DEBORAH MILANO Powdered Hi-Tech Blush 64

sreda, julij 26, 2023

These have been on the market for ages. I remember them being around when I just started getting into makeup and they are surely some of the most underrated drugstore blushes. While Milani's Baked blushes get mentioned in almost every "best of drugstore" lists, these are much less known, but they are just as good. Deborah is (likely) a less known brand, but it's been around here much longer than Milani, whose stands were put up sometime in the last years. 

Unlike Bourjois' Little Round Pots, this formula is a much softer baked blush, so colour payoff is good. I usually apply two light layers for a nice flush. Blush looks smooth on the cheeks and has a subtle glow. The shimmer in this is very fine and the glow isn't as strong as at Alverde's Swivel Rouge, but it adds dimension to the face. Like I said above, this shade's formula feels no different to Milani's Petal Primavera

64 is a pretty basic warm pink or a classic peachy-pink on me. It may look more pink on darker skin tones, but I couldn't say for sure. Shimmer is a champagne one. There were several shades on the stand, but this was the only pink one and the rest were very warm. 

It has a hidden mini brush in the bottom, but it's not for serious use. Deborah recently changed the packaging of their matte blushes, so maybe these will get a new look as well. 

I got it in DM for 10 €.

These are great baked blushes, very similar to the popular Milani's and for a better price (Milani is expensive here). Formula is nicely pigmented, smooth and adds a nice level of glow to the cheeks. 

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