10 Current Drugstore Picks

četrtek, junij 05, 2014

Are you feeling uninspired and want some cheap trills? I've got you covered. I selected 10 products from the drugstore range that I find fabulous at the moment and worth checking out. 

Tinted Sunscreen
My favourite sunscreen for the face that is so light, not at all sticky and literally feels like nothing on your skin. It's also lightly tinted which means there is none of that ghastly white cast. I'm in love with it at the moment.
3.69 € in DM.

I find this perfect for warmer months because it has a light formula with a matte-satin finish. It has a nice level of coverage despite the thin consistency and it makes the skin look better without being obvious you're wearing make up.
14 € in DM/Müller/Asos/Boots.

I know, I keep banging on about this being my favourite highlighter, but I can't help myself. I'm a fan of a natural looking glow and this delivers. It's a warm toned liquid highlighter which gives a subtle radiance to the skin that won't make people ask you why there is shimmer on your face (which has happened to me, I'm afraid). It can be used as a primer under make up, mixed with foundation or on top of make up on the high points of your face. The formula is very light, not greasy and also a bit mattifying in a sense that it blocks natural oils and the only dewyness is from the product.
About 10 € in Müller/DM/Boots.

 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet
08 Grand Cru. I haven't done a review for 02 Frambourjoise yet, but Taja swatched Pink Pong, Petra from Adjusting Beauty did 01 Personne ne rouge and Sanja from Sparkle with laughter 07 Nude-ist.
When it comes to dark or bright shades, I say go matte or go home and Bourjois has got you covered. These have the best matte finish and are not at all drying. They need a bit more work because the first layer isn't fully opaque, but the final result is stunning once it dries. My favourite at the moment is Frambourjois, a gorgeous rose-red-pink that is a perfect mix between a fun and a glamorous colour (why does nobody talk about this shade? I know it looks boring in the tube, but on the lips it's fantastic). I plan to get more of these (Olé flamingo, you will be mine!).
12.99 € in Müller/DM/Asos/Boots.

Lets be honest, it could be any RT brush here, but I am absolutely in love with this one at the moment. I never liked finishing powders because they made my foundation look so cakey and obvious, but this brush is so soft and fluffy that it deposits the perfect thin veil of product. I just can't stop brushing it on my face, it's so lovely! It also works great for applying a touch of bronzer (especially if you're pale and fear you'll over-apply) and pigmented blushes.
Prices vary, but you can get it cheapest for 9$ on iHerb, Slovenes can get it on Moja Drogerija for 12.95 € (currently 15% off code: 12000).

Catrice Defining Blush
I'm calling it - these are the best powder blushes I've ever tried. The texture is perfect, so smooth and not at all chalky (though they swatch chalky, but they don't look like that on the cheeks). They are so easy to apply and blend, the pigmentation is superb and they actually last on my cheeks. My favourite shade is Rose Royce which is an amazing rosy-neutral shade that goes with everything. I just wish the shade range was bigger.
3.79 € in Müller.

Dubbed as the Bioderma dupe, but only in texture since I find that when it comes to how effective it is, it isn't quite there. At the moment I like using this in the morning before applying a moisturiser, but I also use it as a make up remover at the end of the day. It feels like water and leaves a clean feeling on the skin, though, I hear it irritates some people's eyes. It's a big 400 ml bottle for a super affordable price.
5.29€ in DM/Müller.

This has been a staple in my skin care routine since the long gone year of 2007. It's a clay based cleanser-face mask with salicylic acid that I use mainly as a face mask when my skin feels congested and spotty. It's one of the rare clay masks that doesn't dry out my skin, but still manages to clear up my pores and make my skin look that bit better. I love that it comes is a big tube and it lasts a long time.
Price revolves around the 5 € mark in DM.

Not so much a proper scrub, but more of an every day wash and a very luxurious feeling one at that. It's so nourishing and the foam is so creamy that there is no need for a lotion afterwards, though it pairs wonderfully with the corresponding Ultimate Beauty Oil. The scrub particles are too sparse for my liking, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't do its job.
4.99 € in Müller; 5.59 € in DM; currently £4.77 in Boots; 9.3 € on Feel Unique.

Drugstore hair treatments rarely get so good as this one. A favourite of many for years, but a new-ish discovery by me, it has fantastic results on my super dry hair and has an effect that rivals much more expensive products. The lovely bubble gum scent only adds to the brilliance of this treatment. 
About 8 € in DM, Croatia; £4.77 in Boots.

I'm actually thinking of doing a series of such posts because honesty, I have more than 10 favourites. I might do them every few months or something. Fancy that?

Have you got any cheap trills recommendations for me?
Have a great day!

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  1. Vidim, da si spremenila izgled bloga. Dobro izgleda. :)
    Te Bourjois mat šminke spo najboljše. Jaz si bom po moje omislila še dve zraven, čeprav zadnje čase tako malo nosim makeup, da ne vem, kdaj bo to. Pa Catrice blushi so tudi super, za to ceno res odlični. :)

    1. Hvala :)
      Ja, Velvets so res super. Bi imela prav vse odtenke :)

  2. Imam micelarno, Bourjois CC kremico, Neutrogena masko in Catrice blush pa bi se kar strinjala, da so dobri ulovi.
    Bom pa po tvojem priporočilu kupila Garnier Scrub (predvidevam, da lahko v DMju pokoristim bon za -50 % za nakup gelov za tuširanje, mislim da velja tudi za tega)

    1. Sem videla da je Garnierjev scrub v novem katalogu, ampak v Müllerju je pa na voljo že kakšne tri tedne. Zanimivo, da niso dali hkrati v vse trgovine. Glede bona pa ne vem kako je, čeprav se mi zdi da imajo ponavadi nekje na spletni strani včasih seznam vseh stvari za katere se lahko uveljavi popust :).

  3. Zanimiva objava. In hvala za omembo:)) Aussie imam že dolgo na wish listi, pa še kar nisem kupila. Zdaj bom počasi porabila ostale izdelke in potem moram preizkusiti tega:) Imam Pinkerball Catrice blush in je res super. Mogoče pogrešam kakšne bolj oranžne odtenke pri Catrice:)

    1. You're welcome :)
      Jaz imam vedno več balzamov na zalogi ker jih zaradi dolžine las hitro porabim in se mi ne da vsake tri tedne novega kupovat :)
      Pinkerball si dostikrat ogledujem v Müllerju, od bolj oranžnih tonov je pa samo Love and Peach, ki ga nameravam enkrat vzet, čeprav se mi zdi že skoraj preveč oranžen zame :)

  4. Sem videla, da si omenila spletno trgovino iherb. Me zanima, če si že kdaj kaj naročila in kakšna je poštnina oz dajatve.

    1. Sem naročila že parkrat :) Ponujajo več vrst poštnine, najcenejša je 4$ kar se mi zdi zelo v redu, nima pa sledenja pošiljki in če želiš slednje pride dražje. Paket pride res hitro glede na to da je iz ZDA (mislim, da pod 2 tedna). Vedno naročim pod 22 €, ker nad tem zneskom je 20% davek. Aja pa ne sprejemajo Paypal-a, ampak plačaš s kartico. Če nameravaš naročat imaš tukaj kodo za 5$ popusta (oziroma 10$ če naročiš nad 40$): NHN198.

    2. Super si, hvala.

  5. Zelo priročna objava, tako da te podpiram za serijo večih (takih) objav. :))
    Mam pa tudi jaz Garnier micelarno, Bourjois CC kremo in Rouge Edition Velvet ter (od včeraj) tudi tale piling za telo - tako, da se popolnoma strinjam s tabo, vsi izdelki so odlični! :)
    Trenutno si najbolj želim preizkusiti Aussie, ki je na moji WL tudi že zelo, zelo dolgo. <3

    1. Super :)
      Aussie se splača vsaj enkrat sprobat :) Menda je po novem tudi v Avstriji, tako da upam da bo mogoče enkrat tudi pri nas :)

  6. Super objava! Si želim sprobat kar nekaj teh reči, najbolj pa CC kremo od Bourjois, L'Oreal Magic Lumi in pa tale Garnier-ov piling. Od Neutrogene cleanser je pa super, ga bom pomoje kar spet vzela ko mi zmanjka od Alverde čistilne kreme. :)

    1. The wishlist never ends, a ne? :) Jaz neutrogeno bolj redko uporabljam kot cleanser, čeprav ni slab, mi je bolj všeč kot maska :)

  7. And there's that Bourjois CC cream again, yay :-D You are clearly a fan. So am I.

  8. I really want to try the Bourjois CC cream! I've read some good reviews about it.