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sobota, september 23, 2023

Soft Glam Filter Fluid
020 Light-Medium

The softly tinted, illuminating CATRICE Soft Glam Filter Fluid gives your face a "soft glam filter" effect for a soft-focus, perfected and radiant complexion. And it's a true all-rounder: The fluid can be applied on its own, as a primer under or over make-up, or to set targeted highlights. The formula with vitamin E and squalane also nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Catrice sells this as a 3-in-1 product. It can be worn (1) on its own and they mention subtle coverage or (2) as a primer or (3) as a liquid highlighter (it can be found among foundations, primers and highlighters on their website). It is available in several shades. So far I've only seen two in drugstores here, 010 and 020. The lightest shade on the website is 002. I got sent a shade that's much too dark for me and thought this is a sheer product, when I apply it, my face looks kind of dirty/uneven, so just because of that, I find it hard to like. I went to check a lighter shade, which looks better, but I didn't get because I already have a similar product from Charlotte Tilbury and I'm not going to buy a product just for a review, especially when it's not as good as a primer and highlighter than the more expensive option I already own.

I compared it to Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Hollywood Filter, which isn't my favourite product and I rarely use it, when I do it's mostly as a highlighter. At Catrice the glow is quite a lot more subtle than at the super glowy Hollywood Filter and difference is especially visible when they are worn alone. Catrice's version looks better when used that way, as Hollywood Filter is way too shiny and makes me look greasy, while Catrice's glow doesn't feel as over the top. In fact, I find that since my skin is dry, it looked more similar to a moderately shiny (tinted) moisturiser and not as a liquid highlighter/glowy primer. As far as coverage is concerned, I got a shade that's too dark, so the depth of the shade provides some coverage, but I think just like Hollywood it doesn't really cover anything. 

Since it's not as shiny, Soft Glam Filter is not the best as a liquid highlighter, as it's weak (for my taste and I'm also dealing with an bronzer-like too dark shade). I might have a different opinion if I had a shade that matches me, who knows, but it's not as glowy as CT. 

Worn on its own. Camera picks up less compared to CT Hollywood.

I wore the Catrice and CT version side by side with a (matte) foundation on top to properly compare them. Foundation applies nicely over both and luckily the foundation covers the mismatched shade. Catrice's glow is slightly less intense, but surprisingly although they look much different on their own, with a matte foundation on top, the level of glow is similar enough. But there are other differences at which you can see that drugstore doesn't quite match high-end in this case. On the side with Catrice, the smile line looked deeper and foundation started slipping into pores. Hollywood side looked better, however, neither are massively impressive in my eyes, as Hollywood doesn't hide/blur pores either, in fact without foundation and primer I can't see them, but with makeup on top, creases appear and pores are on display. 

So in short, yes it's similar to Hollywood in terms of glow when used as a primer, but not as a liquid highlighter and it's even less good at blurring/hiding pores are lines. I also feel that the side with Catrice looks more flat despite a similar glow level because the skin looks less fresh.  

Soft Glam Filter Powder

This skin-perfecting face powder offers a "soft glam filter" effect for a naturally radiant and soft-focus finish. With a balanced blend of shades, the CATRICE Soft Glam Filter Powder ensures a healthy look and is suitable for all skin tones.

I had high hopes for this after I saw a before after on Catrice's instagram. Of course I didn't get the same result. In theory it should be great - a mix of peachy, green and violet tones that colour correct the skin tone, so all very reminiscent of the Guerlain Meteorites. It also swatches beautifully, subtly glowly, but not shimmery. However, on the face it's looks flat. It's more matte than what the swatch promises and the foundation just doesn't look as nice with it. 

It says the shade is universal, but it swatches white and I think it leaves a cast, so it may just be for pale skin tones only. It makes the pores less visible on the pictures due to a mattifying effect, but in person they don't look minimised. On my chin it makes the foundation look textured. For a slightly blurring and glowy powder, Physician's Formula All Day Rose is still my first choice. 

It has a strange scent that might bother some. I find it's not too strong for me. 

Melted Sun Cream Bronzer
020 Beach Babe

The CATRICE Melted Sun Cream Bronzer gives the complexion a sunkissed look. It is easy to apply and blend. The soft, creamy texture with buildable coverage practically melts into the skin, creating a matte and smooth finish.

A creamy bronzer that gives me “Chanel Bronze Universel vibes” (not that I had it). Its pigmented creamy formula is more on the silicone-dry side. Finish is nice, natural and the bronzer looks like "it melted into the skin". Pigmentation is opaque when swatched, but it sheers out on the skin, which is a good thing, as such things should be applied gradually. It blends beautifully with a brush, but with fingers it needs some effort since it's a thin formula with not much slip. 

Shade is leaning to orange on me, so I'm not loving it as much as their bronzer from the Holiday Skin Bronze & Glow Palette. It swatches much cooler than it ends up on my cheeks.

To sum up - great formula, not the best shade for me. 

Curl it Volume & Curl Mascara

The CATRICE CURL IT Volume & Curl Mascara ensures ultra-volume and gives each individual lash a perfect curl! The specially curved silicone brush precisely separates the lashes. Thanks to the clump-free curl formula, the mascara keeps the lashes curled – for next level lashes for up to 24 hours!

A nice mascara even when it's freshly opened. It defines well, fans out the lashes and adds length. It's not a massively volumising mascara, but good enough and it a type of mascara that looks more natural than mega volumising formulas. It claims it curls the lashes - as someone with lashes that are hard to curl I can say it does nothing special, but that's hardly surprisingly since it's a regular formula. It doesn't smudge, crumble nor irritate my eyes. Lashes are still soft after several coats.

Glossin' Glow Tinted Lip Oil
010 Keep it Juicy and 030 Glow for the Show

The gamechanger in lip care: The CATRICE Glossin' Glow Tinted Lip Oil combines the high-gloss finish of a lip gloss with the intensive nourishing properties of a lip balm. The texture reacts to the natural pH value of the lips – for a unique, soft pink finish. The formula with cherry and pomegranate oil provides an ultimate nourishing boost.

Now we came to the stand outs in this update. These are just lovely. Very thick and rich, not sticky, they feel nourishing on the lips, they stick on for a long time, have a great level of gloss shine and feel like an oily gloss. Well done, it's even better than Essence's Cranberry Oil. These are super glossy on the lips and the shine lasts better than at many glosses. 

There are five shades and based on Catrice’s swatches three of the shades are those pH reacting one and those include the pink 010 Keep it Juicy, which starts of clear and then turns pink. Once it wears off, the lips stay pink. Shade 030 Glow For The Show is orange and it looks a bit orange on the lips - not the best look IMHO. They have a sweet, candy scent. 

Max it Up Lip Booster Extreme
010 Spice Girl and 030 Ice Ice Baby

The Max It Up Lip Booster Extreme by CATRICE is your partner in crime for voluminous-looking lips with a unique high-gloss finish. The soft applicator tip makes it easy to apply the lip gloss evenly and the shiny result with a hint of colour ensures full lips with a WOW effect!

These are just repackaged. Before the packaging was a square opaque metalic-looking tube - personally I think the new ones are a bit of a downgrade. I think I had both versions before, I certainly had the Icy Pumper (previously called 030 N'Ice Bonbon). The latter has a cooling effect and a blue-white shimmer that makes the lips look paler and apparently optically makes the teeth whiter (not that I noticed that).
The Spicy Plumper is a clear gloss with a tingly effect. Both don't have anywhere near the level of shine of Lip Oils and don't last as long either.

Sheer Beauties Nail Polish
010 Milky not Guilty and 040 Fluffy Cotton Candy

The perfecting CATRICE Sheer Beauties Nail Polish in delicate nude shades acts like a filter for the nails. The nails are visibly brightened with a bluish shimmer and the finish is sheer so that the colour of the natural nail still shines through a little.

Two shades for what I call an elegant nude manicure. Both aren't opaque not even with three coats, so they look like popular Essie shades like Madeimoselle and Ballet Slippers. Formula is very sheer with one coat, but all coats apply evenly. Both 010 Milky not Guilty and 040 Fluffy Cotton Candy end up similar on the nails.

Dream in Soft Glaze Nail Polish 
010 Hailey Baby

Create trendy nail looks in no time with the pearlescent CATRICE Dream In Soft Glaze Nail Polish. Thanks to the long-lasting formula with a "soft glazed" effect, the nails are perfectly styled and ready for the day!

A nail polish for that glazed donut manicure that was popular for five seconds. It's a frosty white shade and it's has more coverage with one coat that the two Sheer Beauties shades, but it works as a topper. It's closer to opaque with three coats than Sheer Beauties and looks similarly elegant on the nails. Formula is smooth at all coats.  

Dream in Jelly Sparkle
030 Sweet Jellousy

Create trendy nail looks in no time with the translucent CATRICE Dream In Jelly Sparkle Nail Polish with large glitter flakes. Thanks to the long-lasting formula with a "jelly sparkle" effect, the nails are perfectly styled and ready for the day!

More of a topper shade, though it can be build up to an more opaque look. On my nail it's three coats. It has a sheer reddish pink jelly base and gold flecks that don't come to focus as much as you can see in the bottle when you build up the shade. Since it's a glitter nail polish it's more difficult to remove. 

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