Colourpop Pressed Powder Palette That's Taupe and Going Coconuts

petek, november 05, 2021

These are my first and so far only Colourpop palettes. There are so many raves about their eyeshadows, but when I tried their Super Shock singles I was not that impressed. Still I wanted to try at least one of their palettes, but for a long time they stuck to their warm and bright combinations despite their many launches. In the last years, they made these two that are more up to my taste, especially That's Taupe. Quality of eyeshadows varies, but Going Coconuts is overall better - it is however, warmer when swatched than what you see in the pans. I originally wasn't that happy with these, but I've had them for several months and along the way, after I broke through the top layer, they got better. 

That's Taupe

That's Taupe is a collection of matte taupes and shimmery metallic shades. This one fits my taste most out of Colourpop palettes that were available when I was buying it, so I was not happy when it arrived with one of the shades (Cold Blooded) shattered. Luckily I was able to fix it with some alcohol.

Mattes outnumber shimmers 5 to 4 and they also outperform them, as they are all nicely pigmented and smooth. At first they didn't blend well, but they've since become really good. There's a good selection of tones and depths, so I use this palette often for my crease, either for a natural, defined look or in combination with a shimmery shade on the eyelids. Shimmers are a mixed bag, with Constrictor in the bottom row being the best performing and most pigmented shade, while the three in the middle row are so-so. Slanted and Cold Blooded, the two side shades, are weak, not well pigmented and especially Slanted looks only like a shimmery wash on the eyelids. They aren't useless, they just don't give you the effect you expect based on the pans. The central Snake Eyes is better, but not as good as Constructor. This palette comes in cardboard packaging with no mirror, but costs the same as Coconuts, which is better packed (though less environment-friendly). 

Going Coconuts

Going Coconuts older than That's Taupe and it's the first Colourpop palette I deemed good enough to purchase, though now that I have both, I'd be a bit disappointed if I only had this one because it's warmer than I expected. It's again a combination of mattes and shimmers. 

Here mattes are again nice and all shimmers apart from Coco Crush are well performers, but even Coco Crush isn't as bad as Slanted in Taupe. Palm Reader, the shimmery white, could be smoother, but the only similar shade I have in Revolution Pro palette is the same, so maybe it's a common trait. I wish Shredded weren't so yellow because it's not the best base for my skin tone, but considering they have to cater many skin tones, I get why they didn't include something paler. Like I said above, this palette is overall warmer than Taupe, mostly on account of Shell Yeah which is leaning to orange-brown on me. This one comes in a plastic case with a mirror. Each palette costs 14$, which is reasonable.

When I got them, I'd say these weren't worth ordering, but over the summer I've grown to love That's Taupe. It's great for making a simple, neutral makeup I like to wear, shades are very pigmented, easy to blend and perform much better than for example palettes from Catrice or Essence (though their Witch Side is so good, so obviously discontinued). I'm not terribly happy with the shimmer shades in That's Taupe, but they're not the worst. Going Coconuts is overall warmer on my eyes than I expected, but I can create a nice wearable look with it and it's a little bit better than That's Taupe in terms of quality. 

Every time I post about Colourpop I get asked where to get this brand - they have an official website that ships worldwide from the USA. 

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  1. Meni so Colourpop palete sicer všeč, imam pa zadnje čase veliko raje njihove single shadows, ker si lahko sestavim točno določeno kombinacijo odtenkov, ki vem, da jo bom nosila. Mat odtenki so res fajni, pri svetlejših pa je tako...ene bolj metallic so noro pigmentirane, druge manj.

    Je res težko najti prave taupe odtenke. To sem tudi sama ugotovila, ker sem želela kupiti kakšne posamezne odtenke za makeup kit.

    Drugače pa priporočam Viseart, če te zanima še kakšna druga znamka senčil. Sploh petit verzije so dobre za preizkusit, čeprav tam tudi ne boš našla hladne palete.

    1. Ko sem nazadnje gledala single eyeshadows nisem jih našla veliko, ki bi jih imela. Zdaj vidim, da je situacija boljša. Sicer imam Artdeco paletko, ki je narejena po mojem okusu in dobre kvalitete, samo manjkala so mi matte taupe senčila. That's Taupe dobro paše zraven :)

      Sem šla pogledat izbiro Viseart, pa mi nobena kombinacija ni padla v oči.