I can barely fit my MAC 239 brush in them. Shades are not my thing, as even that gold looks copper on me, but if you like Anastasia Modern Renaissance-like palettes, this is in that colour theme. Version Original with neutral shades is most to my taste, while I think the reddish-brown Maverick is the most "current" one along with this one, there's also a another neutral set with a pop of violet called Insider and a bright blue and green combination called Player.

Click2Chic, 12.99 €

REVLON Colorstay Crème Eye Shadow
745 Cherry Blossom
I've read in reviews that some consider these better than Mac's Paint Pots. I haven't tried the latter, but I have tried Maybelline's Color Tattoos and this is very similar. These are hailed as excellent eyeshadow bases and on me it works like they say, but I’m a bad example because my eyelids aren’t oily and most eyeshadows last well on me. Cherry Blossom is one the lightest shades, a frosty pink shade and therefore suitable as a base for most shades. This has a mini brush in the lid, but I prefer to apply it with fingers because it needs some warmth to blend smoothly.

Click2Chic, 8.91 €

REVLON Powder Blush
020 Ravishing Rose
My first Revlon blush and honestly, I always assumed their formulas are kind of tightly pressed and don't have the best colour payoff, but I was very wrong. This shade is super pigmented, currently by far the most pigmented one in my collection and even with a fluffy brush that in general doesn't pick up much, I got so much colour that I had to wipe off most of it off before touching my cheeks. Now granted, I am very pale, so colour shows up on me fast, but this is truly a pigmentation monster, which those with deeper skin tones might be very grateful for. Colour is a cutesy warm-neutral pink, an English rose colour, which I currently enjoy much more than in the past when I was a brunette. There is gold shimmer visible in the pan, but there's no highlighter-blush effect on the cheeks and the finish is satin. 

Click2Chic, 10.85 €

REVLON Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish
925 Birthday Suit and 910 Cherry on Top
I was already a big fan of the original Ultra HD Matte formula (and the discontinued HD lipsticks) and this glossy formula is equally fantastic. This is my first Vinyl version, but I have two of the original Ultra HD formula which is named matte, but it's not really and this is like an even glossier version of that formula. I've praise the original formula lot and shade Embrace is one of my most worn lip products since I got it a while ago, but I've never truly loved both of the colours I have (the other is Devotion) and when I saw Birthday Suit it was instant love. Formula is very similar, both are fully opaque in one coat and very comfortable, like a cushion on the lips. This one is glossy at application, but in time they both have about the same shiny cream finish. Staying power of this new Vinyl version is also surprisingly great for a glossy product, but the formula is thicker than a regular gloss. These smell lovely, but slightly different that the Mattes, Revlon describes it as mangos and vanilla. Birthday Suit is light-medium pinky-mauve shade on me and it's the best Revlon shade in my books. My other shade is Chery on Top which is a warm red.   

Click2Chic, 12.25 €

REVLON Kiss Cushion Lip Tint
210 Pretty Kiss and 270 Wine Trip
This was such a pleasant surprise. I thought the cushion is going to be hard and the product is going to be sheer, but this is another very comfortable, opaque formula that’s great for dry lips. It's less thick than Vinyl lip polish and feels more like a creamy-oily texture than a creamy gloss. Both shades are fully opaque and in time they leave an even stain, but you can also apply them as a stain if you wish. The cushion applicator reminds me of Lancome's Shakers and it's surprisingly not as clumsy as I thought it will be, so there's no mess around the lips. Shades are Pretty Kiss, which is a light beige shade that on me is already kind of warm beige-brown and it has a metallic finish, which not a big fan off. The other is Wine Trip which is a deep, vampy reddish-brown shade. I'm not a massive fan of the two shades I have, so I went to check other colours and nothing appealed to me for every day wear, which is a shame. Naughty Mauve looked most decent, but it's dark. 

Click2chic, 10.89 €

REVLON Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor
380 Always Sienna
A product I'm shocked is not talked about more. This thing survives anything and I do mean that - drinking, eating, touching lips a lot - it just lasts and doesn't transfer. It doesn't feel dry to me and I think I've mentioned a couple of months back that my lips are now drier than before. This doesn't leave my lips all crusty and patchy at the end of the day, instead they still look smooth. I had Rimmel's Provocalips, which lasts outstandingly as well, but that one was already too hard to remove and this is in my opinion slightly better version of such a product especially (but both are great if you're looking for something that just lasts). It's two parts, the colour which is sticky from the start, so you need to wait for it to dry and then there's this glossy coat that seals the colour. It stays shiny for a while, but after hours it's a natural matte type of finish, almost like the lips are naturally stained. A marsala reddish brown 380 Always Sienna is not my colour, so I might pick up one more, maybe Unlimited Mulberry, just something easy to wear every day for my pale skin tone.  

Click2Chic, 11.90 € 

REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick Matte
051 Red Rules the World
Super Lustrous have been around for many decades, but this matte lipstick formula and shade is new or LE, I'm not sure. They used to have these amazing matte lipsticks which they discontinued years ago, but they were some of my first lipsticks and this sadly isn't the same. Formula is fully opaque and thicker than of at creme finish lipsticks I have. It applies smoothly, but doesn’t have the promised matte finish, instead it’s a creamy one with some shine. It’s comfortable on the lips, it feels like a regular “old school” creamy lipstick. Like the creme finish Revlon Red I find it doesn’t wear off as nicely as other Revlon formulas and can look patchy later in the day. Red Rules the World is a cool toned or cool-neutral red.

Click2Chic, 10,46 €

REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme
755 Bare it All
This one is sheer and lightweight on the lips. I have another creme finish called Revlon Red and it’s fully opaque, so there are differences between the shades, not just the lines. It feels comfortable on the lips, but it doesn’t last as long as other Revlon lip products, like Kiss Cushion or Vinyl Polishes. Shade is a very natural looking, neutral-warm nude. 

REVLON Colorsilk
70 Medium Ash Blonde
I tend to stick to L'Oreal's Excellence, but I've read some reviews that this one is an amazing formula too. Unlike L'Oreal it's ammonia free and it has added keratin in the actual colour, not just the conditioner like some formulas have. I grabbed just one because there is 120 ml colour mixture and it was enough for my roots, but for all over I'd need an extra box. I really like this one. It's not drying, it doesn't burn, the colour turned out beautiful and it blended well into my lower half of lighter hair (where I didn't colour). It's liquid, so it's easier to spread than some, yet it wasn't messy. I used it to tone yellow-orange tones after bleaching and it worked great. But it has a pitifully small conditioner - just 12 ml, which isn't even enough for my ends, let alone the whole hair. I just used a ton of Cantu and my hair felt great. I like this as much as L'Oreal, though the latter has a bonus as it comes with a great big conditioner, but this one has the advantage in that it's ammonia free.
 I got this in Leclec, but they used to have them in Müller. Maybe they still do in bigger ones. 

Revlon Colorsilk 70 just on the freshly bleached roots. I didn't colour the lenghts, but the colour from before is L'Oreal's 9.1 and Spectra demipermanent 8/10 Ice Blonde regularly refreshed with L'Oreal's purple shampoo and Subrina Colour Refresh Mask in Diamond Blonde.
Leclerc, 5-6 €

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  1. Jaz se spomnim tega Revlon korektorja kot slabše prekrivnega. Očitno so res spremenili formulo, če praviš, da je gostejši. Sicer je meni bil tudi najsvetlejši odtenek pretemen in zelo rumen celo zame.

    Colorstay je še zdaj moja najljubša podaga, čeprav na moji mešani koži ne izgleda popolnoma mat. Ali pa vsaj ne opazim, ker ga večinoma mešam z Missha BB kremo. Nisem pa še nikoli prezkusila verzije za suho kožo.

    Revlonove nove palete s senčili opažam tudi pri znanih tujih vizažistkah, tako da verjamem, da je formula dobra. Sicer me redko katera paleta več privlači, ker se v vsaki nekaj ponovi, so pa v Enigmi lepi nosljivi odtenki.

    Kiss Cushion Lip Tints so mi zelo zanimivi. Take izdelke jaz itak obožujem. Nimam pa pojma kakšne odtenke imajo, če bo kak zame :).

    Overtime Lipcolor se mi zdi enako zanimiv. Izgleda kot zelo prosojna formula - me spominja na YSL Tantourage. Jaz imam zdaj doma tudi kar nekaj Maybelline Superstay Ink in te se mi zdijo tudi zelo obstojne, ampak je formula bolj gosta. Jaz jih sicer nanašam s čopičem na bolj tanko, so pa za moje ustnice že malo suhi.

    1. Ta nova formula korektorja se mi zdi, da se hitreje posuši, ampak ne vem, če je to le zaradi moje bolj suhe kože. Odtenek se mi zdi isti kot prejšnji light, je pa številka drugačna. Je pa čisto prerumen.

      Če se prav spomnim je verzija za mastno kožo gostejša in bolj prekrivna, ampak to je bilo veliko let nazaj.

      Meni pa res niso pretirano nosljivi odtenki v Enigmi in mi je škoda, ker formula je super. Jaz imam zase rada čisto nevtralne odtenke, nič rdečkaste, kot je zdaj popularno. Sem sicer rekla naj sami izberejo najbolj primerne in verjetno je ravno ta najbolj priljubljena.

      Meni ni noben odtenek Kiss Cushions pretirano všeč, kar mi je res škoda. Ko bi vsaj bi en tak kot je Birthday Suit ali kaj podobnega. Zdaj so vsi pretemni, preživi ali prerjavi. Ampak ok, za večino, ki ima temnejši ten kot jaz je dober izbor. Formula je pa krasna.

      Overtime je bolj prosojna barva, sploh s prvim slojem, ampak se da nadgradit, če si da čakat, da se posuši. Je še bolj obstojen kot Maybelline Superstay Ink, v bistvu je skoraj ista stvar kot Rimmelovi Provocalip, ki zdrži vse, ampak je bolj sheer in odtenki so manj živi. Res me mika iz vzet Mulberry :)

  2. Hi, I would love to know what shades are on your lips in the photos in which you’re modeling the Ravishing Rose blush. Thank you :)

    1. Hi, it's Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish in 925 Birthday Suit :)