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ponedeljek, december 21, 2020

ESSENCE Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation
030 Neutral Ivory
This wasn't even on my radar until someone told me it's the best foundation they've tried. I have the previous #insta foundation that’s more like a tinted moisturiser, while Pretty Natural is almost an exact opposite. What struck me first is how thick the formula is and it doesn't have much slip, so it's one of those harder-to-blend formulas. I prefer to use a big oval brush for this one, while with fingers it's hard to spread to a large area compared to most foundations (it can be done, though). This layers terribly and with time where I layered looks very cakey. Coverage is much improved from its predecessor and it's now a medium-high coverage formula and the finish is satin, so neither matte nor too greasy/moisturising. I think my skin is too dry for this one because while it doesn’t look flaky, my skin crinkles with it like I’m very old when I smile or do other expression. It's not a lightweight foundation and I can feel it on the skin. Staying power is very good, as despite my constant touching of the face, it doesn't fade completely by the end of the day, but a lot of the times it’s not wearing that nicely and it’s not “pretty natural”. 030 is the lightest shade here and it’s similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix 51, so Essence doesn’t have a pale foundation anymore that I can get in any drugstore here like before. Before/after pictures and swatches are still highlighted on my IG until I post a review here. 
Müller, 5.49 €

*CATRICE Kaviar Gauche 2020 Pressed Pigment Palette
C01 Crystal Collection
 The non-glittery eyeshadows are like in their palettes from the regular line (I have Coral), so pigmented enough, though not exceptionally well and need some building up on the eyes (they swatch well). Texture is smooth and they blend ok. Formula is much less creamy than most of their old eyeshadows and can now be picked up with a brush, so they are quite improved. Shade range is a neutral to rosy one, but when I try to make a look from the non-shimmery shades, they tend to blend out to similar shades, since the deepest shade isn't very dark when blended. The two shimmery shades appear like dry, pressed glitter in the top layer, but below is the creamy part. Brush works with them, but you get more on the lids with fingers. They are better than the Glitterholic LE from last year which wore terribly, but these still crease in time and some of the shimmer migrates down the face. Packaging is a gorgeous glittery one, they've really outdone themselves. I'm not sure if this is still available or when they put it on the shelves, nor do I know the price.

*CATRICE Kaviar Gauche 2020 Highlighter
 C01 Glow Couture
This has the same formula as the More than Glow highlighter from the regular line. I’m not a fan of these type of textures because they are too tightly pressed creamy formulas that are very hard to pick up with a brush, but that’s just me and other reviewers praised it. I can apply it with fingers, but the texture isn’t smooth enough to be blended as seamlessly as Colourpop’s Flexiterian with a similar cream-to-powder formula. I needed a lot of building up for the glow in the pictures (on the face. It was ok for swatch on the arm which I did with a finger) and this just doesn’t compare to my Maybelline’s highlighter which gives me so much glow with one swipe of a brush. Shade is a champagne rose and shimmer isn’t quite as fine as in More than Glow. I find this makes my skin look too textured for my taste.   

*CATRICE Kaviar Gauche 2020 Multipurpose Brush
A great, soft flat kabuki brush. I use this a lot mostly for powder, but I'd use this brush for foundation as well. These short kabuki brushes are so handy for us with poor eyesight because you don't hit the mirror with them. 

*BOURJOIS Always Fabulous Long Lasting Stick Foundcelar
410 Beige Dore
I got this in a much too dark shade and I didn't plan to try it, just give it straight away to someone who is in need of a darker foundation, but then I went to read reviews on Amazon and it's very highly praised, so I gave it a quick try and then disinfect it for the next person. I really like this formula, Bourjois again didn't disappoint. It's precisely the type of formula I like and the first in a stick form that actually looks decent on the face (from those few I tried). It's a light-medium coverage foundation with two light, layered swipes and this just melts into the skin, blends seamlessly and has a healthy look to it. Finish is just natural, neither shiny nor matte, it just looks like skin - that's what Bourjois excels at. It kinds of blends over the pores too and doesn't make me look older by slipping into lines, so overall this is quite nice. It might be too low coverage for a lot of people, but I'm not a fan of completely covering the skin. Shade is quite too dark for my skin tone as I got one of the darkest in selection (yeah…), but based on these swatches 100 might work for me and it's cheap online, so maybe I'll get myself the right shade. We'll see, I like it. 

*BOURJOIS Rouge Velvet Ink 
08 Coquelic'Hot
I have this on the wishlist in a different shade which I still plan to buy someday when there's a good offer. This shade is 08 Coquelic'Hot, an orange red, the last I'd pick for myself, but I'm not complaining, since I get to try the formula and see if it's worth buying the shade I want. I have several of their Rouge Edition Velvets, which were one of the first matte liquid lipsticks I've tried and they are quite different from these (mine are by now all out of service due to age). Those are more like a feather-light mousse that needs quite some time to set to a matte finish, while these dry much quicker and have a more "true matte finish" (those look more like natural lip texture. Still matte, but more like the lips were tinted that way). Pigmentation is not the best, as the first layer is on the sheer side and it can look uneven, so I need to apply two layers for a fully opaque finish. Due to that this feels like a layer of product on the lips, like dried paint, so comparable to Maybelline's Inks or Colourpop's Ultra Mattes, but that feeling goes away in about a half an hour and then I just forget this is on my lips. Still I don't think this formula is that nice for lips that tend to get dry a lot during the day, but I can't say for sure. It doesn't last all day, but it was still on until I had my second meal when I was checking how it looks. Packaging is super pretty and it instantly caught attention on my vanity. 08 Coquelic'Hot is an orange red, so something like Mac's Lady Danger.

*BOURJOIS Rouge Fabuleux 
05 Peanut Better 
I have a full review of the shade 07 Perlimpinpink on the blog. This is nice creamy formula, Bourjois has always made some of the best quality lipsticks in the drugstore, but I will always prefer their matte version, which is one of my favourites. 05 Peanut Better is a medium brown shade. 

BALEA Milder Reinigungs Schaum
A repurchase. A gentle cleansing foam that I use as a second cleanser after oil cleansing or alone when I don't wear makeup & SPF. They've changed the packaging a bit since my last one, but only the label. I haven't opened it yet to see if the formula is now any different, but I don't think it is.  
DM, 1.99 €

SCHAEBENS Vitamin C Hydrogel Maske
I spotted a new version of my beloved Schaebens hydrogel masks. This one is with vitamin C in Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate form, but it's only in the second part of the ingredients list. Just like Cell Therapy it has niacinamide high on the list and hyaluronic acid, so its overall quite similar in terms of ingredients, only without acids. It’s the same 2-part hydrogel, so soft, yet thick. It’s slippery from the start, but holds well when it warms up. There’s plenty of essence. After some time it started to feel kind of tingly, but I’m confused why since vitamin C is so low and it’s not ascorbic acid. Results were ok, but I like Cell Therapy more. This one isn’t as brightening as that one.
Müller, 2.95 €

CEZANNE Skin Conditioner High Moist
One of my favourite skin care products that I use this every day. It's a light toner-like product that's feels hydrating and is great for layering. It contains ceramides, 3 types of hyaluronic acid, collagen, amino acids and more. Bottle has a very generous 500 ml which lasts a long time. It's fragrance free.
eBay, $22.78

THE INKEY LIST Niacinamide
I finally managed to get one of these, since it tend to be out of stock a lot of the times. It contains 10% of niacinamide, some squalane, radish root ferment filtrate and hyaluronic acid, so when it comes to ingredients I like it most among similar products. I knew this is only available in the 30 ml size, but man it the bottle small. I hope it will last for a while nonetheless. It's a light gel type of product that's easy to spread, but it forms a filter, so it can peel at times when I apply something on top, particularly when I want to do a face massage with an oil. I haven't had it for a long time, so I can't say much about the results yet. 
Feel Unique, 6.33 €

The INKEY List Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment
I got this as a gift for someone after I read some positive reviews about it. Some praise it that it truly helps the hair grow. It contains 1% caffeine powder, 1% Redensyl and 1% betaine. Packaging doesn't look practical and it's small with only 50 ml. It's metal and it doesn't have a nozzle, so I hope will won't turn out to be too troublesome to apply. Don't expect a report about this. 
Feel Unique, 13.62 €

BALEA Cremedusche White Gloss
This is hands down the best coconut scent DM ever made. Their coconut scents tend to be fresh and not sweet-creamy, so they end up kind of plastic-smelling, but this one has just the right combination of notes that complement the coconut which is most noticeable in this scent. It's warm, creamy and a tiny bit powdery due to the iris, so this is truly a fantastic scent. Too bad it's just a LE.  
DM, 0.99 €

DRESDNER ESSENZ Wärme und Festlichkeit Duche
This isn't what expected given that it has a gingerbread on the packaging, which lead me to believe this will smell like cinnamon/Christmas spices cookies, instead the strongest note is orange. I've never been a fan of orange spicy scents, they are so overdone in Christmas season where I live along with cinnamon apple. BBW does the best Christmas scents and I should really focus on those instead of feeling perpetually disappointed by the local offering. 
Müller, 3.49 €

Moroccanoil has body products too. I picked this based on the ingredients because it looked like something I could use for hair too and I was right. It's similar to Nuxe's oil, though perhaps even a bit lighter and faster absorbing, though it's been a while since I applied Nuxe on my body (I use it almost exclusively for my face). It's not terribly oily feeling and it leaves a nice sheen on the skin, plus it's of course nicely nourishing as you'd expect from any oil. This comes with a spray, so it's even easier to apply a light mist of the product on the skin, though you can just keep the regular cap on it that's what you prefer (it comes with both). I've tried it on the hair first and it's that great in-between product where it's not too heavy like for example coconut oil and it's a lot more nourishing that regular silicone oils (including their Treatment), so I'll use this a lot of days when my hair is feeling dry. It's very strongly scented with the typical Moroccanoil scent, which is difficult to describe, an oriental-ish salon scent. The scent lingers for hours, so this acts like a fragrance. It's such a splurge, but the quality is there. 
Click2Chic, 47.99 €

A repurchase. We still don't have the pot versions here, which is mildly annoying, but I can stick to buying these satchels, as small as they are. They actually have an online shop now and they ship to Europe too, I believe, it's just the shipping is a bit unreasonable (8 € to Slovenia). I've reviewed this already and featured it in one of the monthly favourites. It's one of the thickest masks I've tried, rivalled only by Joico Moisture Recovery Balm and when I say thick, I mean proper balm like and not easiest to spread on the hair, but it can be done. It's one of the richest and most nourishing treatments I've tried, as well as it leaves the hair surprisingly silky feeling, but not like some salon treatments. 
Müller, 1.99 €

LA CROA Argan Macadamia Oil Cream for Curly & Wavy Hair
I quite like this. It's a thick hair moisturiser that doesn't make the hair feel wet, so it gets all poofy when it dries, it doesn't tangle the hair like Cantu (in a pot) and it doesn't feel like a heavy coat like Subrina Professional Treatment can when I reapply it (I use that now as a pre-wash treatment in combination with coconut oil and I get good results). It's like Olaplex n.6 meaning it feels like a silicone cream moisturiser that tames the hair, but this one is even richer and great for my thick, very dry hair. I liked this the moment I tried it. Another La Croa winning product. This has argan and macadamia oil high on the ingredients list, plus some other oils and some proteins, so it's a really good-looking list. 
Müller, 6.49 €

L'OREAL Elseve Full Resist Brush Proof Cream Leave-in
I have a ton of leave-ins, so buying another is admittedly excessive, but I wanted this one because it has ceramides and arganine. I have Joico K-Pack with arganine, but due to the price I don't use it as often as I should and this is kind of a fill-in along with other products (but Joico is obviously a lot more impressive ingredients-wise overall). This is a light creamy leave-in, very standard in terms of texture and the type I'd use on damp hair after washing, but it's ok also on dry hair, but not like La Croa. L'Oreal's leave-in in orange/pink packaging has proteins so a combination of the two seems to me a good drugstore set for damaged and coloured hair. 
DM, 4.39 €

GARNIER Botanic Therapy Mask 3-in-1 Multi Usage Coco Cream and Macadamia
I only got this because it has a high feedback online, mostly from girls with thick, curly-coily hair, but just looking at the ingredients it don't find it terribly impressive, since it has fragrance high on the list and I suspect that means that coconut and macadamia oil content must be low. It’s strongly fragranced with a type of clean scent that’s kind off coconutty, but not like Luxurious Coconut stuff. Just like most at Garnier masks, they mention it can be used either as a regular mask or leave-in conditioner on both damp and dry hair. On dry hair it's ok-ish, but it leaves some residue that removes slip from the hair, so it's not easy to run fingers through the hair. As a regular mask on damp hair it’s pretty good. It’s thick and similar to that Fructis Shea one I like. It’s nourishing enough for my hair and effects last ok, but my hair are super frizzy with this one even if I dry it with a round brush. It’s nice for dry hair, but I need a ton of leave-ins for a smooth blow-out. 
DM, 4.69 €

NATURE BOX Repair Mask with Avocado Oil
I was afraid this is going to me a miss because I noticed only at home that it’s from Schwarzkopf and none of the Gliss masks I’ve tried suit me. But this one is luckily ok. I got it because it has shea butter high on the list any my hair tends to like such products. It’s similar to the Garnier one, so nicely nourishing, my hair feels sleek when I’m rinsing it off despite being silicone free, but again frizzy when I dry it. Ok for very dry hair, but I need leave-ins for the added styling factor. 
Müller, 5.99 €

TIAMO Fragrances
I already wrote about these in my November favourites, so I'll just copy the text from there. TiAmo is like Refan, a shop with fragrances that are imitations of popular scents and they pour them to you in a plain bottle of desired size. Unlike Refan TiAmo has an online shop, but it ships only to Slovenia - I'm sure such shops are common elsewhere, at least in East Europe. I got Poeme for someone as a gift that's the one is the fancier bottle, but the other four are mine, all 15 ml ones. I plan to buy more of these sometime in the future.

49 Dior Addict - This smells so expensive and it kind of reminds me of Christmas/Advent. It's a really well done vanilla, but it's not modern and that's what I like about it because I tired of the same praline or coffee-patchouli-vanilla concoctions that are the most popular fragrances right now (La Vie est Belle, Si, Good Girl, Black Opium, … - my skin just dislikes anything with patchouli so I avoid it.). It starts as a spicy vanilla, but that lasts only a few minutes and that sharpness fades away to make space for a more powdery fruity (orange) vanilla. It's warm, opulent and elegant, but also quite strong, so one spray is enough and it lasts excellently on the skin.  

97 Dior Poison Girl - This smells exactly like chocolate box pralines with fruity liquor. It's uncanny. It stays like that for a while, but then develops into a classic perfume-y vanilla base that is akin to just about any modern fruity-floral vanilla (without patchouli). I can see why it's popular, but that vanilla is for my taste rather boring and done so many times - that's just my opinion. Staying power and projection is excellent.

118 Dior Poison - my new love and I've been wearing this almost every day since I got it. I've read raves upon raves about this fragrance, but I don't recall seeing this version in my local Müller, only Hypnotic Poison (I could have missed it). It definitely has that pre-2000's vibe, so this does not have that (to me) boring vanilla base, but it granted for modern tastes smells perhaps somewhat dated. It starts sweet with notes of plum and for a while it has this almost herbal note that I'm not a big fan of, but that base is divine. It's such a gorgeous powdery + something vanilla. You just don't get that in modern fragrances anymore. Staying power is outstanding, this lasts all day on the skin and I can smell occasional clouds of this stuff for hours. It's one of the strongest and most long-lasting scents I've tried. My clothes smell of this stuff for days - it's brilliant.  

501 Lancome La Nuit Tresor Nude - I got this for the coconut notes mentioned in reviews. It's the most neutral and lightest scent of the ones I got, so one for every occasion. Beginning is nicely fruity-creamy with noticeable notes of coconut, though not in a traditional tropical way. It's weakest of the scents I got and it lasts maybe 4-5 hours on the skin. Silage is moderate. I like it, at lot actually, though it could be stronger, but if spray it several times it lasts ok. 
5.50 € for 15 ml. 

BATH AND BODY WORKS Fine Fragrance Mist
Sweater Weather
I was not a fan of this scent the first time I tried it, as It smelled so weirdly musty to me, like a walk in cold, foggy autumn weather, which I just hate, but I tried it again already in summer I completely changed my mind about it. I wasn't sure whether it was the hot weather that helps it smell nicer or my chemistry changed, but now I can't get enough of it even in these cold month. It's such a brilliant apple scent that's fresh, clean, yet warm. It's not as sweet as BBW's Champagne Candle Apple and it's more unisex, kind of an "atmosphere scent", by that I mean it doesn't smell like a perfume, it smells like autumn and winter to me - apples, leaves and something musky. That odd musty note that bothered me in the past is completely gone now. Just a really nice scent and it lasts quite ok for such a mist with no vanilla-amber base, at least on clothes I can smell it for days, but on the skin it's expectedly not super long-lasting. 
eBay, 15 €

BATH AND BODY WORKS Fine Fragrance Mist
Sunset Glow
This is a difficult scent to describe, but I feel it's one of those crowd pleasers most will like. At first I smell gentle note of cherry and a tiny bit of coconut, but it's a well-blended scent where nothing stands out. It's in the same groups as Twilight Woods and Cashmere Glow, meaning it's not sweet or fruity, it's just a warm, cosy scent, but this one leans to a powdery fragrance, like you'd mix the warm, smooth woody-amber base of Twilight Woods and Cashmere Glow with Almond Flower that smells like a fancy baby powder. I like this one a lot, though  it's not quite as special as Twilight Woods. 
eBay, 15 €

Top notes: pomelo, wild strawberry and violet leaf; 
Heart: magnolia, gardenia, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley; 
Base: vanilla, sandalwood and musk.
This is so much like Marc Jacob's Daisy. They are so alike with a strong floral presence and faint creamy base and no sweetness. I've only tried a few of Christina's fragrances, but this feels quite a departure from her regular scents. It's much fresher, lighter and very much a spring fragrance for me. I prefer her Definition fragrance, which is such a well done powdery scent. This isn't particularly strong at least not for long and it stays close to the skin, but it's more longlasting than Naomi's fragrance. 

Top notes: raspberry and black currant
Heart: jasmine and rose 
Base notes: vanilla and musk
Mine is missing a cap since it's meant to be a shop tester, but it's very similar to the Eau so Beautiful one. This one is a slightly sweeter and a touch sharper scent, which reminds me of lilies-of-the-valley, even though it's not listed in the notes. It's a basic fruity floral, kind of like a shampoo with a floral scent, so clean, fresh and compared to Beautiful one more fruity. It's most similar to Lovestruck by Vera Wang, but it's not the same. 

BALEA Handgel Sense of Magic
This smells like homemade fruit schnapps straight from the tube, but luckily the strong alcohol scent dissipates and only a "basic Balea berry" scent remains (they had it in every berry shower gel/lotions/candles so far). It's a bubble-gum forest berry sweet scent that's perfectly nice, but once you try Bath & Body Works scent, these fall short. I actually wanted this because of the packaging despite complaining about the excessiveness at previous versions, but now it's mighty handy to have an anti-bacterial gel hanging on the outside of the bag, though I still mostly use 48 anti-bacterial spray because it's best for disinfecting surfaces.
DM, 2.49 €

YANKEE CANDLE Votive Candles
Vanilla Cupcake and Black Cherry
I've just used up my only Yankee Candle, Soft Blanket and I've been on a search for a candle that fills much of the house with the fragrance, since I recently got one of the Christmas Air Wick ones that was thoroughly disappointing when lit. After discussing with who I consider a resident candle expert, Sandra, who's tried considerably more than me, I found Black Cherry in my local Müller and I also took Vanilla Cupcake based on online reviews. I only took small ones for now, so I can test if I like the scent. She also recommended Autumn Pearl, All is Bright and Cherry Blossom, but I'll have to get those online. I haven't lit them yet, but I'm hoping to be impressed. Soft Blanket is my favourite scent and it's also quite strong, but only for one room. 
Müller, 2.49 €

L'OREAL Excellence Crème Triple Care Color
8.1 Light Ash Blonde
My standard colour for toning, I've talked so much about it and used up many boxes. It's not strong enough on its own to get my dark brown hair to anything more than orange (when used with a 12% developer instead of the added one), so still 3-4 shades too dark, but I use it after bleaching with a 3% developer to remove strong golden-brassy tones. 
DM, 6.79 €

GARNIER Color Naturals Crème Nourishing Permanent Hair Color
9.1 Natural Extra Light Ash Blonde & 7.1 Natural Ash Blonde
Two extras also for toning, my just in case colours, especially 7.1 which fixes orange roots. They are much cheaper than L'Oreal and still really good, just small (100 ml vs. 120 ml at L'Oreal) and with only a pitifully small conditioner satchels.  
DM & Interspar, 3.79 €

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