September favourites, updates and wishlist

sobota, september 30, 2023

Currently my favourite foundation, especially since my skin got more dry. It doesn't have the highest level of coverage, which I don't mind anyway, as light-medium is enough for me. Formula is light, doesn't feel greasy, it's hydrating and blends seamlessly into the skin. Finish used to be very glowy on my skin, but now that it's dry, it's more natural. Shade is one of the best matches in my collection. It's pale in about the same depth as Revlon's Colorstay 110 Ivory, but it's not as pink, it's more cool-neutral.

ESSENCE Baby Got Blush
01 Tickle me pink
I was waiting ages for these to get to a local drugstore and it did not disappoint. Formula isn't anything ground-breaking, in fact the stick is quite hard and can take off foundation if you apply it straight from the tube, but with a brush it works really well. Result is a nicely blended flush with soft edges and the shade is a cool-ish pink - it's a rarity in my collection, since such shades always pull warm on me and this one creates a proper baby doll flush. It smells like watermelon.

BOURJOIS Velvet The Pencil
01 Nudifull, 02 Amou-Rose and 03 In Mauve Again
I have all five that are sold here, but these three natural shades are my favourites. Especially shade 03 In Mauve Again, as it ends up most neutral on my lips. All three are about the same depth, the difference is in the undertones - 01 is a warm beige and 02 a warm light pink. These are one-swipe lip colours, so well pigmented, also very creamy and don't drag on the lips. They are matte, but not dry/fully matte, so they feel comfortable, however, they aren't nourishing/moisturising. I wouldn't say they are transfer-proof, but they last on the lips well.

CATRICE Glossin' Glow Tinted Lip Oil
010 Keep it Juicy and 030 Glow for the Show
These are just lovely. Very thick and rich, not sticky, they feel nourishing on the lips, they stay on for a long time, have a great level of glossy shine and feel like an oily gloss. These are super glossy on the lips and the shine lasts better than at many glosses. The pink 010 Keep it Juicy starts of clear and then turns pink (pH reacting formula). Once it wears off, the lips stay pink. Shade 030 Glow For The Show is light orange.

MOROCCANOIL Color Deposing Mask 
I'm still dyeing my blonde hair with temporary brown colours. I always use Subrina or Wella, but this time I treated myself to Moroccanoil because honestly, I really dislike how unnourished and hard those two formulas leave my hair (as much as everyone praise how soft they leave their hair, me and my thick hair texture are not so lucky). This was so worth the high price. My hair felt so soft and silky, it was shiny and manageable - truly Moroccanoil is a brand I can rely on and is worth splurging on. Colour is somewhere between Wella's Chocolate Touch and Subrina's Warm Brown reddish brown, so warmer/more reddish than my natural hair colour, but the depth is close, meaning this is quite a deep brown. I actually didn't need to use as much as of Wella, so maybe this tube will last me longer than two and a half uses (Subrina's 60 ml lasts one application for my long hair). I also own shade Lilac and it took a long time to wash off, which is also a reason why I started with Subrina instead, as for that one I know it always washes off completely. I already washed my hair once and not a lot of colour came off at Moroccanoil version, which means it will last a long time on my hair, but it also has me slightly worried it may not come off as well as Subrina and Wella.

MOROCCANOIL Frizz Shield Spray
A new product by Moroccanoil and I got just a mini to try first. It's a similar thing as the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural spray, as it promises to tame frizz, help achieve a smooth blow out and protect against humidity (up to 90%). Color Wow does nothing on me, so that was a major disappointment despite the raves, but this Moroccanoil one is so far really raising up to the challenge. Just like Color Wow, it's supposed to be applied as the last step (I applied my usual leave-ins before) and it needs to be activated by heat. I spray a lot of it on well towel dried hair and just dry my hair with a hair drier (Remington round brush). Frizz is significantly reduced, I wouldn't say my hair is completely smooth (it is where my natural hair is, but not where it's coloured), but compared to almost everything at the moment, it's brilliant (though their Smoothing Lotion is similar) and an extra oil or something after blow drying does the final smoothing touches. My hair feels so soft and it's easy to manage. Together with their Color Depositing mask my hair stayed so nice for almost a full week and even though I was caught in a little bit of rain. With a non-Moroccanoil treatment that time is shorter. I don't want to rave about this just yet, though I'm impressed after two uses, but I need to try it for longer and in combination with other products, especially drugstore. Also it looks like you need to use a lot for one use, which is a minus at such a price.   


I don't count these as my favourites because either the shades don't fit me or the formulas aren't the right fit for my needs, but these are all nice products. 
CATRICE Soft Glam Filter Fluid is a decent drugstore alternative to the overly expensive (and overhyped) Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Hollywood Filter. It adds a very similar level of glow as a primer under foundation, though it's not as intense as a liquid highlighter and it doesn't looks as ok over pores and lines as the CT. From far away you won't notice a difference. 
CATRICE Melted Sun Cream Bronzer has an impressive creamy formula that "melts" into the skin for a natural look. The only reason why it's not a favourite of mine is because this shade isn't the best for my pale skin.
CATRICE Curl it Mascara is great at defining, fanning out the lashes and add a good level of volume. It doesn't curl the lashes or hold a curl, but if you have no problem in that area, this mascara will work out just fine for you.
CATRICE Sheer Beauties nail polishes are shades that don't look fully opaque even with three coats, but the manage to look so elegant on the nail and give me Essie Ballet Slippers/Mademoiselle vibes, which are two popular shades. 


BALEA Niacinamide Nachtcreme - after day cream with spf 30, they also launched a night cream. Just like the day version it has 10% niacinamide, plus this version has 5% grapeseed oil. 

BALEA Beauty Expert Hydration Toner - this looks really good. It doesn't just have 2% Panthenol and 0,2% Allantoin, but also betaine, urea, several aminoacids, glutamic acid and a couple of extracts. Looks like a great basic hydrating toner for every skin type.

BALEA Beauty Expert Glow Toner - a toner with 2% of (weak) stable versions of vitamin C, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbic Glucoside. It also has panthenol (1%), aminoacids, a mini amount of niacinamide and urea. My feelings are lukewarm about this one. It'd be more interested if percentages were higher and maybe if they use Ascorbic Acid or Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate.

BALEA MED Ultra Sensitive Pflegendes Reinigungsöl - a new affordable cleansing oil for sensitive skin. Ingredients list it short and it contains a small amount of Centella Asiatica and squalane. 

COLOR WOW Dream Cocktail Kale-Infused Leave-in Treatment - I hear great things about this leave-in. It's promises to make the hair stronger, reduce breakage and it's a heat protectant. 

LA RIVE Elegant Woman Eau de Parfum - I'm speculating here because this just appeared on Müller's website and there are no reviews, but given how similar the bottles are, this might be La Rive's attempted dupe for the famous (and shockingly expensive) Baccarat Rouge 540. Though Arianna's Cloud is often mentioned as a dupe too, which I have and it's the blandest perfume on me ever. 

GARNIER Good Permanent Hair Colour - this looks interesting and new, but it could just be a basic hair colour. Garnier mentions it's applied like a hair mask, it's described as a 90% natural origin colour kit, it has shea butter, it's ammonia-free and it's mixed in the pot, not in the developer bottle. These look cool, but the might not that revolutionary. 

GARNIER Body Superfood Vitamin C 48h Glow Boosting Crème - there are a few versions of these body moisturisers. This one contains a small amount of a stable version of vitamin C. 

MOROCCANOIL Luminous Hair Spray - I'm really loving Moroccanoil products at the moment and I'm kinda in a need of a good hair spray. I hear this one adds a good amount of shine, not just hold.  

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