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torek, april 15, 2014

Müller had a 20% off some high-end mascaras and I couldn't pass up the chance to repurchase one of my favourites. This time I got the Star version of Hypnôse which is in a glamorous shimmery packaging and has a different wand, however, the formula is the same as the original waterproof one (I actually wanted the Doll version, but the only one there was already opened, used and put back in a box. Who does that!?). I'll do a post where you'll see the difference between the original, but so far I'll say I prefer the original wand. 
Regular price in Müller is 33.99 € (27.19 € with that discount).

The lightest shade is a bit dark for me, but the formula is very similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in terms of coverage and how almost invisible it looks on the skin, but the finish is different, it's more satin/matte. There will be a review, but you can read a review of the CC Eye cream here.
It's priced probably around 14 €, I'm not sure because I bought it with a coupon.

I grabbed this at the registers in H&M because I liked the colour and I was curious about the formula. There are several shades, I remember a couple of pinks and a red, this one is a warm, pink-raspberry shade. These are like liquid lipstick that are very pigmented, but staying power is not that impressive. Review with swatches will be posted.
Priced 3.95 €.

Look at that adorable packaging! It's supposed to be scented and after reading a few reviews I expected a heavy scent, but I barely smell anything at all. The colour is beautiful and the quality of the polish is nice. I'll post swatches.
6.99 € in Müller.
I've been on a search for a new powder and I'm considering maybe taking a plunge and buying the famous Guerlain Meteorites. Whilst researching online, I found a review comparing essence pearls (not sure which TE was it) with Guerlain's (not is a sense that they are dupes) and the reviewer said that it's a lovely highlighter, so I picked them up also to see how I get along with the concept of powder pearls/balls. I only purchased them a couple of days ago, but first impressions are good. It's a very subtle highlighter, nothing exceptional, but cute and nice to have if you manage to still find them. I'll post a review with swatches soon.
3.59 € in DM.

This shade immediately caught my attention in the shop and I have nothing similar in my collection. It's a bleached (muted) neon coral-pink that is quite a statement shade. I'll post swatches. 
2.49 € in Müller.

essence all about matt! fixing compact powder
I'm so fed up with my Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and as I said, I've been researching online for my next powder. Honestly, I'd never even look at essence powder in a shop, but a lot of people seem to love it and it's cheap so when I had a discount in DM I just tossed it in the shopping basket. It's has a high rating on Make up Alley, but I suspect it's more due to the affordable price than it being absolutely fantastic. First impressions are ok, I like it better than MAC's, but I've only been using it a few days. I'll update you on how I like it in time, I think I need to get through the top layer first to see how good it actually is.
3.29 € in DM.

 Pantene Expert Collection Anti Age conditioner
I haven't bought anything from Pantene in about a decade. I never liked the brand and their ridiculously retouched advertising campaigns make me angry, but I heard good things about this conditioner and I can't resist trying a supposedly nice drugstore treatment. I've only used it once and I need a bit more testing before giving my assessment, but so far I'm not impressed.
7.49 € in Müller.

Sebastian Professional Potion 9
One of my readers alerted me that there was a 20% off code on Look Fantastic (thanks Sunshine!) and I couldn't pass on buying Potion 9 and Bumble and bumble Pret-a-Powder. Potion 9 is a leave-in conditioner and styling product in one. I am very, very impressed by it and it's my favourite thing out all the stuff I bough recently. I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw the ingredients and it's fantastic for my super dry hair even though it feels almost weightless. There will be a review.
Regular price 11.75 € for 50 ml on Look Fantastic. There also a larger size available.

Phyto 9
Nourishing day cream with 9 plants
This is a very hyped up moisturiser for hair that is silicone free and after reading a ton of very favourable reviews I expected a lot, but I was disappointed. I'll do a full review, however, I can say that this is not enough for my dry hair and it feels weird, like applying a face/body moisturiser.
15.85 € in Leposana (Leclerc), which is a lot cheaper than online. I love that shop!
I don't know why, but I really, really wanted this. It's an interesting concept of a dry shampoo, volumising powder and style extender in one that really appealed to me, even though I use dry shampoo only occasionally, usually on the 3rd or 4th day after I washed the hair and only to make it smell nice and refresh volume, not because it's greasy. There will be a full review with more details, but I'll just say that is smells absolutely divine and gives a lot of volume. 
I paid 21.16 € with a code on Look Fantastic, regular price is about 26 €.

Redken diamond oil shampoo and conditioner samples
Shampoo: I had a 10 ml sample that I used up in one wash. It smells so lovely, it reminds me of something, but I think it's something tropical. The texture is somewhat creamy, but not hydrating. I find it leaves my hair too squeaky clean, but I can comb through it after washing. I wouldn't market this as shampoo for dry hair, but it should work for other types of hair.
Conditioner: A bit too thin and runny for my liking. It has the same scent as the shampoo. 10 ml was not enough for my hair, so I couldn't properly test it, but it certainly wasn't moisturising enough for my hair.
Ingredients of both shampoo and conditioner here.

 Balea Summer 2014 LE Carambola Lambada and Mango Mambo
Like last year, Balea released a tropical inspired LE that includes shower gels, body lotions and a deodorant.
Carambola Lambada shower gel - I think this is my favourite out of all tropical scents by Balea. It's fresh like a grapefruit scent, but with some sweetness. Lovely!
Mango Mambo shower gel - the same mango scent as last year. Super sweet, like a cocktail or candy (Haribo bears).
0.99 € in DMs (Did anyone else notice that they are 14 cents more expensive than last year?).

I repurchased one of my favourite shower gels.This smells so flipping amazing, it always makes me smile.
0.99 € in DM.

Garnier Ultra Doux Honey Treasures Reconstructing Shampoo
An average drugstore shampoo with a creamy formula. It doesn't strip the hair nor nourish it and it leaves the hair quite tangled. It foams a lot, which I'm really enjoying because I've been using sulphate free shampoos for a long time now and I've developed this contempt for them. It smells very generic, soapy clean but a bit sweet, though nothing like a proper honey scent. It's a shampoo for those who just grab something at the drugstore and don't really put much thought into hair care because they don't need to. I'm disappointed, but what can you really expect from a shampoo this cheap.
Ingredients here.
2.89 € in DM for 400 ml, there is also a smaller size available.

Nivea Double Effect Auger Make-Up Entferner
I couldn't find my regular Maybelline remover in DM, so I picked up this one. It's the same concept, a two-phase oily make up remover that I use for removing waterproof mascara. It's less oily than Maybelline's and this one doesn't make my vision blurry either, but it's less effective and it takes a lot more rubbing to get the mascara off, hence why I'm not impressed. I like the packaging of this one more because it has a flip lid. 
Ingredients of Maybelline's and Nivea's side by side here.
4.29 € in DM.

I've said on several occasions that I genuinely dislike this hair mask and I still do. However, my mother adores it (go figure) and I bought it for her as a Mother's Day gift after she ever so "subtly" implied with an empty pot in her hands that her favourite mask had run out. It usually happens this way, I give her something I don't quite like and then I end up repurchasing it for her because she loves it (I bought three of Deborah lipsticks in a row). The bow is the maximum extent of my decorating abilities.
15 € on eBay from this seller (much cheaper than elsewhere).

Have a great day!

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  1. Nekako sem dobila zadnjič občutek v DM-u, da so se vsi Baleiini izdelki podražili za par centov. Mene so swatchi tega Maybelline laka navdušili, ker je večinoma izgledal kot pravi neon marečlični lak, ampak v živo mi v steklenički ni bil všeč, ker je izgledal preveč nude in premalo neon. Se pa zelo veselim tvojih swatchev. :D

    1. Ja, sem opazila. Malo trapasto, če mene vprašaš :/
      Bom poskusila naredit čim bolj točne swatche, samo že vem da je taka barva, da je moj fotoaparat ne bo maral. Ampak je kar neon v živo, ni ravno nude :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that the Phyto hair cream was disappointing! It's been on my wish list for ages, I'll have to look into an alternative option xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    1. I find it strange because it has no silicones, so it lacks that slip and it doesn't glide evenly on the hair. It's not awful, but it certainly didn't moisturise well when my hair was really dry and I had to resort to an oil :)

  3. Looking forward to the reviews! Specially the CC Cream and lip tint ones =)

  4. Revlonov lak imam Ginger Melon, pa mi 2 dni zelo močno diši, potem se pa počasi razdiši. Očitno niso vsi oddtenki enako močni =/

    1. Sem slišala, da ima Ginger Melon močen vonj po cukri, ampak Bordeaux pa res praktično nič ne diši in vonj je nekako neopisljiv.

  5. I first tried Potion 9 last year at the hairdresser's and loved how great-looking my curls were. I had great looking hair for a good five days! All I had to do was spray it with some water and finger comb it. I bought the large-size bottle -and gave some of it to my sister- and though I like it very much, it didn't wow me as much as it did that first time.
    I bought mine from Spanish Ebay, much cheaper than from any salon or beauty supply store here.

    I had that pressed translucent powder and I liked it very much. Sadly, one day it fell off my clumsy hands and shattered. I tried to fix it by pressing it again with alcohol but didn't really work, so I had to throw them away.
    The Catrice loose powders has great reviews as well. If you're into Asian skincare -or are willing to give it a go-, the brand Innisfree has the 'no sebum mineral' line, that has both a pressed and a loose powder version. I bought my sister the pressed one and it's quite good.

    I'm curious: have you tried shampoo bars (Lush or other brands). What do you think of them? I find them very convenient and have been using the ones from the UK brand Bubbly / Bodyline for ages.

    1. I really like Potion 9. It's like a super tamer and it makes a big difference when I blow-dry my hair :)

      I never tried Catrice's powders, maybe I should. I'm actually looking for something that gives a bit of luminosity and has a blurring effect rather than something that's super matte :)

      I never tried any shampoo bars. I was interested in them for a while, but I have this fear that they might be drying, you know like bar soaps are. But I might just be paranoid :)

  6. I didn't like Phyto 9 either. Made my hair feel stiff and dry/rough to the touch. I'm new here and really love your reviews and swatches! Excellent job! :)

    1. My hair absorbs Phyto 9 in five minutes and then it's like I applied nothing, the dryness is still there.
      Thank you and welcome to my blog :)

  7. Jaz sem pa kupila svetlejšo različico Maybelline laka in sicer 241. Tega tvojega odtenka niti nisem našla v trgovini. Bom morala še kdaj pogledat za druge odtenke:) Cookies and Cream perlice sem dolgo gledala na koncu pa vzela samo senčilo, katerega kvaliteta mi je zelo všeč. Ampak mi je zdaj žal, da nisem še perlic kupila. Sem imela enkrat ene od Essence iz Poseidon LE in so mi bile zelo všeč:))

    1. Jaz sem samo tega videla od Bleached Neons in je bilo stekleničk tega odtenka kar nekaj na stojalu v Müllerju (NM afkors) :)
      Sem naletela na polno stojalo Cookies & Cream in so me samo perlice pritegnile. Na netu mi je izgledala ta TE bolj zanimiva kot v živo.

    2. Jaz pa spet drugih nisem videla, samo nekega zelenega in roza se mi zdi:) No to se meni velikokrat zgodi z njihovimi kolekcijami:)

  8. Tudi mene je Phyto 9 razočaral. Teksture sem se sicer navadila, pa lase me tudi naredi lepše takoj ko ga nanesem, ampak učinek na žalost samo par uric drži.

  9. I also wanted to try Phyto 9 but now I'm disappoonted... I've read so many good reviews on that. At the moment I really enjoy to use LUSH R&B moisturizer on my dry ends. But the scent... you either love ir or hate it :D

    PS: I always love to read your hair care posts :)