ANNY Nail Polish 300 Make up

četrtek, november 25, 2021

ANNY has a large selection of shades, so when I was on a search for a new nude shade that I can wear every day, I found a good candidate on their stand. Their most popular nude shade is called Like a 244.30 Virgin, but I found it too pale for the look I wanted. Unlike many brands they have testers on their stands, which made the choice a lot easier. I was picking between this and 293 So West Coast, which is a more beige, classic nude shade.

300 Makeup is a light, powder pink nude shade that is the closest in terms of depth to my skin tone, but it's pinker than my skin. Formula is lovely for such a shade, meaning not too thick, it applies smoothly and is not problematic. It at times feels a little bit too liquid and can spill, but it doesn't bother me that much. In terms of formula is reminds me of Essie's Spin the Bottle which is my other favourite nude shade. I use Seche Vite with this and I get about a week and a half of wear on my nails, which is pretty standard for me. I should mention that I took the pictures of my nails right after I did a ton of dishes. I applied this and planned to take pictures straight away, but forgot and started cooking first. Luckily as you can see it can survive washing when freshly applied intact (+ Seche Vite on top), but most nail polishes do on me. 

Anny nail polishes are sold in Müller here and cost a not so cheap 10,49 €, but I love the selection they have and the formula, so I may get a shade more. 

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