Eveline Velvet Mat Lipstick 510

četrtek, oktober 05, 2023

I was on a search for a dupe or at least a similar shade as my ancient Jordana Matte Lipstick in 48 Pink Passion (discontinued) and Mac Please Me, as I use Jordana a lot especially for before/after pictures of foundations (for some reason it helps the camera pick up the skin tone better). I found a fairly good shade at Eveline and it's even matte like Jordana and Mac. 

Formula was quite creamy when it was new, but not long after it was opened, it became drier. Luckily it looks like once it reached a certain stage of dryness, that process stopped. I've not experienced this at lipsticks quite so soon, usually it takes a couple of years (it happened at both Jordana and Mac's lipsticks by now), but it's still gliding on the lips just fine and it's not drying or flaky. Pigmentation is merely ok and I find myself applying several layers. It also doesn't match Jordana nor Mac in terms of staying power, but it wears off evenly. 

Shade 510 is a pale warm pink, which on my skin tone looks somewhat vibrant, but I think deeper skin tones may hide this vibrancy and make it look more muted. It's very similar to both Jordana 48 Pink Passion and Mac's Please me, though in the tube they don't quite match as Eveline looks brighter, but swatched and on the lips they are very alike. Eveline's shade comes of looking a lot creamier/shinier when freshly applied, then it sets in a while, but both Mac's and Jordana's versions are completely matte from the start. Consequently, Eveline's version is a lot less dry than those two, in fact it's quite comfortable on the lips.  

Packaging is not the best quality. It reminds me of those MUA lipstick they used to sell for 1 GBP. It's a cheap, light plastic and I fear the cap might crack one day. Not that Jordana had any better packaging.

Lipstick has a fruity scent.  

It's not the best quality, but good enough and the shade is a good match for Mac's Please Me and the discontinued Jordana 48 Pink Passion (and that long discontinued Essence's lipliner Wish Me a Rose if you remember it). It isn't expensive, as it's 5,09 € in DM (Notino has it too), so I won't be too heartbroken if it goes bad fast, but Jordana's was very cheap and it lasted years.  

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