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nedelja, julij 23, 2023

MAYBELLINE SuperStay Vitamin C Skin Tint Serum
A new foundation by Maybelline and one of new serum ones that claim to combine the benefits of a foundation with skin care - it contains a mini amount of Ascorbyl Glucoside, a version of vitamin C. I've been wearing it for the last few days and my first impression was that this is not that nice. I've worn it with different bases, but for my before/after pictures I didn't want to wear any SPF as they affect the finish, so I only used a toner. With an SPF it didn't look great (except the velvety finish Biore) and with a toner I initially thought it looked better, but then I saw the result of before-after pictures. It makes my skin look textured and worse than without foundation. Without it you can see my freckles and that's it, but with it my pores are more visible and lines deeper - it has the "orange skin effect", similar to Catrice's two such liquid foundations. Coverage is on the light side, but it can be easily layered for a light-medium coverage. Finish is unique, as it sets essentially matte on me, but the formula contains extra fine shimmer, so the skin is matte, yet glowy from that highlighter in it. I actually like that, but I think I need to try to find a smoothing primer that will work with this formula and prevent it from making the skin so textured. Matte + Poreless is considerably better than this one precisely because it manages to smooth the skin. Shade 02 is not a brilliant match like their Dream Urban 095, but passable.

MAYBELLINE Matte Lipstick
927 Rose Spell
I checked Müller for a Mac Please Me/Jordana Pink Passion lipstick dupe and this was close. It was only 4 €, which is very cheap for Maybelline prices in drugstore here. The formula is nicely smooth and creamy, pigmented and semi-matte. It's a good formula for the price, better than the Eveline one I got last month, though the colour isn't as good of a dupe for Pink Passion. It's a slightly darker, more muted light pink and another easy to wear shade for my skin tone.

MELEM lip & Cheek
Dreamy Rose & Fresh Magnolia
I liked this straight away. They call it a tinted lip balm and blush - it's pigmented like a classic moisturising lipstick, but the formula feels like a lip balm and it smells similar to Nivea. I often use lipsticks as blushes when I'm in a hurry, but this is easier to blend on the cheeks, yet it doesn't feel greasy as you might expect from a lip balm. I bought the lighter Dreamy Rose first and since I loved it, I picked Fresh Magnolia as well. Both look very similar in the tube and also swatched, but on the lips and cheeks the difference is apparent. Dreamy Rose is coral pink on the cheeks and on the lips it's a pale warm pink. Though both have a great pigmentation, Fresh Magnolia is more intense and while I need two big swipes on the cheeks of Dreamy Rose, I need to be careful with Fresh Magnolia not to overdo it because it can look too much quickly. Fresh Magnolia is a medium warm pink and on the lips and cheeks. These are great if you have a chance to pick them up.

MELEM Lip Care
When I got Fresh Magnolia in DM, I got this at the register for free. I'm fussy about lip balms and this is a good one. It's about as soft and creamy as Lip Smackers, it nourishes the lips well and stays on for a good amount of time. It has the same Nivea-like scent as the tinted versions.

*BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Radiant Foundation
50C and 56W
Healthy Mix is a long favourite of mine, it's a foundation I can always rely on it looking good no matter the condition of my skin.They recently changed the packaging and it looks like the numbering system, but they also changed the formula because unlike the old one, this is now thicker, the finish is much more glowy and it doesn't set quickly. So far I'm a bit taken aback by the change, as the previous formula was good and I don't understand why they felt they need to make it different. Still, it's a perfectly nice foundation (for normal-dry skin) that blends invisibly into the skin like before, it's just more shiny (I wore the new and old on each side of the face and the difference was apparent).

*BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Anti-fatigue Concealer
Though I love HM foundation and this concealer has been around for a while, it's my first time trying it, though I was a big fan of the discontinued 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream and Radiance Reveal. I can't test this one properly because shade 52 is too dark for me, so I can't really say what the coverage is (medium?). It's unusually thick for a Bourjois formula, similar to high coverage matte concealers (formula reminds me of Milani's Conceal + Perfect concealer), except it's moisturising and the finish is glowy.

*BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Hydrating Primer
Originally I did not get this at all, it just felt like a basic hydrating formula that does nothing much. But then I applied it on the back of one hand for pictures and I expected that glow is just a classic moisturiser shine that disappears once the product is absorbed, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this set to a dry-to-the touch finish, yet my skin had such a lovely subtle glow with no visible shimmer. Currently I need to wear SPFs that are all shiny/glowy, so I haven't tested this properly on the face alone, but I'd love to see how this will perform in colder months when my skin is drier and more flat.

*BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Naturally Radiant Powder
04 Golden Beige
I always wanted to try this, since I saw someone praising it in her empties, but sadly this shade is too dark for me. I tried it and it made me look so unevenly tanned, I had to take it off. In a thin coat it doesn't take much shine of the very shiny Healthy Mix foundation and concealer combination, so yes, it leaves the skin naturally radiant. Applied with a sponge, it takes most of the shine off and doesn't look flat, but it did make my foundation look flaky when looked up close on my chin - that was probably more due to the condition of my skin. It's a powder for those who don't want a very mattifying formula, but something that sets the makeup.

*BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Lengthen & Lift Mascara
This was one of the blandest mascaras I've tried when it was freshly opened. It tinted the lashes, added some length and that was it. However it massively improved after about two weeks. It became a very volumising formula, started creating big lashes and the hold improved as well, so it's reasonably defining. If you like big lashes, this is a good one, but you'll have to be patient with it or keep it open for a day or two to thicken. I still don't like it and the reason for that is very specific for me, as it's a greasy mascara and since my lashes hit the glasses, they are smudgy and dirty all day despite cleaning them numerous times. Looks like that greasiness is from shea butter, so this formula nourishes the lashes and it also has biotin.

*BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Nail Polish
125 Very-generose and 300 Grenat'ddictive
These two have such different formulas for the same line, though one is a pastel and the other a type of red, so it's not surprising. The pastel light pink 125 is a thick, but sheer shade with first coat and opaque with a third. It's a pinker version of Essie's Fiji. 300 is opaque in one coat, a has a good gel-like smooth formula. Shade is a marsala brown-rosy red.

*DEBORAH Skin Booster Serum Foundation
3 Medium
Another one of the new serum foundations that are popping out at so many brands. This one claims to have a "second skin effect", a lightweight formula and that it's a skin care/makeup hybrid. It has a bit of vitamin C in a 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid form. There are a only 5 shades, I got send 3 Medium which is much too dark for me, so I haven't been able to test this properly. Even if I got shade 1 Light, it would be too dark for me as well (I checked it when this launched a while back). I wore this for a short while before I took it off, so there was no full day test. Formula isn't very liquid, but it is lightweight when on the face and it blends easily. Finish is slightly glowy without looking or feeling greasy, in fact this becomes dry to the touch quickly on my skin. It doesn't slip into lines nor crease under the eyes or emphasize pores - unlike Maybelline. Coverage is hard for me to asses, since 3 Medium is so much darker than my skin tone. Maybe light-medium, as my freckles were visible. Foundation has a strong floral scent. It's a real shame they don't have any very light shades.

*DEBORAH Super Blush
Coral Pink 02
New blushes at Deborah. There are 4 shades, this I think is the peachiest and all are matte. Pigmentation is ok, I need two layers and wish blending were just a little smoother - not that it's bad, but their baked blushes are better. Finish is matte, so I feel this looks a bit flat on my skin, but again I'm comparing this to the really good Hi-Tech formula which is baked blushes with tiny shimmer that add dimension. Staying power is where it truly shines. I applied this at around 11 am and it was still looking nicely fresh at 10 pm. Shade Coral Pink is for those that love peachy shades.

*DEBORAH Like A Pro Mascara
A mascara with a silicone wand and a spiral design. It's one of those formulas that quickly deposits a lot of product even when freshly opened and it's quite wet, so for now I need to comb my lashes with a separate clean wand in order to make the lashes look more neat. It's probably going to be better once it dries a bit. It reminds me of Milani Highly Rated Anti-Gravity Mascara, as they have similar volumising and lengthening formulas. Since it's so wet, it not suitable for my type of lashes, but if you don't have a problem with lashes holding a curl, this is a quick volumising formula.

*DEBORAH Red Touch Lipstick
Nude Bouquet 01
I loved this when I tried it first. It's got a lightweight formula, is fully opaque with one swipe and it sets beautifully matte without feeling tight. But I then wore if two days in a row and the staying power didn't wow me. I expect great staying power from liquid matte lipsticks, as a lot I tried can last all day, but this was worn out in a patch way. It still lasted a long time compared to classic lipsticks, but it's not as resilient as even their other liquid matte formula. That one is not a lightweight as this one, but I find the better of the two. This has a great heat shaped applicator. Nude Bouquet looks lighter when swatched than how it oxidises on the lips. It ends up a medium beige-brown on me, quite dark.

*DEBORAH Gel Effect Nail Enamel
Soft Pink 20 Chic Violet 130
I used to have several Deborah's Gel Effect nail polishes in the past. They were some of the first gel formulas I've tried and I remember being so impressed by them. These feel the same, just in a new packaging - well at least 130, as I didn't have such a light shade as 20. 20 Soft Pink is almost clear with one coat, second also doesn't get you full opacity and at third the tips are still visible. The formula is thick, so layering doesn't help make it look as pretty as some of my other nude shades. 130 Chich Violet is a medium violet with a smooth formula that needs almost just one coat (tips are minimally visible), but I always apply two.

ESSENCE Gel Nail Colour
39 Lucky to have Blue
This looks much less pretty in the bottle, though more interesting in terms of uniqueness. That stormy pale grey ends up a pale light-blue-mint shade - it's a shade you need to see a swatch of and not just rely on what you see in the bottle. The formula is a nicely smooth and opaque with one coat.

BIORÉ Aqua Rich UV SPF 50
I found this in a local Müller, which is pretty much a miracle. I used to order these from Japan, but since we got much better and light-as-Asian-ones sunscreens here too, so I haven't repurchased in many years. It used to be hailed as the lightest sunscreen formula and I remember it as quite watery with a dry-to-the-touch velvet matte finish. Biore changes their formulas often, so this is not the same anymore, but it's still one of the lightest formulas. This one is creamier than in the past. It still has that dry-to-the-touch smooth primer finish, but in an amount that is said does not suffice (I apply as much as I can on the face and don't bother with amounts much). In the two finger amount it stays a bit tacky on the skin and has a pretty, non-greasy glow. It has a lemony scent like in the previous formulas. This is a great sunscreen for under makeup.

SUNDANCE Anti Age Sun Fluid SPF 50
A much less "elegant" sunscreen than the rest of my stash, but it's cheap, so I got it to try/wear on the neck and chest. Finish is very shiny and it stays that way until it wears off, but it's still a s formula that can be applied in a recommended amount without a white cast. It's got a strong scent, but not a typical SunDance one. If you're not too fussy, have dry skin and you're looking for something cheap, this is fine, but I'd rather pick up Garnier Fluid or any of my other faves (Biore, Nivea).

EUCERIN Sun Oil Control Gel-Cream Dry Touch SPF50+
I didn't plan to get this, though it's been all over social media, but it was 25% off in a local pharmacy and you can never have too many sunscreens. Initially I didn’t like this much, as I’m used to much lighter, liquid formulas like Garnier’s Fluid, Biore and LRP, and this has a thick creamy formula. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, I can apply one pump at once. Finish is similar to most of my “good” sunscreens, slightly shiny in a good way. It works well under makeup, it protected me so far and it’s been holding ok in the heat. However, this is mostly recommended by those with oily skin and on one day when I was in a hurry, so I could only quickly apply this before running out of the house, after 15 minutes my face felt uncomfortably tight. So this is far from a hydrating formula and I need some extra skin care under it. Finish on that day was more matte in later hours, but I can't wear this alone. It has no scent.

BALEA Niacinamide Tagescreme LSF 30
We finally got the new versions in DMs here and I got to repurchase it. It was gone for a year and I still haven't seen the 10% niacinamide serum. It's a standard moisturiser, so not feather-light and it needs time to absorbs, but it has 10% niacinamide and an SPF, so I use it in the morning on most days, in winter alone and summer under another sunscreen.

MIXA BABY Atopiance Soothing Cleansing Oil
My standard every day cleansing gel - not an oil, like the name deceptively says. I use it as a second cleanser or individual cleanser when I'm makeup free, but it's a head-to-toe gel for babies or those with sensitive skin. I love the convenient pump packaging, it's gentle, foams enough, doesn't irritate the eyes, cleans well and has no odd scent.

NIVEA Luminous 630 Hand Cream
I have the Eucerin version with SPF 30, which is similarly priced, has almost the same formula and smells exactly the same. This has only SPF 15, so I'm kind of saving the Eucerin one for daily use and this one for night. Both contain Thiamidol that fade pigmentation marks. Formula is not as rich as my favourite Cerave hand cream, but it's sufficiently nourishing and it doesn't take too long to absorb. Strong scent might bother some, but I like it. I've been using this for about a month and I don't think I see a change, but I'm a not consistent user, as I always forget to apply hand creams (and lip balms, body lotions or foot creams).

NUXE Very Rose Delicate Cleansing Oil
A repurchase. This is my favourite cleansing oil, as it's one of the strongest I've found, capable of removing most waterproof mascaras. It removes makeup well, it leaves no film on the skin, it doesn't have a strong scent (not a rose one) and it doesn't irritate my eyes, though it can occasionally leave my vision foggy for a short while. Together with Hada Labo, they are the best I've found so far.

JOICO Defy Damage Shampoo
A repurchase, third I think. I use this at almost every wash for the first shampooing (it's followed by Olaplex n.4, which I leave on the hair for a couple of minutes). It's got proteins, aminoacids, peptides, oils, a protective lipid, so it's great for damaged hair. It foams well, the foam is dense (not like Olaplex, but it beats regular shampoos), it's a bit nourishing and doesn't leave that squeaky clean feeling I dislike (because my hair is so dry).

REDKEN Extreme CAT Treatment
This is an intense protein treatment similar to Joico's K-Pak Reconstructor, except this is a much lighter liquid formula that is sprayed on the hair after shampooing, left for a while and then rinsed off. I've only used it once and I don't know how I feel about it yet. After rinsing my hair feels like I applied nothing, like I used a cleansing shampoo and the hair feels stiff, so this absolutely needs to be followed up with a moisturising conditioner to add softness and pliability to the hair after an intense protein treatment (so the same thing as Joico, except Joico doesn't leave the hair quite as bare). Together with the conditioner my hair felt softer and more silky to the touch, however, the combination didn't improve the look of the hair, so it didn't look smoother, less frizzy nor more shiny. Joico does a better job, but I'll keep using this to see if it impresses me with prolonged use. I used to use Redken's Anti-Snap religiously and really loved it, as I think it genuinely helped the hair break less. It says I should use it with this too, but I didn't opt to buy it this time because I still have Joico's Liquid Reconstructor and Redken's price went up, since I last bought it (they also changed the formula and packaging and I don't know that to expect anymore).

REDKEN Extreme Conditioner
I originally planned to get just the mask that has been on my wishlist for ages, but since my focus shifted to CAT, I decided to get the less intense conditioner instead. Formula is more on the light side and I can feel it has those lovely silicones inside that make my hair feel silky. It's nourishing enough for my hair. I plan to use it mostly together with CAT. This has the same fruity scent as their Anti-Snap had (when it was in the old packaging).

GLISS Night Elixir Repair
A new product by Gliss who have also entered the "overnight leave-in" market. I already have such a product from Kerastase, which has an eye-watering price, but underwhelming results on my super dry hair. Gliss's version is similar in terms of texture, as it's only slightly thicker, but still a light lotion leave-in that doesn't weigh down the hair. It has the same results as Kerastase, so I don't love neither of them, but they are ok and I do use them. Both really fix and hydrate my boom-like ends overnight, but sadly results are very temporary on my hair, as by the end of the day, my hair is again dry. I like to apply a few pumps of either of these, then put my hair in a tight bun overnight, so in the morning my hair is smoother and has a bit of curls. However, that smoothness and curls don't last long on my hair, but it's an easy way of making my hair more presentable when I remember to do it.

Gliss smells similar to La Vie Est Belle, so a floral-vanillary deep scent, which doesn't last long on my hair. I won't say it's a dupe for Kerastase, but it's very similar and neither really wow me. For hair that is less dry than mine, so has some dry ends, this is likely much better and reviews on DM are very positive.

GLISS 7 Sec Express Repair Treatment Split Ends Miracle
The third version I've tried and I love it too. These are amazing - truly one of the best things I've discovered for my very dry, easy to tangle hair. Normally I have to leave a conditioner on for 20 minutes on my thick hair to have a proper effect, but these actually work in the shower in seconds. I also use them as a type of co-washing, so when my hair is dry I just use these without shampoo. Split Ends Miracle works the same as the black Repair and yellow Nourishing version, so it doesn't matter which you pick up. These are liquid and transform into a rich emulsion when massaged on wet hair. They are silicone-free, yet make my hair feel like Pantene, silky smooth.

PANTENE Hair Superfood Conditioner
A repurchase. These finally have a better packaging. It was a nightmare getting the last third out from the hard bottles. Repair and Superfood both work great for my very dry hair. They nourish well and make it feel silky smooth, so my hair doesn't get tangled fast.

CANTU Shea Butter Sulphate-free Hydrating Cream Conditioner
Another repurchase. I always buy a bottle of this when I open one, so I have a backup. This is also in a new packaging, though I don't think an improved one, since the plastic feels harder than before, but it has a flap cap now. It's a conditioner that can leave my hair nourished for days, something than most conditioners can't do, but it's silicone-free, so it doesn't leave my hair smooth and I combine it with Pantene or Gliss to prevent my hair from getting tangled fast.

SUBRINA Oil Shower Gel Good Vibes
A new scent in the already massive family of 14. I like a great majority of scent, only Moroccan Treasure isn't my favourite and this version comes at the top with Cherry Blossom, Rose Garden, Fresh Elder and Perfume Drop. It starts with a note of pineapple, but it's what comes after I love even more - a sweet, fresh, clean almost powdery scent that is so familiar to me, but I can't put my finger on it. The scent from the bottle is more fruity, most similar to pineapple, but it changes in the shower. Scent is very strong and lingers on the skin for hours like a perfume - I absolutely love that about it. I already repurchased.

CERAVE SA Renewing Foot Cream
This is meant for extremely dry, rough and bumpy skin. It claims to exfoliate too, not just moisturise and it contains 3 essential ceramides, salicylic acid and ammonium lactate (AHA). Formula is very similar to their hand cream I love - it's thick and rich, yet it absorbs quite fast, not as quickly as the hand cream, but for a foot cream faster than most. I get thick skin fast after a pedicure and this is so far the best foot cream I've tried, however, I don't notice the exfoliating effect, just that it moisturises really well and my skin feels smoother after application. It's better than urea creams I've been using before.

SUNDANCE Sonnenmilch SPF 50+
A standard summer repurchase. I love the scent of these and they always protect well. It's not an elegant formula and I dislike my skin stays sticky all day, especially in the heat so stuff is sticking to the skin, but it's better than the spray and oil versions. I'd love to find something more elegant, but SunDance is the most reasonably priced.

NIVEA Care Shower Apricot & Apricot Seed Oil
A repurchase. One of my favourite shower gel scents, as it smells just like apricots.

BARFUSS Elektrischer Akku-Hornhautentferner
Electric Foot File
For years I've owned a practically useless old Balea version with a truly bad shape and little power. It's AA battery powered which drained so quickly that it barely turned after one pedicure. This time I planned to get the more expensive Scholl Velvet Pro version, but this was only 15 € and rechargeable, so I took a risk and decided to try it despite the lack of reviews. It's miles better than Balea, which set a low bar, but actually so far this one is performing surprisingly well. It's much stronger, doesn't slow down or stop as quickly when pressed against the skin, the rollers are rougher and better, it's got a good shape so I can reach places and it's also waterproof (only enough to be rinsed off, but ok). It's surprisingly good for 15 € (German Mullers have it for 20 €, at least one thing that's cheaper here). It changes for 8 hours and it says it works for 45 minutes. It hasn't discharged yet, so I still need to see how well the battery performs.

AVEO Men 5 in 1 Rasier System mit Korkgriff
Shaver with a cork handle
I've been using the same Balea Men Revolution 5.1 shaver for years and it fell on the floor so many times it's a true wonder it's still useful. I decided to finally "upgrade" and I picked this one is a more eco-friendly form. I always buy male shavers because I dislike bulky female ones with large strips that don't allow a close shave - male ones are so much better. But this is not as nice as Revolution. It has much poorer flexibility, so it feels stifer and doesn't glide as smoothly around bends. Balea's also has a bigger blade and is sharper. This can brag with is the cork handle which makes it heavy and that the packaging has no plastic. At least it was only 4,5 €.

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