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sreda, avgust 19, 2020

CATRICE Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer
200 Anti-Red
I have the regular colour of this formula, 005, which is a bit too dark for me and it's also not my favourite concealer, at least not as nice as Essence Camouflage Healthy Glow Concealer, but this was one of rare cheap colour correctors in my local drugstore. Formula of this is thick and it's much more pigmented that I thought it's going to be. It's almost fully opaque, so I need to use the smallest amount. I bought it for my redness under the eyes and the sides of my nose. Under the eyes, even though I have redness, not purple/blue-ish hues, this doesn't work well for me. It leaves with this this unhealthy green hue when I put over a concealer. On the sides of the nose where my redness is strongest, it doesn't counteract well enough. Unless I apply thick coats of both this and the concealer, I can see redness shine though. I haven't had a spot yet, to see if it's successful at covering those. I've had this for a while now after some trying to make it work, it's not just sitting in my drawer. 
Müller, 3.79 €

I recently noticed my old tube is running out and thought I not short of concealers, I repurchased it because this formula really grew on me since I got it. Look by Kiko is (or at least was) my favourite high-coverage concealer mostly because of the shade, since I find all such formulas the same on my skin (Collection Lasting Perfection, The Saem, Catrice Liquid Camouflage,…), but this one is sold everywhere here and I actually realised I like it most from such formulas because it's not as dry matte on my skin. I've used it instead of a foundation for a while and it looks good for a medium-high coverage concealer, as it doesn't look heavy on the skin, but covers well. The shade fits me well too, but I'm one of very lucky ones because this comes in only two colours and both are light. In the latest update they added more shades to the Matte version, but not this one.
Müller, 2.99 € 

ORIFLAME The One Ultimate Gel Lacquer
Rich Goldmine, Fiery Red, Nude Sorbet and Top Coat
These are new at Oriflame and come with a promise of 11 day wear. I was impressed by their OnColour nail polishes which applied beautifully and reminded me of gel formulas, though they didn't claim they are. These The One's Gels, however, don't feel like gel to me. Formulas are not consistent, as Red is a jelly type of formula, light pink Sorbet is one of those thick pastels and Goldmine is a shimmer-frost. Red is one of my least favourite red shades I've tried. It's a like an unwritten rule that reds are always great, but this one is quite sheer and with two coats I can still see the tips on some nails. Formula of it applies smoothly and the shade is a warm toned red. Goldmine is opaque in two coats, it also applies nicely, while the shade is a yellow-gold on my skin tone. Sorbet is the annoying one because it's got a thick formula that can be opaque in one coat, provided you manage to apply it evenly, but that's very hard to do. This shade is a pastel peach on me, not a nude. Second coat at Sorbet is already very thick and can form ridges, as this formula doesn't even itself out like gels tend to do. Top Coat just annoys me and the reason for that is that it takes over an hour to dry. I haven't managed to apply these + top coat and not get a dent after quite some waiting. So I'm testing these with Seche Vite on one hand, which dried instantly like a nail polish should (I don't have time to wait for my nails to dry for an hour+) and gel on other (dented, what else), so I can see if the gel lasts longer. You can see the how it looks after 8 days below. This is after quite some manual labour, so you don't think I'm some spoiled princess that doesn't do anything all day (three potato harvests, all ended in rain might I add, pulling out some nasty acidic slimy stuff with my hands so my skin burned, cleaning, doing a deep scalp scrub which I was sure will wreck this, and some more stuff, it was a week and there's a ton of work always). Regardless, my nails are strong and a majority of nail polishes last well on me, so I can't say this will perform the same on every one and I still prefer OnColours because they just feel nicer to apply. 

Seche Vite, which also looks glossier after a week | with Oriflame's Gel top coat, which took forever to dry. 
Oriflame, 7.90 € / current catalogue 3.99 € | Top Coat 8.90 € / current catalogue 3.99 €

GARNIER Ambre Solaire Ultra-Light Sensitive Face Fluid SPF50+
Ambre Solaire Sensitive expert+, UV-Schutz Fluid mit Hyaluronsäure, LSF 50
This is my new drugstore love. It definitely filled the void of not having such easy access to Asian sunscreens, as this is equally light and elegant of the skin as those, in fact, I like this more than A'Pieu which is shiny compared to this. I still love Nivea's Mattifying SPF 50 sunscreen, but that one is much thicker and takes time to set, so it's best suited for dry skin, while this one fits a larger group of skin types. It has alcohol right after water, but I just don't care and I use toners/essence+serums under it - I know it will bother some and you have plenty of other options on the market. This is a very liquid fluid that applies with ease on the skin in the recommended amount. There's zero white cast and not much shine when you apply it, then within minutes it's just gone on my normal-dry skin and it feels like a light moisturiser on the skin. Despite the alcohol, my skin doesn't get tight later, like it does at Etude House Sunprise fluid, which has a very similar texture. This will replace my Asian sunscreens because it's easily available everywhere here and the price isn't too bad (since it's everywhere, there are good discount options). The packaging is very thin and sleek, so perfect for carrying in pockets and it has precise nozzle that dispenses as much as you need. This is my new favourite face sunscreen.
DM, 10.49 €

PRIMARK PS… Sun Protect SPF50 +
I grabbed this in Primark because it was cheap (before getting Garnier. Actually getting this made me buy Garnier). Based on my recent decent experience with budget-friendly formulas, I automatically expected this will be similarly nice (I'm thinking of Lavozon, which I've almost used up by now). It's not terrible, but I'm not a fan and unless you have dry skin like me, you'll hate it for sure. I'm not as greasy as Nivea's Anti-Age Q10, but the formulas are somewhat similar. Both are impossible to apply with a three finger method if you're one of those who actually follows the rules of applying the proposed sufficient amount of sunscreen. Formula is medium thick, but easy to spread. Finish is shiny, but also if you aren't careful at blending it in, it will leave white marks once it sets. It has a terrible strong scent that's the same as in an ancient Nivea (and some others) self tanning lotion. It's a musky coffee scent and I don't like it at all. I've almost used this up already on my body.
Primark, 3.50 €

GARNIER SkinActive Hydra Bomb Night Tissue Mask
SkinActive Hydra Bomb Tuchmaske Nacht
This was my first Garnier mask. I've always assumed these suck or at least there's not as good as Asian masks, but this was a pleasant surprise. Nivea's and Balea's Aqua were such disappointments when it comes to the sheets, but this was actually one of most comfortable ones I've used. 
Sheet: Not super thin, like some Asian masks have, but it was very soft and comfortable. Balea Tuchmaske mit Aktivkohle has a similar sheet. Fit was pretty good too. The sheet alone makes this a great "treat day" pick.
Essence: this has more than enough of liquid. I used the remains on the entire body. It's toner-meet-serum type of texture, so not as light as toner, yet not as thick as some serum. It feels really nice on the skin.
Scent: Nothing special or strong. Just a light chemical scent. 
Effect: just a classic moisturising effect. On my skin it got a bit tight when the serum/essence dried, but not in a sense that my skin needs extra moisture, it's just the essence forming a kind of filter. It was still on my skin when I was washing my face in the morning.
Repurchase: Yes. This and Schaebens Hydrogel Pink one are my new favourites from our drugstores. It's nice to see we now have some nice options and I don't have to order online.
Müller, 1.99 €

NIVEA Body Souffle Coconut & Monoi Oil
I bought this with high hopes of a nice, summery coconut beachy scent, similar to BBW's and I was disappointed. I don't get much coconut, instead I get vanilla and some frangipani flowers. It's about the somewhat similar to Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion which also doesn't smell like coconut to me. Despite not being a fan of the scent, I am I fan of the texture and I've been using daily, so after a month or two I have only a 1/3 left. This is a great moisturiser - rich and excellent for dry skin. It's not overly greasy, but it's a lot more reminiscent of thin body butters than lotions. Souffle is a bad name for this because it's not feather light, but I'm glad it isn't and actually unlike their body lotion this does sink in in about 10-15 minutes and leaves a silky finish. There are sparse golden beads inside which are oil capsules. Nivea's body moisturisers are also excellent when it comes to long-term results and unlike other brands they can tackle even my driers, roughest areas. I might get the cherry blossom version next, so I have a different scent, but this one isn't bad, it's just not what I hoped. It's worth it for the texture alone.
Leclerc, 4.99 €

BALEA Verwöhndusche 
Bella Ciao (Pink Pomelo scent)
It took an age for this scent to get here. I've already bought the Caribbean coconut one which arrived earlier together with the frangipani version. But this is my favourite from the three new LE. If you like The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit scent, you'll like this. It's a very uplifting sweet and fresh citrus scent, similar to grapefruit, so very slightly bitter too. It smells nicer from the bottle, than under the shower, but still nice enough.
DM, 0.99 €

THE BODY SHOP Shea Butter Richly Replenishing Hair Mask
I liked the look of this one because it has shea butter right after water on the ingredients list and my hair likes shea butter if I base my findings on how much Cantu suits me. It has no silicones which concerned me that it will leave my hair tangled, but by some miracle the opposite happened. This left my hair with one of the smoothest feelings I've encountered at masks. It's also nourishing enough, but not as Cantu. Formula is thick, like a body butter and it smells similar to the body butter, but even nicer with an extra more perfume-y note. So far I like this a lot, but I've only used it once. The effect, however, didn't last as long as I hoped, as after three days my hair was tangled again and on the dry side, so Cantu is better. 
The Body Shop, 16.90 €

THE BODY SHOP Spa of the World Tahitian Tiare Body Wash
I was interested in the oil from this line, primarily because of the scent that so many describe as amazing, but it's too expensive for something that could disappoint me, so I got this mini I saw at the register instead. I was right, I would not be happy with the scent, though I can see why so many like it. It's very similar to the Yves Rocher Eau de Vahines, meaning almost purely frangipani, so the scent of suntan oil, but here it's in my opinion better made because it has this depth to it that YR doesn't. This is a thick shower gel that still foams ok, but not a lot and it washes of easily.
The Body Shop, 3.90 €

GARNIER Fructis Smoothing Macadamia Hair Food Mask
I've already used up a Banana one, which was very decent, though I much preferred it as a leave-in product because it couldn’t leave my hair moisturised for more than a day when used as a hair mask. When I read reviews about products, I try to find such where someone say that it left their hair greasy or that they love it for their 4 b/c or 3 b/c curly hair because my hair is very thick and dry, so I look for very rich textures. This is highly rated among curly girls. The scent is actually the same as in the banana one, so I guess it's universal among all of these - it's an unidentifiable (tropical?) fruity scent, a "Fructis fragrance". So far I really like this both as a hair mask and as a leave-in conditioner, but I’ve used it in combination with La Croa spray I’ll mention next, which did a lot on its’ own. Texture is the same as at Banana, so this isn’t a very thick mask, but it’s also far from a thin, runny formula. It’s silicone free, which I’m not a fan off, so I add them extra later, but that’s my preference. Due to being silicone free this doesn’t have much slip when I’m rinsing it off. However, it’s nourishing enough for my dry hair. It’s not quite like Cantu, especially when it comes to long term results, but my hair was softer than when I used Dove conditioner one wash before this and overall felt nice (again La Croa, which I applied in abundance did a lot too, so I’m saying that I like this drugstore combo for my very dry hair). As a leave-in it works like the Banana one and it’s nice. It moisturises dry ends well without leaving the hair with no slip like Cantu leave-in does (which I why I've been using it on damp hair after washing only and I was looking for a similar replacement that would work on dry hair). The effect lasts only a day or so when used on dry hair, then I have to do it again.
Müller, 6.99 €

LA CROA Protect & Shine Hair Oil Spray
I have the worst luck when it comes to my hair favourites because they are being consistently discontinued. Createurs de Monoi Shine Spray is the latest such product (they just stopped making all hair stuff, but kept the moisturiser and oil, which are cool), which was already a replacement for Orofluido Sahara spray. Basically both were silicone-oils in a spray, but really good ones because they were greasier than most, so great for fixing very dry hair in a pinch, plus the silicone content made them the type of oils that detangled, added shine and left the hair silicone smooth, rather than oily. I've tried Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine spray, which is great, but it's more similar to got2b Oiliscious or #Oh My Nude Tame it Softly Dry Lightweight Oil Mist, so it's much lighter than CdM or Orofluido, making it suitable for all hair types and for me it's more of a finishing product that adds the finally touches, rather than an extra boost of nourishment. So I went to Müller and checked every spray bottle that claimed had oil, checked the ingredients list which one has silicones first followed by oils and I stumbled upon this. This is my new holy grail! I love this so much, it's almost like a miracle in a bottle for my tangled, frizzy, dry hair, so in the next weeks I just went back and got two backups because they only have 60 ml bottles and I've already used up a lot of my first. It's very similar to CdM, but I like it even more because it feels even more silicone-y. It does exactly the same job - detangles, smooth, nourishes and adds shine. This is outstanding when it comes to adding slip when my hair is so tangled, I can't run my fingers thought it. It's better than any non-spray oil I've tried. I'm not a fan of the scent. I think most will like it, but to me it's smells a bit dated, too musky vanilla or something. I'll get used to it, I'm sure. Like I said the bottle is small with only 60 ml for the price, which I don't know how long will last for me because I used up a lot of this stuff. But hopefully this stays on the market for long because I like the fact I have such a nice product easily accessible in Müller. This will likely be too oily-feeling for thin hair or maybe not, I don't know. There are lighter similar products I've mentioned above.

Müller, 8.99 €

LA CROA Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment
After Protect spray I got more La Croa. This caught my eye because it has keratin high on the list, plus argan and macadamia oil. I expected a similar product as the protect spray, so something with an silicone-oily feel that smooths and detangles, with the added benefit of keratin, but I applied this on damp hair after washing, proceeded to blow-dry and I could not run my finger through my hair, it lacked any type of slip. I had to use a ton of Protect spray that perfectly detangled and added smoothness, but this on its own, didn't give me much. If I had to pick between Balea's Collagen Power serum and this, Balea wins because it doesn't destroy the slip conditioner added. Formula is a light lotion that doesn't feel oily or heavy, so this might fit most hair types, but I can't say for sure it won't make your roots oily or weight down your lengths. This comes with a pump, which works ok, but base keeps unscrewing. This smells kind of like chocolate or pralines. I need to find a combination where I get to keep the slip the conditioner leave me, but so far I prefer to use this on dry hair because it leaves my hair less tangled.
Muller, 8.99 €

LA CROA Nourishing Hair Oil
We only have 20 ml bottles here, it makes no sense why not large ones too, but I guess it was Müller's decision. If were to use this regularly, it will run out very fast. It's not as nice as Protect spray, at least it doesn't add as much slip, so it doesn't detangle and smooth quite as much. It's also lighter than I expected, but I still like this. I need to use a large amount to get the result I want, but it helps with dryness, adds shine and gives a smoother effect. Scent is like at the oil in spray kind of a vanilla one. Packaging is dumb as far as I'm concerned, it has that plastic stopper like essential oil, so you get a drop at time and I need a lot more, so it takes a while to get out the amount I need. I just removed the stopper. 
Müller, 4.85 €

LA CROA Repair Hair Mask
Just like the oil, we don't have the full size versions, just these satchels (I don't know if they have the same line up in Croatian Müllers). I hope they add full sizes too someday because this is quite good. I use a lot of conditioner/mask at once since my hair is long and thick, about 30-50 ml depending on consistency, so I got two, but I ended up using just one even though it was really stretching it. This is the thickest hair mask formula I've tried so far, it's the same as Joico's Moisture Recovery Balm, which has a good name for it - balm. It's not easy to apply this because of this, but it can be done. I left it on for an hour and when I was washing it off my hair had a lot of slip, which I always like at a mask. It started to dry a lot less frizzy and straight than usual, but after it was almost dry, the frizz started popping up, so I fixed it by adding their oil and spray. I managed to get an almost straight, sleek blow-out after quite a while, so I was pretty happy with this and so far the effect is holding after two days. Having said that, while I think this is one great purchase for very dry, thick hair, I suspect that it might be much too heavy for thin, dry hair, but I'm just speculating. They have conditioners anyway, which are likely much lighter. I'd love to have a full size of this formula, but so far I'll have to buy satchels in my local Müller. 
Műller, 1.99 €

L'OREAL Elseve Color Vive Purple Shampoo
A Repurchase. I use this at every wash and I love it because it works so well, but I actually mix it with my favourite Extraordinary oil one because that one is richer and is like a shampoo + conditioner. This always tones my lightest blonde hair to a nice cool, silvery-ashy shade.
DM, 3.99 €

LA CROA Silver Shine Ultra Rich Conditioner Intensive Repair
This was the first thing I bought after being impressed by the spray and it didn’t impress me. The colour is a very pale lavender, so it does almost no toning, especially compared to L’Oreal’s purple shampoo. Formula is medium thick and easy to apply, plus it smells nice, still for my hair I prefer something richer, like their mask, but for most with dry hair this should be enough. I resent the sheer tint most. Ingredients are nice and as I said formula should be rich enough for most with normal-dry hair, but for toning it’s not great - it might be if mixed with some Subrina Colour Refresh mask in Diamond Blonde or combined with the L’Oreal Purple shampoo, but not on its own. 
Müller, 5.99 €

This looked thickest in the shop when I was shaking the bottles, which I assume would work best for my type of hair. It's very unique and I did not expect it to be like this, as it's actually more like a gel-oil, meaning this is super thick and most will hate it for it. It doesn't even come off the hands completely when I apply it on the hair and leaves a visible yellowish gel coat on the skin. Due to this thickness and heaviness, it's well suited for taming very unruly, thick hair, but on thin hair this might be a disaster. This has a very strong scent of laundry detergent that I'm not a fan off, but it's not that terrible and it luckily it doesn't last on the hair for long. This isn't what I wanted, so I'll get more regular oils that add even more slip, but it's good tamer that will come handy.
Leclerc, 7.99 €

L'OREAL PARIS Magic Retouch Root Concealer Spray
Light Blonde
A couple of months back I bought the medium to dark blonde version which turned out too dark for me, so now that I have roots again I picked up the lightest version. My roots are dark brown, almost black and I didn't expect this to work (which is why I got medium blonde the first time), but it's not too shabby. Of course it doesn't cover completely, but it lightens up a lot so I don't have such a stark contrast. It's kind of like I added highlights rather than lifted the whole thing, but I have to use a lot of the spray for the colour to show, which makes it less light than when I used medium that covered faster. Shade is a warm yellow, however, applied over my dark brown hair the undertone doesn't look that terrible and ends up more ashy, but I think that the lighter the hair you use this one, the more obvious the yellow-orange tone will be. This was designed for dark roots, so maybe that's why and I think I saw a regular version of this colour too, but I'm not sure. It's not amazing, it's not life changing and it's really just a temporary kind-of-fix, but better than nothing.
Leclerc, 6.90 €

FA Magic Oil Indulgingly Caring Shower Gel
A repurchase, I've gone through a few of these since I discovered this scent in the beginning of the year. It's an aquatic floral fragrance I enjoy and the formula is nicely thick.
Müller, 1-2 €

BALEA 5% Urea Dusche + Shampoo 2 in 1
Another repurchase. When it comes to shower gels I repurchase this one, Dove, Subrina and FA the most. I also use this one as shampoo, especially for the first wash and then use L'Oreal Extraordinary because it's more nourishing, but this one works for my dry hair too because it doesn't leave it dry, but I use it because of my scalp problems, where it's ok, but I did expect a more nourishing effect of urea. It's thin, but it foams ok and same goes for use on the body as a shower gel.
DM, 2.25 € 

DOVE Nourishing Secrets Restoring Ritual 48h Anti-Perspirant
With coconut and jasmine flower scent
My third one in a row. It's nothing special when it comes to scent, but it works and that's all that matters to me. By now I don't even notice the scent anymore.
DM, 3 €

EBELIN Gesichtshaarentferner
I never had one of these, but it's just an uncomfortable to use as you might expect, since it's pulling out hair on the face. It only works on very fine, small hair and peach fuzz, while it can't grab anything larger. You also have to hold at the right angle and roll from only one side otherwise it doesn't work. It does the job, but it's not a pleasant experience. 
DM, 2.99 €

BABYLOVE Feuchte Waschlappen
These come in a big pack of 80 and I use them for everything: removing makeup, swatches, on the body, hands and cleaning/wiping surfaces. Cheap as chips and nice. 
DM, I think they were about 2 €

AVON Aloha Monoi Body Mist (original packaging) - nothing beachy, coconuty or tiare like at this one. It starts with sour pineapple that mellows into a bland creamy floral. This left me disappointed.

BATH & BODY WORKS Into the Night Fine Fragrance Mist (original packaging) - La Vie est Belle & similar high end scent vibes that develops into the BBW A Thousand Wishes base. Fruity, vanillary, sweet and deep. Luckily patchouli is not even noticeable at this one and my body chemistry always emphasises this note, making scents unbearable to me. This smells a lot more expensive than it is. It's like La Vie est Belle that I can actually wear.

BATH & BODY WORKS Cherry Blossom Fine Fragrance Mist (original packaging) - nothing like L’Occitane’s or Oriflame’s, but I kind of like it. It’s the scent of some washing powder or fabric softener that someone I knew used in the 90’s or 00’s, but I don’t know which. Floral and musky with good staying power.

HADA LABO Tokyo Lotion Anti-Ageing Super Hydrator (original packaging) - This is the version we have in our DMs. Texture isn't as cushion-ey as the Japanese version I tried and is like the hyaluronic serums I've tried that are non-Asian, so it leaves a filter. I was concerned it will break me out, but thanks to a generous tester I could use day and night for over a week, I see it does not. In terms of instant results all I notice is hydration. This contains 4 types of Hyaluronic including Super Hyaluronic Acid, plus collagen and retinol. It's fragrance free. 

RILASTIL Sun System Age Repair SPF 50 (original packaging) - a medium thick sunscreen with a similar texture to Nivea Mattifying SPF 50. Not very greasy, but also not light from the start. It later sinks in completely, has a velvet finish with not shine (my skin is normal-dry). 

PURITO CENTELLA Green Level Unscented Sun SPF 50+ (original packaging) - I've already had several testers of this and I wrote that I don't find it that special thought it's ok (this was before it became inexplicably popular). I still maintain my opinion. It's not very light, but enough and in time it sinks in. Ingredients are a plus, but will it sway me from the super light Garnier? Not likely. 

ALPA H Beauty Sleep 0,5% Retinol (original packaging) - I'm holding back on using this and I only tried it a couple of times when it rained, so I wasn't outside much (I avoid AHAs in summer). It's a thick balm formula, so something I would use on its own. I got no tingling despite the high concentration of AHA's, but it's glycolic which I already know it doesn't do anything for me. I'm more interested in the Retinol part which I hope will have a nicer effect on me than TO. 

SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (original packaging) - this is lighter texture than I expected. It always thought this is a balm, but it's lighter than BBW Ultra Shea body creams and it wasn't quite enough on some parts of my skin. I know the scent is supposed to be the star, but it didn't convince me from the start. Having said that I get why people love it because it lasts like a fragrance and it develops into this lovely warm scent, plus it lingers on sheets, so my bed smelled so nice. It sort of smells like TBS’s long discontinued Almond body butter with added strong note of vanilla, at least from the beginning. It then becomes deeper, like a rich upgrade of that scent. That Balea shampoo Copacabana I had is actually not that dissimilar, but less vanillary and lacks depth (you could add that with another lotion or mist). TBS Vanilla Pumpkin is somewhat similar, but not a dupe like I heard. 

HELIOCARE Mineral Tolerance Fluid SPF 50 (original packaging) - This was not to my liking. It's tinted with luckily a neutral skin tone shade and it's sheer so if fit me, however, this is a very greasy formula (granted I did test it when it was 30°C+). It's not that nice to apply because it's very runny and greasy, so it transfers a lot from the start. It sets after a while, but it's just not that comfortable when you start sweating because it sort of reverts to that greasy state. It's not terrible with a lot of powder to set it and I like the tint. 

MISS ALICE Your Future Looks Bright Enzyme Powder (original packaging) - this made my skin sooo smooth and soft, but it smells terrible. I mixed it with my cleansing oil as suggested on the website. Sadly I didn't get the same result second time around even though there was some time between uses. 

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  1. Purito je kemična sončna krema, ni mineralna. Mene ni navdušila. Za pozimi bo verjetno super, poleti pa ni ravno za moj tip kože. Sploh ne pod makeupom.

    Garnierjeva me res mika, ampak me najbolj skrbi alkohol. Imam občutek, da mi je alkohol v LRP povzročal mozolje. Bi pa mi bila sodeč po tvojem opisu všeč. Zdaj vsaj vem, da imam opcijo v naši drogeriji, ko porabim vse azijske, če bo ta korana še vztrajala. :)

    L'Oreal retouch je impresiven. Ne morem verjeti, da tako dobro prekrije na temnih laseh. Zdaj vem kaj bom priporočala drugim.

    1. Ne vem zakaj imam v glavi informacijo, da je mineralna :/ Nekje sem zihr prebrala, ampak nisem imela sestavin, da bi preverila. Bom popravila. Pol je pa sploh brezveze popularna. Meni Garnier zmaga. Sploh se ne čuti alkohol, kar je presenetljivo, saj sem pričakovala, da mi bo na dolgi rok sušila kožo, pa mi ne.

      Mja, samo ta Retouch zdrži dosti. Do drugega dneva ga že skoraj ni več gor in česanje ga dosti odstrani. Deluje pa in a pinch, samo ga moraš dosti nanesti.