September Favourites & Wishlist

četrtek, september 30, 2021

ORIFLAME The One Irresistible Touch High Shine Lipstick
Luscious Taupe
This was love at first try. Formula is almost a dead ringer for Revlon's Kiss Cushions, so a comfortable, balmy formula that still feels more like a lipstick than a lip gloss and here I also have a beautiful natural shade. It's all I wanted - a comfy formula in a Revlon Birthday Suit-like colour. Applicator is also a plush one, but smaller and pigmentation is fully opaque, unless you don't twist the bottom and use what's left on the applicator, then you get either a stain or a semi-opaque look. Before my go-to natural colour that I just grabbed before going out the house was Wet n' Wild Mega Last High-Shine Lip Color in Mad for Mauve (for the last half a year. I pick it over Birthday Suit because of the masks) and now I reach for this. Finish is creamy-glossy, but after some time I find it doesn't transfer much.

The replacement line for my beloved Demi Matt's, thought the formula is exactly the same, so it's just like they only replaced the entire shade range and they did a great job at it. Be Beautiful is the shade I combed the entire Muller and DM for last year when I was looking for a lipstick version of Essence's Big Proposal and some other similar lip liner shades that are my best match for a natural my-lips-but-better look, so those that I can use to shape the lips. Formula is nicely pigmented, smooth, it glides easily on the lips, isn't drying and has a semi-matte finish.

This turned out to be such pleasant surprise on the cheeks. It's a lovely peachy-pink, maybe a bit boring and basic, but these shades look good on most and why it stands out to me is the lovely glow it has. Their shade 020 from the same line is matte on me, but at this one that finely milled shimmer shows up.  It's a well pigmented blush, at least from my perspective, since I'm so pale and I don't need much for an application.

A gorgeous powdery pink nude that is similar to my skin tone in depth, but a pink version of it. Formula is smooth and easy to apply. It was worth the higher price for a nail polish, as all similar cheap nude shades have a thicker formula. The only formula I can liken this one to is Essie Spin the Bottle. 

Before I got Anny I wore this and surprisingly for a transparent shade I didn't hate it. Normally I dislike nude shades at which you get see tips, but at this milky-looking shade I kinda liked it. I didn't wear to see if the repair thing works because my nails are strong, so I didn't see any difference. 

I found it somewhat boring at first spray, but this grew on me big time. Farmasi says this is supposedly similar to Dior's J'Adore, but I don't know the original well enough to confirm that, regardless it's a lovely clean, classic & feminine scent. It's like a nice face cream or other cosmetic product and like I said in my original description a timeless floral scent suitable for all seasons. Quality is good - it's strong and lasts well. When I spray it, the whole room smells like it for a while. 

SCHWARZKOPF GLISS 7 Sec Express Repair Treatment
These are both the same, so I don't see them as two products, but that's not the point. These are fantastic for quick washes. For me that means for days when my hair is super dry, but I can't be bothered with my usual time-consuming mask/treatment routine and I just need something that will nourish enough to prevent my hair from breaking from dryness for a little while. These really work in 7 seconds. I just wash my hair in the shower, apply this for a short time and when I'm rinsing my hair, it feels incredibly silky. I follow up with several leave-ins (like I normally do also with richer treatments) and when I blow dry my hair, it's not dry and impossible like at some cheap stuff, including Gliss pot masks. The thing that made me love these more is my newly found combination with Palmer's hair oil, which takes care of my ends and driest top layers. My hair gets dry after two days with these, so the effect is quite temporary, but they work fast and by then I do my normal routine with richer stuff. 

Just another great Kerastase mask. I like Resistance equally as this one and both transform my thick, dry hair into something more light, airy and silky to the touch. 

A repairing hair serum for weak, over-processed and damaged hair that is also a heat protectant. I like this more on dry hair either as heat protection or as a finishing serum cream, since it has a type of texture that's like mixing something like Olaplex n.6 with an oily serum and it's the best leave-in product I have currently for instantly making the hair feel super silky and softer. It just has the type of texture I like, so one that makes the hair look more polished when applied on dry hair and it has a nice list of ingredients filled with ceramides, aminoacids and hydrolised protein. 


L'OCCITANE Youth Hand Cream Serum-in-Crème - A new hand cream which combines their (light) shea butter formula and immortelle flowers, an ingredient that L'Occitane uses in their anti-ageing line since forever. I liked those few face products in immortele line I tried, especially the Immortelle Reset Overnight Reset Oil-In Serum, so I'd like to try this too. Their 20% shea butter hand creams are some of the best I've tried. 

L'OCCITANE Amber Almond Shower Oil - I've been a fan of the original almond shower oil for many years now, not just the scent, but the texture which is so much richer than anything you can get in the drugstores. I also have their amber fragrance, which is long discontinued and a great one, so naturally I'm intrigued by this collection that combines both scents. There is also a fragrance, but L'Occitane started setting such high prices for their fragrances compared to years ago. 

ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Age Defying Serum Boost Foundation - I already have this, well by now had, but in a shade that is too dark for me. I recently used this to do makeup on someone because it was the best matching shade I had and it reminded me how great this looks on the skin. Oriflame's foundations in general tend to be really good, some of the best I tried, but apart from Giordani Gold Mastercreation foundation (which I have in a shade Rose Porcelain Cool), all I got were too dark. I don't even know if this exists in a shade pale enough for me (based on this picture 41327 Vanilla Cool doesn't look the lightest), but I also have my eye on their The ONE Everlasting Sync foundation, which has the largest selection of shades (15, but I can's find useful swatches). Their The One Illuskin Aquaboost is also fantastic, but again I have it in a shade too dark for me and I don't what the other shades are like.  

Nø Cosmetics Fluid Nø happy today 120h Liquid Hydrator - this isn't here in Slovenia (to the best of my knowledge), but it is in DM Germany and I think Austria, so there is a very small chance it will get here. Apparently there is a hype about this and based on the ingredients list I can see why. It has 5% panthenol, as well as niacinamide, hydrators, aminoacids, ceramides,... You can see the ingredients list here. It's also fragrance free, which some will see as an extra win. It looks like a fantastic skin care product, let's just hope we get to see it here one day too. 

TREND IT UP  Hydro Stay Silky Serum Foundation - I don't think this is here either, but reviews are good. I want it because of the supposed blurring effect and nice finish it has, though I'm concerned Trend it up like always won't have pale shades

L'OREAL Color Riche Nude Intense Lipstick 173 Nu Impertinent - I haven't seen this yet the last time I was in the drugstores, but it's in the latest DM catalogue. Based on swatches this looks like such a great nude shade. I've always loved L'Oreal lipsticks, my first was from this brand and I'm likely one of rare people who enjoys their strong fragrance.  

NIVEA Energy Micellar Water Vitamin C - something new by Nivea that I presume will be here too, Nivea usually doesn't hold a lot of products away from us. Ingredients list looks nice as it has vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Ascorbic Acid), niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

NIVEA Luminous 630 Hand Cream - We have the serum and spf here, and this is new which I also hope we'll be sold sometime in the future (maybe I should stop looking at DM Gemany website…) . It's a hand cream with isobutylamido thiazolyl resorcinol that fights pigmentation. It's the same thing as in Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity hand cream that's on my wishlist, except this will be half cheaper (Beiersdorf owns both). Though Eucerin has SPF 30 and this has only 15.

REDKEN Extreme Bleach Recovery Lamellar Water Treatment - This is similar to that L'Oreal 8 second one that I've been waiting for 2 years to get here, except this is meant for bleached hair. Like at L'Oreal I do not get the ingredients list, but reviews are great. I actually just ordered both (if Look Fantastic ever plans to actually process the order). 

REMINGTON Hydraluxe Round Brush with Optiheat - I have the hair classic hairdryer from this line and I love the Optiheat option which prevents it from being too hot and damaging for the hair. Though I have the Aliexpress Revlon 1-Step fake, I want this precisely because of that Optiheat just because I would feel more safe using it.  

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  1. Imava enega skupnega favorita - Catrice blush. Je res lep vsakodnevni odtenek in tudi na meni da malo tega sijaja.

    Ti pa skoz nekaj novega najdeš in posledično jaz od tebe :D. No Cosmetics izdelki se zdijo zanimivi, tudi ta hidrator. Mi je všeč, da je zdaj možno dobit več znamk s solidnimi sestavinami in ugodnimi cenami. Se mi zdi, da je The Ordinary naredil kar revolucijo v negovalni kozmetiki.

    1. Ja, blush je res kjut :)

      Jaz dosti gledam po tujih spletnih in še tistih par blogov kar je ostalo, pa še kaj najdem zanimivega :). Tale No Cosmetics izgleda res fina znamka, upam da privlečejo v naše DM-e. Sestavinsko je tale Hydrator zelo dober in cena razumna. The Ordinary je res pognal kolesje, samo meni žal redko kateri njihov izdelek paše.