Revlon Photoready Candid Anti-Pollution Concealer

sreda, december 16, 2020


This has quickly become one of my favourite concealers and one I now use all the time. I originally got it for the ingredients, since it has a bit of niacinamide, vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), aloe, green extract and some caffeine, so even though they are in the second part of the list, they are still there, which is more than at most concealers. Before I bought this, I tried the foundation and I felt it's too dry for my skin type, so I expected this is a similar matte formula just with more coverage, so similar to L'Oreal Infallible More than Concealer, but instead it's very similar to my favourite Essence Camouflage+ Healthy Glow Concealer. The ingredients make me want to pick this one instead of my other concealers every morning because I see it as kind of a skin care item in the loosest meaning of the word, but I also really love the formula.  

Texture & coverage: coverage is medium to full. It's not as high as L'Oreal More Than Coverage or The Saem concealer, but it covers enough, so use it for spots as well and can be layered for more coverage. Finish is natural-satin, so none of that dry matte formula that a lot of heavy coverage concealers have on my normal-dry skin (aside from L'Oreal, also Collection, Catrice,…), but it's also not overly dewy-creamy that it would move around. It doesn't crease on me. In terms of blending this is one of the best I found and it melts nicely on my normal-dry skin even if I don't wear a foundation under it, which is something I look for at concealers.

Staying power: I always wear powder with this one, which obviously helps it last well on the skin, but even without it lasts at least 8 hours under my eyes and I wear glasses which usually remove any makeup in my inner corners, so this one is impressive (it actually wore longer when I checked, a few hours more when I was taking my makeup off late at night). However, it wears off completely on my nose where I have a bit more oil as well as off my chin where I have an old red blemish mark, though I couldn't tell you in hours, just that it's not 8 when I checked on the day I didn't wear powder, but wears off evenly, without starting to look cakey. Even on the sides of my nose it looks ok later in the day. 

Shade: I got the shade 005 Fair, which I believe is the lightest. It's not as light as Maybelline the Eraser 00, but it fits me well enough. It's light enough for my pale skin (my foundation matches are here), but maybe a touch too yellow where it's applied in a thicker coat, though I can wear this on its own and even if I don't apply it everywhere, there is no visible colour difference when it's nicely blended.   

Packaging: I love the packaging of this one. For one I'm a fan of the tube because it's easier to use it up fully, but also this has the best applicator out of all concealers I tried. It's shaped so it fits perfectly under the eyes, as it's a bit curved and the right size. 10 ml is also more than a lot of concealers on the market.

Price and availability: This is about 8 € in drugstores and online on Click2Chic, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic,...  Not the cheapest, but Revlon is one of those brands that has offers and discounts frequently enough. 

Though I got it for the ingredients, I honestly didn't expect much from this one because the Candid foundation doesn't fit me and Colourstay concealer (and foundation) are both so dry for me, but this truly surprised me and I consider it a drugstore gem. It's got great coverage, it melts into the skin, so it looks natural, it lasts well without going cakey, shade is nice and the packaging as well. 

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  1. Včeraj sem ga kupila, ker so imeli spet akcije na Revlon v Tušu. Danes sem ga sicer preizkusila kar samega bolj namesto tekoče podlage in se še nisem odločila kaj si mislim o njem. Sem opazila, da na mastnih predelih res kar hitreje izgine. Imam pa temnejši odtenek 015, ki je izredno rumen (malo preveč za moj okus), čeprav se dejansko še kar zabriše v mojo rumeno olivno polt. Ga moram preizkusit skupaj s podlago. :)

    1. Oh, Tuš :( Da bi jaz imela to tukaj v mestu. Meni je krasen, res me je pozitivno presenetil, sploh kako dobro ostane pod očmi, ampak moja koža tam je bolj suha. Revlonov Colorstay korektor, ki ga imam (mislim, da je light) je isto pretirano rumen, tale je pa na srečo še kar ok.