NAJ OLEARI Lovely Cheek Blush 02 Petal Pink

četrtek, april 25, 2024

It was a raving review that pointed me to this blush. I've been eyeing these for a while, as the whole brand has a luxury feel too it, but it's doesn't have inflatted high-end prices, as they are more of a mid-range. You really get a quality blush and a premium packaging is an extra plus.

Pigmentation is about a medium and I don't mean that in a bad way. It doesn't pack a punch with one layer, so you need to build up, but it has such a lovely smooth texture that it never looks patchy and layers very nicely. My pale skin neess two coats for a subtle look and three for a more vibrant flush. The review that sold me on this blush claimed that it hides pores - I don't find that it does, but it does look very smooth on the cheeks. It has fine shimmer that adds a subtle shine, like a natural healthy glow.

Shade 02 Petal Blush was the pinkest in the bunch on the stand here, but it's a fairly basic peachy pink. I assume it would suit most. The rest of the shades were peachier and more brownish. The colour lasts well on my cheeks.

Packaging is beautiful. It's a combination of the popular rose gold with a pink patterned design. Blush comes with a velvet pouch, just like Dior and Lancome's blushes do (or at least used to). There is an extra mini blush that surprisingly isn't useless, but it won't replace a proper blush brush as it's quite small.

I got it in Müller. Regular price is about 22 €, but it's not uncommon to find a discount on Naj Oleari products.

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