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četrtek, september 23, 2021

REVLON Colorstay Satin Ink
001 Your Go-to, 005 Silky Sienna, 007 Partner in Crime, 009 Speak Up, 010 Your Majesty, 012 Seal the Deal in 019 My Own Boss
These are new at Revlon. 21 shades exist, but we got 7 here, mostly natural shades and two bright ones. Formula changes during wear time - it starts glossy, then slowly set to a satin finish that's not dry, but also doesn't transfer (though there can be some small traces), but it's generally mask-proof especially after it fully sets. You can also speed up dry time to satin by just applying one layer on one of the lips and press them together, so you have a lighter layer of product, which is still fully opaque because these have a strong pigmentation, though the darker two 019 My Own Boss and 012 Seal the Deal are a bit sheerer than the rest. These also change colour as the dry, especially 009 Speak up goes from a light-ish mauve-nude to a medium mauve. The only two that don't really change are magenta 012 Seal the Deal and red 019 My Own Boss. Once these are on, they are on, that means they don't budge - they don't smudge, bleed, crack or peel and at the end of the day when I take off my makeup, which for me is about 12 h after application they still look great. They last through drinking, eating messy fruit like soft peaches and other things, though I haven't eaten anything super greasy, which will likely start to break them up. This also means that you need an oily remover at the end of the day to get all off. But I'm not surprised to see such great staying power at Revlon, since Overtime liquid lipsticks last just as well as these. Though they are glossy at the start and then dry-to-the-touch, they never felt drying or tight to me, so they are more comfortable than matte liquid lipstick and you still get that same super staying power. My pick is 007 Partner in Crime which I wear when I want something that lasts through everything and I don't have to check on it during the day because I know at the end it'll be there.  
Click2Chic and drugstores, 12,19 €

*ORIFLAME The One Irresistible Touch High Shine Lipstick 
Luscious Taupe and Magnetic Red
New lipsticks at Oriflame and when I saw the name, I was almost certain I won't like them, but these turned out to be so good. They are most similar to Revlon Kiss Cushions, except here I can get a gorgeous every day shade. These have a soft, plush applicator and the formula is so amazingly comfortable, as it's pleasantly creamy on  the lips and feels like an good lip balm. Pigmentation is good, but you need to have a saturated applicator for fully opacity, otherwise you get more of a stain look, which is great too. The very first thing I noticed at this is a lovely sweet cocoa scent, but it's only present at application. These leave a stain on the lips, especially the red shade, so they have a longer staying power than a lot of lipstick/gloss hybrids. I love these, but one things that worries me is how much it's in these pen/twist up packaging, since in my experience there isn't much similar products. Luscious Taupe is wrongly named, since it's not a brownish-grey shade, but a lovely natural pinky-mauve that is in the same colour group as Revlon's Birthday Suit. Magnetic Red is a neutral-cool red.
Oriflame, 13,90 € | currently 9,99 €

ANNY Nail Polish 
300 Make up
I mentioned this in the wishlist part of my monthly favourites, updates & wishlist post. Anny has testers on the stands, so I had the chance to try the shades before buying and this was the closest match to my skin tone. I'm very pleased with this nail polish - everything, the colour, how it applies and how much it survives. It was worth the higher price. Colour is a nude powdery pink, very close to my skin tone in depth, just in a more pink version of it. Application is super smooth and easy, it needs two coats for an opaque look. It survives washing a large amount of dishes intact, but I've said a million times that my nail are naturally strong, so that might not just be the nail polish formula that's so resilient alone. Anny has a big selection of shades, so I might get a shade more.
Müller, 10,49 €

23 Nice Cream
*I realized this is discontinued now* I was on a hunt for new nude nail polish (I got this before Anny) and I had something quite light on the nails when I was shopping, so I grabbed this one, thinking it's going to be a good match, but it's too light for my liking. First application was a nightmare, formula appeared too thick and I needed three coats for a an even look. Second application was better, more smooth, though the formula is still quite thick. Compared to taupe shade 112 I reviewed in last New in, this one doesn't feel like a smooth gel formula, but closer to old school pastels.  It lasts like all nail polishes, so over a week on me. Shade is similar to Essie Fiji, the latter is a bit lighter and less pink, but on a darker skin tone than mine they likely look the same. 
Müller, 2,89 €

BALEA Hydrogel Augen Pads
Balea's latest (probably LE?) hydrogel eye patches. These have caffeine right after water and glycerine on the ingredient list, plus hyaluronic acid, cactus water and Irish moss powder. I haven't tried them yet, but all of these hydrogel patches work about the same - cooling & refreshing on tired eyes with the added benefit of hydration. High content of caffeine might help with the puffiness if you're troubled with that (I'm not) and hyaluronic + cactus water hydrate.   
DM, 0,99 €

COSRX Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence
A regular repurchase. I've been using this for a few years every day and I credit it as the product that helped fix the texture of my skin. Before I was unhappy with almost all foundations or other base makeup, but after this most look good. It's a light toner-serum product with 95% ferments (galactomyces) and rest are niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, allantoin, adenosine and a handful of fillers. 
Notino, 22,50 €

Another repurchase. My previous bottle ran out so unexpectedly, since there's not much indication how much it's inside and I went to pick a new one in DM the very next day because I don't want to be without this for long. I had a mini break from this just for some health related reason and my skin didn't look as good then as when I was using this regularly. Propolis products tend to make my skin look more healthy with a nice glow. This is a light serum that absorbs quickly and is easy to layer over.
DM, 18,99 €

Something new from Afrodita Professional line, which is sold online and is used & sold in beauty salons, so these are Afrodita's high end products. Multiactive Beauty Filler Shots have a high concentration of active ingredients and promise fast results. They are suitable for all skin types and ages, and they can be used with device based treatments. 

*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Multiactive Hyaluron & B5 Boost Shot
An intense hydrating concentrate for dehydrated, tired skin, though every type of skin will benefit from this one. It contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (20-50 kDA), which is capable of getting deeper into the skin. This also has panthenol for calming & repairing the skin, urea, glycine (amino acid), niacinamide,... Texture is like a light serum and is quickly absorbed into the skin, but leaves a slight layer on the skin. 

*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Multiactive C10 Vitamin Super Shot
A vitamin C concentrate with 10% Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate. It promises to even out skin, brighten, reduce pigmentation (age spots) and pairs well with SPF creams to increase protection. Texture is a light milky serum-lotion and leaves a slight oily layer on the skin, but on my cheeks it's absorbed fast. From the three I started using this first, but it hasn't been that long, so I can't report about the result yet, only that my skin is currently in nice condition. I prefer vitamin C products with Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate because in my experience I've had good results with it, while I've had more rare success with ascorbic acid. Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate is more stable, but needs more time to work. Afrodita also launched a vitamin C serum with the same version of the vitamin, but with a smaller concentration. That serum will be/is sold in drugstores and supermarkets, and will also be much cheaper. By the way, the vitamin C used in these products originates from Japan.
Afrodita web shop, 59,90 €

*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Multiactive Instant Oxygen Power Shot
A power shot with pure oxygen that boosts collagen production, energy and improves texture of the skin. This is something so new to me that I don't recognize a lot of ingredients, but it contains (a complex?) Fiflow BB61 that acts as a dermal filler, gas carrier (gets oxygen to the cell) and an anti-aging agent. One of the ingredients is perfluorodecalin, which is used in wound healing products because application of oxygen can “activate the inflammatory cells of the immune system that help healing.” (Reference: ScienceDaily.) It also has the same peptide carnosine as is in their Protective Serum SPF 30. Formula is the most liquid of the three, it's almost like toner, but like the Hyaluron it leaves a slight layer on the skin. There are a lot of tiny bubbles in the formula, but on the skin it doesn't feel any different than a regular serum.  

Afrodita sent me most of the Young & Pure line meant for unclear skin, but I see it as a nice set of products for most skin types. I already have this mask, it was actually the first product from this line I tried and I've raved about it. It's described as a cleansing gel, scrub and mask in one, but I mostly use it as a mask. It has no scrubby bits worth mentioning and as a cleansing gel it's best for second wash or when the skin is bare. As a mask I leave it on for a while, usually an hour and since it's clear I can go about my business without looking like a green/white/random clay colour weirdo (that's why also boys/men with unclear skin might be more ready to use it). I have very few breakouts, but those couple of times I did since I got this, this helped heal them faster. 

*AFRODITA Young & Pure Black & White Cleansing Mask
Another cleansing mask, but again not a typical clay one (their Why Mask SOS Calming, which I used to buy is their clay mask that also has zinc oxide and niacinamide - another good buy for blemishes). This one contain charcoal, which is popular now in products for unclear skin. It's called a black and white mask because after you start massaging it in on dry skin, the charcoal granules activate and it turns from white to black. I haven't tried it yet.

*AFRODITA Young & Pure Refreshing Toner
A simple toner with niacinamide 2nd on the list, witch hazel and no alcohol, which is even nowadays not that common in those for unclear skin. It's hydrating and light, absorbs almost instantly on my skin. I can't say I've noticed anything special after using this, but from the stuff in our drugstores, this is one of the best offerings, whether you're on a budget or not.

*AFRODITA Young & Pure Moisturising Gel
Another product with lots of niacinamide. It has a thick gel type of consistency, yet it's very light and on my skin sinks in fast. I was concerned it might peel when I apply SPF on top, but skin care can be layered over it with no problems. A nice moisturiser for oily-combination skin.  

*AFRODITA Young & Pure Spot Drying Gel
A spot gel that has no alcohol, so true rarity, instead it focuses again on the power of niacinamide and witch hazel. I haven't had spots, so I couldn't test this yet. 

L'OREAL Elvital Öl Magique Kur-in-shampoo a.k.a. Extraordinary Oil More than Shampoo
Three versions of this exists, aside from Extraordinary Oil also Dream Length (or Dream Long) and Color Protect (or Color Vive/Color Glanz, L'Oreal has different names on various markets). I picked this one for dry hair. These formulas are essentially L'Oreal trying to pass the 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner concept as something new, though I will say that it does indeed feel like something new, as such formulas tend to be very much like regular shampoos, so liquid, while this feels more like their cleansing conditioner, except it has SLS as the first ingredient. Texture is as thick as a conditioner, it also feels like that at application despite the soap, so it's not easy to get it all over the hair like regular shampoos and I use up a lot at once on my long hair. It doesn't foam on the first wash and barely on the second, so I find it doesn't clean the scalp as well as a traditional shampoo, but my hair is clean. It leaves my hair less silky when I'm rinsing it off compared to my favourite Extraordinary Oil classic shampoo or even Aveo Totes Meer one, but it's a similar effect to other shampoos for dry hair. I prefer the classic Extraordinary shampoo which actually feels "more than a shampoo", like a conditioner was added to the formula, but I'll use this up regardless. 
Müller, 5.99 €

L'OREAL Elseve Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo
My regular repurchase and I always have one in stock, but when I opened my last bottle, it didn't feel the same and it didn't leave me with as much silky feeling. I went to check ingredients and compared it with my old one, and it's the same, plus both say New formula, so maybe I just didn't notice the last one was different too, since always mixed it with L'Oreal's purple shampoo. Or my hair got drier and I need something even richer, I don't know.
DM, 3.29 €

PANTENE Pro-V Miracles Intense Hair Rescue Hair Mask
I already raved about this in my August favourites. It's one of the best drugstore hair masks I've tried, on the same level as Cantu conditioner. I loved it so much that I went get a backup after using this twice and I got two because these pots are quite small for my amount of hair. It leaves my hair feeling silky, detangled and it's nourishing enough for my very dry hair. It also works quickly, since I've also used it just for a minute after a conditioner that left my hair not as silky as I want. In combination with Moroccanoil All in One leave-in, my ends don't dry out for several days, which is an achievement for a drugstore formula. Though I feel a bit cheated they have only have these in 160 ml pots, as their Repair mask has 300 ml. 
Müller, 3.39 € 

A repurchase. This is a life saviour when a random lame conditioner I'm trying to use up messes my hair. They tend to leave it so tangled it's snapping when I'm combing through it and drying, but an generous amount of this adds that necessary slip. It also gives shine, nourishes and tames. It's just an excellent product for dry hair.
Müller, 7.19 € 

LAB SYSTEM Enzym Care Scrub
An enzyme scrub for the scalp from a new Müller brand. It's meant for scalps that get oily, but it's not often you see such a product, so I gave it a try. Before this I've only had scrubs with particles, either salt/sugar or something else. This didn't work as effectively as I hoped. It worked similarly to a basic cleansing shampoo, but it didn't have a lasting effect and I didn't get any expected tingling, which led to believe it's too weak to have a good enzyme peeling effect (though I in general rarely feel enzymes, acids or similar peelings). But the main issue is that this is a rich lotion type of texture, not a liquid, which means it's hard to apply on the scalp despite the nozzle and you use up a lot at once, I think for me it was 1/4 or 1/3 of bottle for one use. Maybe it will work on someone who finds acids/enzymes more effective on their skin.
Müller, 5-7 €

PANTENE Pro-V Miracles Silky & Glowing Purple Shampoo
I wanted to explore more of the Miracle line and I saw Pantene has their first purple shampoo. I was expecting a lot considering I love the mask, but this is merely ok. It's not as rich as the shampoo from the Repair line and the tint is paler than L'Oreal's, so it's not really strong enough for me, or at least for the not fully lightened part of my hair. It foams enough, doesn't feel drying, but it's not nourishing, formula is actually similar to L'Oreal's except more gel like when you squeezed it out. I'm sticking to L'Oreal. 
Müller, 4.75 €

PANTENE Pro-V Miracles 7 in 1 Weightless Oil Mist
This was the second Miracles product and I expected more. For one, it's not an oil, it's a basic leave-in conditioner, so it's not like a silicone-oil such as La Croa Protect spray as I expected based on the name (though the ingredients list should have clued me in). It's a very light leave-in that on my hair feels like nothing and does nothing. I was hoping the silicones might help smooth my hair, but this is too light, made for thin hair that is weighed down fast. It's a nice light heat protectant though.
Müller, 4.99 €

L'OREAL Elseve Color Vive Shampoo
I've been buying Extraordinary version for many years, but tried almost no other version of L'Oreal shampoos. This was the only mini in Müller, I guess is the most popular one. The scent of this reminds me of the 90's or 00's shampoo and suspect this is an old or original formula - I like it, it's a classic. This produces a very rich foam and like most shampoos it cleans well - what else - and it doesn't leave a residue behind. It's not like Extraordinary (was), so especially suited for dry hair and it doesn't leave the hair as silky, it's just a regular non-drying shampoo. It's ok, but I won't buy full size.
Müller, 1.49 €

A repurchase. The whole Joico brand has a new look now. This in combination with K-Pak Reconstructor does miracles right after my hair was coloured, restoring it to its more normal state. But this alone is an amazing product, it makes my hair feel great, it's full of proteins and aminoacids, so great for damaged hair. 
Notino, 18,50 € 

KÉRASTASE Resistance Masque Extentioniste 
Amazing mask, though I expected this given my experience with Kérastase and the exorbitant prices. My hair is so dry and never really soft due to its thick texture, but this makes it feel so silky, softer and just genuinely incredible. I was a tiny bit worried it might not be enough, due to one review that said for dry hair Magistral is better, however, it's definitely nourishing enough and I didn't even have to use a lot. My hair feels like new with this, though I'm not impressed with its ability to control frizz, but that's work for leave-ins and styling at every mask when it comes to my hair. This contains maleic acid, creatine (both care for hair bonds) and ceramides. 
Notino, 30,50 €

KÉRASTASE Nutritive Masque Magistral
My favourite mask so far was Kerastase Masqueintense Thick, which I repurchased a few times, but this is the new version of Nutritive masks made for severely dried-out  hair and it's been on my list to try for a long time. It's another amazing mask, Kerastase masks transform my thick, dry hair into something more light, airy and silky to the touch, but I don't find Magistral is any better than Masqueintense Thick or even Resistance. To me they feel they all feel same, which isn't a bad thing, though I expected Magistral to be a bit richer. Like Resistance I'm not impressed by its ability of frizz control, but my hair is admittedly a tough challenge. 
Notino, 32,50 € 

KÉRASTASE Resistance Serum Thérapiste 
A repairing hair serum for weak, over-processed and damaged hair that is at the same time also a heat protectant. It's in two parts and when you squeeze the pump, you get the same amount of a clear serum and some milky serum-lotion. This is somewhat similar in texture to Olaplex n.6 or Tigi After Party/Blow-Out Cream, or at least something like if you mixed those two with a silicone serum, so it's also a styling product that tames frizz, makes the hair look more polished and shiny. On damp hair after washing, I was hoping for more frizz control, but it can't cut it on my hair, so I prefer to use this on dry hair as a taming product. My hair is less brittle in the first days after washing, then like always it gets too dry and it's breaking again. It's a light, "dry" type of a product, so suitable for all hair types. This contains ceramides, aminoacids (Glycine, Arginine, Proline, Tyrosine, Glutamic Acid, Serine) and Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, so it's got a lot of good stuff. It's not revolutionary, as Olaplex n.6 and a few other protein leave-in do the same job, but I like the texture of it.
 Notino, 29 €

KÉRASTASE Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum
An overnight beauty sleep nourishing hair serum for dry hair that Kerastase promises works overnight in 8H. This is incredibly expensive (full price is even more expensive than for what I got it) and reviews are so positive, so I expected a miracle product. But I'm just not sure. Either my hair is too much of a challenge or I just haven't found the best way to use it, but on my hair a few days after washing when my hair is very dry, this just isn't quite enough. It was the main reason I got this, for those days, but I prefer Lazartique Nourishing Dry Oil for such situations. Texture is a light lotion, I was expecting a more silicone-y consistency that would work better with my tangle-prone hair. Kerastase says to apply one pump and it is easy to spread even on dry hair, but I need several pumps for my hair. So far I like this best as a leave-in conditioner after washing my hair. In such a case it makes it feel like I used a Kerastase mask even if I used a cheaper mask/conditioner. 
Notino, 37,90 €

MOROCCANOIL Color Depositing Mask
I've had my eye on this for a while. I love Subrina Colour Refresh and they are my favourite way to temporary colour my hair, but their violet shade is more on the pink side, while I really wanted a proper lavender shade. This is just a mini 30 ml, but they have tubes with 200 ml. I haven't tried it yet because I have huge roots and I want to use this once my colour is more even and pretty. I hope this is as pigmented as Subrina, so I can use only a small amount mixed with a conditioner for a nice pastel. Ingredients of this are great like all Moroccanoil stuff, I'm a big fan of the brand and have several products 
Click2Chic, 7 €

L'OREAL Excellence Crème Triple Care Colour
8.11 Ultra Ash Light Blonde
I got one of the new cool Excellence shades. I usually get 8.1, but though this one looks almost scary grey, it might be more effective (I mean more long-lasting) on my hair that I can't really lighten to a pale yellow in one go. I love Revlon's Colorsilk 70, but I couldn't get it this time (wasn't in stock). Unlike the regular Excellence Crème this one contains a purple shampoo and mask, which base on my experience with their Purple line, I'm sure it's great. I'm kinda bummed they don't have 9.11 because I love the shade 9.1, but it's a bit too light for covering my golden yellow (there's a 9.12 in Preference line, which is sooo expensive and I don't like the formula). I haven't used it yet because I'm giving my hair a longer break from colouring and am sporting massive roots, but I'll report back when I do.
Spar, full price is 7 €. I only buy these with a discount.

*ORIFLAME .SE Swedish Experience Wild Hearts
Eau de parfum
Fragrance family: floral-watery citrus aromatic
Top notes: Green marine accord, wild rosemary, grapefruit
Heart: Water jasmine, sweet cicely, lily-of-the-valley
Base: Tonka bean, musk, patchouli

There are two scents in this collection, the other one, Blazing Warm, is a floral (golden button flowers), citrusy-woody scent. Wild Hearts smells like a unisex fragrance to me from the start. It's aquatic, herbal, fresh and clean. I get strong herbs from the start (rosemary and cicely), which then fade and it becomes a more feminine fragrance. It's still a clean and fresh scent, but softer, more musky and floral. It's a typical non-sweet, summer fragrance to me, something for fans of scents like L'Eau par Kenzo. Strength is moderate, as is the staying power. Bottle is made from recycled glass. 

FARMASI Sensational 
Eau de Parfum for women
Top notes: bergamot, green leaves, peach
Heart notes: aquatic notes, lily of the valley, rose
Base: amber, musk, sandalwood

This is a tester size which my cousin gave to me, but the full-size bottle is very D&G The One inspired. Farmasi sometimes writes in their catalogues, which perfume their stuff is most similar to and this is supposedly like Dior's J'Adore. I don't recall how the real deal smells, since it's been too long since I tested it, but notes are similar, except Farmasi has less of them. It's a clean white floral. In my view a typical office-friendly, fresh scent, very feminine, classic and to me similar to the scent of face creams, shampoos or fabric softeners. It's timeless in my eyes and suitable for all seasons. All I smell is flowers, mostly rose, but it's a lot more complex that and well blended. Quality is great for a cheaper scent. It's strong (for some 1 spray will be enough), it develops nicely and lasts surprisingly well, after about 6-7 hours I can still smell it on my wrist and that was the last time I checked, but I'm sure it lasted longer. 

AVON Pur Bianca and Incandesce 
My cousin also gave me these two more scents. I remember both of these from my first Avon catalogue I got. Pur Blanca is a clean floral that’s fresher than Farmasi, but again a type of face cream scent or more like washing powder/fabric softener. Incandescence is a bright, sweet floral with notes of Orchid, Lily-of-the-Valley, Cyclamen, Tulip and Peony. Both of these are purse sizes with a roll one, but I prefer the new mini sizes they have currently, which are a spray. 

SUBRINA Shower Gel
These got a new look, as well as four new scent. Previous packaging was a peachy one and now they got a new colour of the bottle and new labels. Eight are still old scents and those are Juicy Jasmine (floral with some peach), Strawberry Sorbet (like the name says & like those Haribo strawberry softies), Rose Garden (my old fave and one of rare rose scents I like), Cherry Blossom (my and fan favourite, a powdery floral scent), Fresh Elder (perfect summer scent, smells like Hugo drink in candy form, so elder-lime-mint), Perfume Drops (also an old favourite, just a nice perfume-y scent), Moroccan Treasure (oriental-ish with some orange) and Sensual Vanilla (just vanilla, but people love this one). New ones are:
Balance Code - an unisex, fresh basic scent inspired by Mediterranean. Nothing special to me, but something Subrina's collection needed, just something neutral (though Breezy from the Kids collection fits too and I find it more likeable for my taste). Formula is creamy and contains some olive oil.
Carpe Diem - a rich scent of greenery and florals, very much like a garden in bloom. Inspired by the Far East, with matcha tea extract.
Chill Out - an oriental scent that if I remember the scent correctly is very similar to Lush Lust, so a strong jasmine note + more oriental stuff or kind of the smell of Lush shop - it's been a decade since I've been in one, so forgive me if I'm wrong. Formula of this one is oily and applied on dry skin, it forms a rich emulsion, which becomes a lot more watery on damp skin. It contains hemp oil.
Siesta - the only tropical scent now, since Pina Colada, Mango Heaven and Tropical Escape are gone (I'm gonna miss those. Their Pina Colada was so good). It's a passionfruit scent, very similar to those Balea summer LE's that have been gone for a while. It contains coconut oil. 
Drugstores (Tuš, Muller, DM with a limited selection, Ilirija), supermarkets (Interspar, Merkator, Tuš,… ) and click2chic, 1,96 €

BALEA Sunny Side Shower Gel
A new collection by Balea that in my opinion came about three months too late. Having said that this scent doesn't really remind me much of summer. It says it smells like sea breeze, but I disagree. It's is very floral and it in a way smells typically Balea. I think I smell just tiare flower in here, so it's technically summery, though that type of scent never reminded me of beaches and sunscreen. The scent in Sunny Side is very strong, but it doesn't last on the skin like for example Subrina's do. Formula is thin, typical for Balea. I had several things on my wishlist, since this collection consist of a deodorant, shaving gel, hand sanitizer and more, but I took them of my list. 
DM, 1-2 €

NIVEA Magnesium Dry deodorant
I already wrote about this in August favourites. It's surprisingly good for a deodorant, so not an aluminium based anti-perspirant. It doesn't keep me completely dry when it's hot, though my Dove stick one doesn't either completely and it has aluminium, but it keep me smelling fresher than Dove does at the end of the day. I have it's a roll-on because I've been used to dry sticks since my late teens and I hate that wet feeling, but I got used to it and I'm glad something without aluminium works. There are two versions, this one smells powdery fresh.
DM, 4,19 €

48 Zaščitna krema za roke z antibakterijskimi učinkovinami
Protecting hand cream with antibacterial ingredients
A new version of the pretty much legendary 48 hand cream. If you live here and in countries of Western Balkans, it's likely you've heard about this one, since it's been sold forever and you can buy it everywhere, even the most forsaken hardware shops. Our grandmothers used it and I still hear some occasional raves on Instagram, since it's loved by those with dry hands. Original is quite rich and leaves a layer, since it's a protective hand cream for those who work with different substances and it has a soapy scent. The new one is lighter and absorbs quicker. Unlike the original it contains shea butter and coconut oil, while the antibacterial effect is due to a silver complex and CPC or Cetypirirdinium Chloride. 
Ingredients: aqua, butyrospermum parkii butter, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, sodium cetearyl sulfate, cocos nucifera oil, cetyl alcohol, saccharide isomerate, stearic acid, palmitic acid, panthenol, phenoxyethanol, decylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, cetylpyridinium chloride, silver, bht, parfum, coumarin, alpha-isomethyl ionone
Click2chic, drugstores and some supermarkets, 2,89 €

48 Kids Razkužilo za roke in površine z vonjem jagode
Disinfectant for hands and surfaces with a strawberry scent
A new version of 48's spray disinfectant. This one is marketed for kids because of the strawberry fragrance, but it's the same stuff as the regular one, so if you prefer scented stuff this is the one (it's a strawberry candy/vodka type of scent) and for all the rest it's the original, which smells of nothing but alcohol. I always have the regular one in my bag because for a long time it was pretty much the only pocket size spray sanitizer here (now the market is obviously flooded with disinfectants) and it is perfect for spraying surfaces, so shopping cart, door handles, phones and other stuff. It's 50 ml, so a great size for the bag. It has 65% alcohol.
Click2chic, drugstores and some supermarkets, 3,18 €

BALEA Rasiergel 
Find me under the palmtrees
Just another shaving gel from Balea. I have this scent already and it's a nice coconut one, better than they usually do. 

CIEN Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free
I usually buy the Aveo (Müller) or Ebelin (DM) one, but was just in Lidl and grabbed this one. It's weak compared to both of the others, so I regret not taking the time to drive to the drugstores. The way I wear nail polish I'll be stuck with it for a while. 

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  1. Po opisu sodeč so Revlon Satin Ink šminke res po mojem okusu. Me pa žal nabor odtenkov razočara. Pri Revlonu na sploh pogrešam več toplih nude odtenkov in v trgovini nisem našla nekaj novega, kar bi bilo pri meni v uporabi. Upam, da kaj razširijo ponudbo v prihodnje.

    Že nekaj časa razmišljam o kakšnem pilingu za lasišče, sploh ker imam pozimi več problemov z lasiščem. Pa nisem pri nas nikoli opazila nobenega izdelka, do zdaj, ko si ti omenila tega. Moram malo prečekirat, če še kaj najdem, če ne pa mogoče tudi tega preizkusim. :)

    Tvoja kolekcija Joica in Kerastaseja je pa naravnost odlična. Vse bi preizkusila, ampak najbolj me pritegne Resistance serum, ki sem ga že večkrat hotela kupit. Ampak cena je pa uf. :D

    1. Tudi 001 ti ni všeč, ki je topla nude? Sicer lahko, da bi ti bila presvetla. Ampak ja, oni so bolj na roza, kot breskove tople odtenke.

      The Body Shop ima en mehanski piling za lasišče, ki je trenutno celo znižan, ampak prvič sem pa videla takega encimskega. Mogoče bi tale bolje deloval na tebi, ker moja koža je tok tečna kar se tiče AHA in encimov.

      Joico se je še povečala in Olaplex tudi. Resistance je res šokatno drag, ampak se pa res vidi razlika v kvaliteti proti drugim serumom. Škoda da oni nimajo tester velikosti.