Pupa Vamp! Scented Nail Polish Gel Effect

sreda, november 10, 2021

Like the name says these are scented, which is something that appeals to me as a fan of fragrances. There are three versions of fragrance in the nail polishes: pink, red and black. Nude collection of shades have a pink fragrance, red shades a red one and deep, vampy shades have a black fragrance. Each collection has 5 shades, but we have a more limited selection here. Pupa recently released a selection of pastel shades, which I don't know whether it has a special fragrance or one of the three. The Base and Top Coat exists in all three versions of scents to compliment the coloured nail polish. They also come in three colours of bottles, so you know which is the right one (I think we only have this pink fragrance one here). Nail polishes are free from toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and camphor.

My Scented Transparent Base & Top Coat is the "pink fragrance" version so best used with shade 104 from the two I have. When I used it the first time I was disappointed to see it takes hours to dry completely (I messed up my nail polish two or three hours after application) and I blamed this coat, but I later used my regular top coat Seche Vite, which is the fastest drying top coat I know and it still dried quite slow, so it's the colour nail polish formula that is odd when applied in two coats because that has never happened to me with any nail polish topped with Seche Vite. By the way, using a different, not scented top coat has no effect on the fragrance. 

Formulas are described as gel, but 104 still needs two coats for an even finish, while 302 is a great one-coater, as most similar shades are anyway. 302 is so pigmented I can paint 3-4 nails before needing to dip the brush again and all nails have a fully opaque coat of colour. 104 Romantic Rose with a pink fragrance has a gorgeous powdery floral vanilla scent that I would love to have in a proper fragrance form. 302 Irreverent Fuchsia smells similar to Lancome La Vie est Belle (& tons of similar popular scents), so a sweet vanilla patchouli scent, but patchouli dissipates quickly. Scent in its full intensity lasts a day, while on the second it's very faint and then it's gone. It's not like spraying a perfume, but if you keep your hands near your face, you can smell it. 

Both shades last well on me (in two coats), but most nail polishes do thanks to my hard nails. I get over a week & a half with these before I get tired of colours and change my polish. One coat is much more short-lived, so even though the 302 is very pigmented, I still bother applying an extra coat. 

104 Romantic Rose 

104 is a great nude with some peachy-pink tones

302 Irreverent Fuchsia

302 is a warm purple or better said purplish hot pink. 

These are sold in DMs here and maybe Müller. They cost 8,99€

*PR products

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