PUPA MILANO Vamp! Waterproof Mascara

nedelja, oktober 22, 2023

A while back I was sent a few Pupa Vamp mascaras, all regular formulas, which aren't the best suited for my lashes, since my lashes don't hold a curl. However, the formula impressed me so much, I really wanted to get my hands on a waterproof formula. The regular formula fans out the lashes so lovely, it adds plenty of volume even with one coat and just makes the lashes look so nice. I was hoping for a similar effect from the waterproof one, but I know from experience waterproof and regular formulas at all mascaras tend to differ a lot in terms of performance. This one isn't quite as nice as the regular formula, but it's regardless a good mascara and it improved with time. 

As is usual for waterproof formulas, this is drier than its washable sibling. That means it deposits less product on the lashes with one coat and you'd expect that would make it even more defining because you're applying the product slower, however, it doesn't define and fan out the lashes as impressively as the regular formula. I had to use a clean silicone comb to separate the lashes, though to be fair it wasn't that clumpy to begin with, but I'm one who really like a well-defined lash look. It was not the best when I opened it, but it the next weeks it improved as the formula dried and thickened. I need two coats for a good amount of volume, but it's not like the regular formula. This is a proper waterproof formula that hold the lashes well, but it is the slowest drying waterproof mascara I've tried. It's also one of those that is more difficult to remove that the average waterproof formula, though nothing on a level of Catrice Doll mascara, but a separate dual phase remover is needed as my cleansing oil (Nuxe Very Rose or Hada Labo) doesn't get it off on its own. It's very long lasting on the lashes, it doesn't smudge, but I've noticed a few times some black spots under my eyes at the end of the day, meaning it can crumble.

Brush is a classic one, the same at regular formula, but mine is bent. I had several Pupa Vamp mascaras and none's brush was bent. It's a clumsy brush as no matter how hard I try, I get smudges on my eyelids, so it's the type of mascara like to I'd apply first before other eye makeup. It's been months and I still haven't gotten a hang of the application.

When I bought it, the price was already high at 17 €, but now it's 20 €. 

It's good, but because it doesn't perform as great as the regular formula, it doesn't stand out from my other waterproof favourites, which are cheaper (Essence I <3 Extreme Waterproof and Revlon Volumazing), so I don't know if I'd buy it again - probably not because that price increase is ridiculous. Regular formula is great and I recommend, as well as their coloured mascaras.

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