Revlon So Fierce! Big Bad Lash Mascara

ponedeljek, november 15, 2021

Big Bad Lash is the second mascara in the So Fierce! line. I haven't tried the first one, but I'm a fan of this one. When I got it I was afraid it's going to be too messy, since volume mascaras tend to have heavier, thicker formulas, but this one has such a nice effect from the moment it's opened. In long term it proved itself to be a reliable formula that consistently performs well and doesn't dry out completely fast. Revlon says that with frequent use it tints your lashes in 7 days, but my lashes are naturally dark and I didn't see if it does. This is also available in waterproof.

Formula is more on the dry side and it doesn't deposit too much at once, so it's particularly great at definition and coating every lash without them starting to stick together, but it also gives volume. I like the effect it creates, a type of volume that doesn't look like there is a ton of mascara on because the lashes are still defined. Since it's a regular formula, it doesn't hold a curl as well as a waterproof one, but it's not terrible because the formula isn't very wet, though it takes a much longer process of curling and on my wonky eye, they still drop in time. This formula leaves the lashes still soft despite two-three coats. 

I like the brush of this one more than Revlon's Volumazing, which I have in a waterproof formula and it's just brilliant (holds a curl, gives volume and it didn't dry out fast), but I've mentioned in my original review that I'd like it to be a bit more defining and this seems to be it. Revlon say it's a double brush that has a defining and volumising side, but sides are not as apparent and no matter how you turn it, it has the same effect. I'd love to try a waterproof version too, though use this one a lot, since on a daily basis I wear regular formulas often because they are easier to remove. Mine is now 5 months old and quite dry, yet it's still working great.

My mascara is from, where it costs 12,29 €, but this is sold in drugstores (Müller, Tuš Drogerija & Drogerija Ilirija in Slovenia) and other (foreign) online shops too.

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