April Favourites and Wishlist

torek, april 30, 2024

A mascara that gives plenty of volume, length and keeps my lashes curled. When it was new, it wasn't that impressive and it still isn't as fantastic as the regular version (that one is truly impressive), but it gives quite a lot of volume with one coat, which is rare for a waterproof formula.

I've been giving this another go and I've been wearing it a lot this month. I did not like it much when I bought it and just put it in a drawer, but recently I decided to try to make it work, so it doesn't end up forgotten. It's a difficult blush to apply. Fingers don’t' work well, as blush moves too much on the skin, but you also have to be careful with a brush too to avoid it looking uneven. I try to coat the brush as evenly as I can and with a thin coat for product, so I can apply it gradually. That way I get a seamlessly blended peachy-pink shade flush with some glow. It's one of those types of warm pinky shades that suit most skin tones. Though this is very metallic, the glow isn't intense on me because I have to be careful with the amount, as this is very pigmented, but the glow is noticeable. It lasts well on my skin and it's still on at the end of the day.

Such a gorgeous colour. It's the perfect my-lips-but-better shade and it's almost fully opaque. Formula is plush and moisturising, and while it doesn't last as long as their Glossin Glow formula, it can hang on well too. It tingles slightly

BEAUTY OF JOSEON Revive Eye Serum Ginseng + Retinal
I've been using this for about a month and I quite like it. I got it as a replacement for Geek & Gorgeous A-Game 10 that I waited to come back in stock for months. I can't report about results except that my skin feels nice, but the ingredients list is great. It has 2% liposome retinal (0.02% active), so it's weaker than Geek & Gorgeous with 0.1%, but my skin likes it and it's available in my local drugstore. It also has ginseng extract (10%), niacinamide, adenosine, hyaluronic acid, cholesterol, ceramides, a peptide and a couple of oils/butters. Texture is a light lotion, but it feels like a moisturiser on the skin. It has a typical gingseng scent, like Sulwhasoo products. There was no irritations or dryness at this formula. It's an eye cream, but there is 30 ml of product, so like most retinol/retinal products.

ORIFLAME Novage+ Proceuticals Ultra Light UV-Age Day Shield SPF 50
A very pleasant SPF. It doesn't feel greasy and I can easily apply 2-3 fingers worth of product. It's has some shine at the start, but it quite quickly settles to a matte/invisible one on my (dry) skin. It has no scent and it doesn't irritate my eyes.

First I was impressed by Cerave's Moisturising Cream and now I enjoy using this too. I like thick, rich formulas and this is precisely such a moisturiser. It takes longer to absorb than Cerave, in fact this sits on the skin for a while, forming a sort of a protective layer, so my skin feels nicely nourished in the morning. I'm particularly happy about the pump because it makes it all so easy, especially when I want to use it as a hand cream (though for that I still prefer Cerave's fast absorbing Moisturising Cream during the day). I like this as a face moisturiser as well. It is unscented, it contains thermal spring water from La Roche-Posay, Niacinamide, 8% Glycerin and 20% Shea Butter that nourish and restore the skin barrier, while AP+M technology in a formula that helps rebalance the microbiome. It's designed for very dry, atopic, itchy skin and for those with allergies.


BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Serum Roll-on Concealer 49 Ivory - I'm very excited about this. I've been a fan of Healthy Mix Formula for years and Bourjois concealers were some of my favourites in the past until they discontinued them (Radiance Reveal & 123 Perfect CC). Hopefully this formula looks as natural and nice as the foundation and that shade 49 is actually light enough for me. It's already on DM's website, but my local DM didn't have it when I went to look for it.

L'OREAL Elvital Glycolic Glosss 5 Minute Lamination Rinse-off - since I left my natural hair grow out, my (natural) hair colour looks so unusually flat and without shine. It could be the hard water, as I often forget the acid rinse, though I have been using hair oil as a pre-wash regularly, which should protect the hair. I haven't seen this in the shops yet, though there are Slovene ads, which is odd. I was researching for best hair gloss products and this was mentioned as the cheapest. I'll give this a go when I try it and hopefully it will add some much needed shine to my hair.

MOROCCANOIL Brumes du Maroc Fragranc Mist for hair and body - I ran out of Aussie's Scent-sational hair perfume which was brilliant and much to my dismay I discovered it has been removed from the shelves of DM and just about everywhere appart from Amazon. I bought a replacement from Balea, which smells really great, but it doesn't last all day like Aussie. I'd like to give this one a try if it's strong enough. It was mentioned as one of the best when I was searching for replacements online.

NIVEA SUN Derma Skin Clean with Niacinamide - I like Nivea's face sunscreens and I always have one in stock. This is one of the new ones and it looks likeable. It's meant for unclear skin and has niacinamide.

MOROCCANOIL Frizz Control Conditioner - a new line by Moroccanoil that both replaces the Smooth line and completes the Frizz Control line. Moroccanoil oil products are by far the best to combat frizz on my hair. I love their Mask, Frizz Shield, Lotion and the Blow-Dry Concentrate. I'll try this conditioner too - it's probably very similar to the Smooth one anyway and that one was great.

BALEA Beauty Expert UV-Protection Fluid SPF 50 - Sun Dance hasn't made the best SPF formulas in the last years when it comes to lightness, which is odd considering many years ago they had lovely lightweight formulas. We'll see if DM managed to create a light, liquid formula in the Beauty Expert line. It's without alcohol, which is nice to see. It's already on DM's website, but my local DM didn't have it when I went to look for it. Reviews are mostly positive.

BALEA Beauty Expert Vitamin C Eye Booster - I won't get this, but I like the ingredients. It has niacinamide, 2% of vitamin C in a stable ascorbyl glucoside form, caffeine and peptides. Reviews so far praise it.

PUPA Vamp! Fluid Eyeshadow - I haven't seen these yet, but the shades look wearable. I generally prefer stick eyeshadows, but this might be nice.

SCHAEBENS Peeling Fussmaske - one of those acidic masks that make the dead skin peel off in a super ugly way, but then your feet look nice. It's nice to see another brand came out with this. These usually don't work well on me though, as my skin is too thick.

SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL OSiS+ Sparkler Shine Spray - a shine spray that I found on a few best of lists.

COLOR WOW Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray - another shine spray I found on the best of list, but this one is very expensive.

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