Oriflame Giordani Gold Fall 2020

ponedeljek, oktober 19, 2020

Giordani Gold is Oriflame's premium makeup and fragrance line, and so far the products I've tried from this line been overall impressive with some exceptions. In particular I'm a fan of MasterCreation foundation (which comes in my shade), MasterCreation lipstick, kabuki brush and Essenza Sensuale fragrance (one of the best. You can test it in the latest catalogue). From now on I'm also a fan of the Fortemente mascara, while sadly as much as I like the quality of the pearls, I have yet to try a shade that would fit my pale skin tone. These are some of the newest products in this line.

*Giordani Gold Age Defying Serum Boost Foundation
Ivory Cool

I like this one. This is the third out of four Oriflame foundations I've tried that I really liked and the second GG foundation, the other being MasterCreation, which is one of my favourites. They just know how to make a foundation that looks good on the skin. 

Texture, coverage and finish: Formula is like at MasterCreation and The One IlluSkin Aquaboost creamy, medium thick. It's least easy to apply out of the three because when I tried to apply this one with fingers, I didn't get a very even result, which was obvious due to the shade being too dark for me. It buffs in beautifully with my oval brush and looks invisible on the skin. It has the highest coverage of the three, I'd classify it as a medium coverage foundation and I  don't need a separate concealer under my eyes, but I add an extra layer of foundation there. Finish is dewy from the start and in time it becomes matte on my dry skin, though not flat matte. It might stay dewy on non-dry skin, I can't say, but IlluSkin and MasterCreation are more glowy on me.

Staying power: It lasted well throughout the day and didn’t wear off strangely. I didn't check how many hours, but I could see it on my skin when I checked late at night, since I have a shade that's too dark. 

Shade: Ivory Cool is the third shade in the catalogue and it's at least two-three shades too dark for me. Undertone is neutral cool. I mixed it with Adjusting Drops by TBS for the before/after pictures, but I've worn it without to test it properly and I looked so orange. 

If I had this is the right shade, I'd keep it and wear it a lot. But I'm happy with just having MasterCreation, which I have in a shade fits me. It's more dewy and better for dry skin, while I feel this one would suit a larger range of skin types. 

Regular price 23.90 €, current price 14.99 €

*Giordani Gold Pearls
Frozen Beige

My third batch of these pearls and again they have a great pigmentation as well as a glow with fine shimmer. This shade is a bronzer shade, not a highlighter, I don't care what they say, but this is a highlighter only on deep skin tones, maybe medium-deep. I've tried it by removing the darkest pearls like they recommend and I still got a warm bronze stripe on my cheeks. I need to apply very little, since it's so pigmented, but this just isn't a shade for my skin tone. I have them also in Sublime Radiance, which is a lighter natural peachy-bronze shade, while Natural Radiance was too dark for me. The packaging is super pretty, as this one has a gold lid. 

Left is without the dark pearls.

Regular price 22.90 €, current price 11.49 €

*Giordani Gold Tinted Moisturising Pearls

A hydrating primer that contains sparse pink pearls which burst and reveal a tint. I can only get a few pearls when I dispense the amount I need and that tint is nothing, it just disappears into the gel. I hope you can see it in the picture above, one of the pearl is broken below and it has a very sheer beige tint. I tried to get more pearls, but all I got was more gel. It's not hydrating enough for my dry skin, not if I use it on its own under foundation. It has alcohol second on the list, glycerine 4th and the advertised hyaluronic acid 18th, after fragrance (ingredients of all their products are on Oriflame's website). 

Regular price 23.90 €, current price 14.99 €

*Giordani Gold Volumising Fortemente Mascara

I've already praised this one in my favourite mascaras posts. It holds a curl and there aren't many regular formulas that can do that. I actually have to gently curl the lashes again after the mascara is on, however it works because this has a formula that leaves the lashes quite stiff. It's more of a lengthening mascara than volumising, but it's still new. The brush is a classic one with a wobbly design that doesn't do anything special. It’s not a mascara that has the most impressive effect, yet it wins for me because of the curl.

Regular price 15.90 €, current price 10.99 €.

Have a great day!

*All PR products. 

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