August favourites and wishlist

četrtek, avgust 31, 2023

REVLON Colorstay Suede Ink Lipstick
001 Gut Instinct, 002 No Rules, 005 Hot Girl & 008 That Girl
I have three more of these, but these four are my favourites. They left a terrible first impression, as they were so dry and refused to swatch. I don't know if I am to blame, as before I swatched them, I took a ton of photos, so they were opened for quite a while or they all have this dry layer on the top, but once I "swatched it off", these became as Revlon describes them - creamy and opaque in one swipe. And what a great formula they are. Once they set on the lips, which is quick, they don't wipe off or smudge, they just stay in their place like a liquid matte lipstick. Formula is thin and matte, so don't expect any nourishment from these, they are most similar to Oriflame's The One Unlimited Ultra Fix, which are another of my favourites (but Revlon's are better). I can handle them fine and don't find them drying, but my lips don't often get dry. Basically if you can handle long lasting matte liquid lipsticks, you're going to love these. I admire not just their amazing staying power, but also the shades. I'm a big fan of 001 Gut Instinct, which is a colour similar to my natural lips. It looks more peachy in the tube, but on the lips it's more neutral. I also really like 002 No Rules, which is a deeper nude and 008 That Girl, a light pink shade. 005 Hot Girl is also a nice shade, despite looking so peachy orange in the tube. These need an oil remover to get off and can survive so much.

LAZARTIGUE Huile de Reves
I repurchased this recently and while I was without it, trying to use up my other oils, I was really missing it. It's quite unique, as it's very light for an oil that contains just proper oils and no silicones, and it has an effect that resembles silicone oils. It's got a dry oil texture and it's the lightest such oil I've tried, so I can use more often than other regular oils before my hair starts feeling like it needs a wash. It also doesn't it start smelling rancid on the hair in the following days like some other oils do (like coconut). I either use this as an overnight treatment or in the morning to tame nourish dry hair and tame the frizz. It's so expensive, but I've grown to really love it in the years I've been using it.   

Last month I "rediscovered" Sebastian Professional Dark Oil and this month I picked up Orofluido again. It's an ancient favourite, but I have so many similar products to use up, I've neglected it. It's one of the best silicone oils I've tried, Moroccanoil is the other one, but that one is so expensive. I apply a lot of it on damp hair after washing and it helps my hair stay nourished longer. It's also great on dry hair where it adds the final touches - tames, pull it all together and adds shine. It smells so great with the notes of amber and vanilla. The packaging is different now and they sell 50 ml bottles too. 

SVR Topialyse Huile Lavante
Anti-irritation lipid-restoring Anti-itching cleansing gel
I liked this the moment I tried it. I didn't expect it to be an actual oil, as I've tried a few such shower gel oils and they are all regular gels, but this one is a lot more like an oil and turns into a milky emulsion with water. It's not as rich as L'Occitane's, but better than the thin Balea shower oil. It's designed for sensitive, itchy, dry skin and can be used for anything. I love it for the body, it's nice on the face too (but it doesn't take off makeup and it's not as kind to the eyes as I'd expect from a product like this), while for the hair I surprisingly find it makes my hair too squeaky clean. It's nourishing on the skin, but for my hair it's too stripping - odd. It's fragranced with a gentle warm clean scent (I'm guessing the fragrance they used is hypoallergenic). I don't know if it helps with itching, but the skin feels comfortable after washing.

SCHWARZKOPF FA Fiji Dream Shower Gel
I picked this one only because it was on offer and after a few days of using it finally hit me why it smells so familiar - it smells so much like Bath & Body Works Champagne Apple & Honey, one of my favourite scents from them. It's a lovely sweet fruity scent, more like apple than watermelon or ylang-ylang. Formula is nothing special like at most drugstore shower gels, but it foams ok. 


MOROCCANOIL Frizz Shield Spray - Moroccanoil already has some of the best anti-frizz products, namely their Smoothing mask, conditioner and cream. I look forward to the launch of this spray. It kinds of sound like the Color Wow spray, which does nothing on me, while I know I can rely on Moroccanoil. 

CATRICE Soft Glam Filter Fluid - clearly an attempted dupe of Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Filter (or the E.l.f. version). I have the Hollywood one, which I find is nothing special for the price. This one comes in many shades which makes me hopeful it has more coverage than CT one. I might get it.  

CATRICE Soft Glam Filter Powder - this vaguely reminds me of Guerlain's Meteorites, as it has three colour correcting colours green, violet and pink. It promises a naturally radiant finish and a soft focus effect. 

CATRICE Cheek Affair Blush & Highlighter Palette - a blush-highlighter duo. 010 looks like a nice pink shade.  

CATRICE Highlighting Hero Duo Pencil - a combination of a matte and shimmery pencil. Looks nice for using in the waterline (matte) and in the inner corners. 

CATRICE AirBlush Glow 050 Berry Haze - they added new shades to this line. I had one, which looked nice in the pan, but ended up too peachy for my taste, while I liked the formula. The formula is not nearly as glowy as the Glow Cheek version, but it's a good satin-look blush.

ESSENCE blend & line eyeshadow stick - could these finally be a replacement for the long discontinued and great such crayon eyeshadow pencils Essence had years ago?   

CATRICE Marble-licious Liquid Lip Balm - tinted nourishing lip glosses. There are five shades. 

CATRICE Magic Shaper Contour & Glow Stick - Cream contour & highlighter duo. They already had a similar product in the past, which wasn't super impressive (especially compared to the discontinued powder version). Maybe this one is better. There are several shades. 

CATRICE Iconail Gel Laquer Stargazing and Purple Rain - new shades. I always look for a nice "starry sky" shades and Stargazing has potential. Purple Rain is a plum. 

CATRICE Endless Pearls Beautifying Primer - a radiant primer. Catrice doesn't have swatches, but I think it's subtle, or at least less glowy that the Soft Glam Filter.

CATRICE Tinted Lip Oil - There's several colours available, I saw them swatched and at least three have that (to me) annoying pH changing tint. Since I'm still interested in the formula I might get one of the lighter shades. Though their previous lip oil version wasn't nearly as nice as Essence's Cranberry oil.  

ESSENCE Hydra Kiss Lip Oil - another lip oil. It's would be great if the formula were the same as in their Cranberry version. 

ESSENCE love is in the air blushlighter - a glowy blush. Essence has no swatches and I'm not sure this will be sold here, as it's not on Slovene website, but I hope we get it.  

MAX FACTOR Facefinity Universal Primer - I saw this is new on DMs website. It's described as a mattifying, pore minimizing primer, so it's likely best for oily skin. 

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