L'Oreal Les Blancs Color Riche Nail Polish 852 Pistachio Drage

sreda, maj 11, 2016

Les Blancs collection by L'Oreal is one of the most gorgeous selection of nail colours as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately I've only seen two shades in our drugstores, I'm not sure whether they were always out of stock or we just didn't have them, or I missed them, but I always wanted more shades and never got them. L'Oreal made some changes to their nail polishes recently and they have new bottle, so these little 5 ml ones all have a discount ranging form 30 - 50 %, since they are being discontinued. I already have the shade Ocean Porcelain which is one of my favourite nail polishes colours ever, so I grabbed the other one Pistachio Dragee before it's gone.  

Just like Ocean, Pistachio is a white based nail polish with pastel green. It's a much truer green than my mint green nail polishes and it has no blue in it. 

Formula is the same as at Ocean, so very thin for a pastel nail polish. It needs three coats for full opacity, but it doesn't build up all thick. The brush is average size, it's not as small as Revlon's nor as big as for example Essences. It can get a bit messy on my nails, but bear in mind mine are quite narrow.

L'Oreal Les blancs Color Riche Pistachio Drage and 858 Ocean Porcelain.

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Road Rage and Kiko Nail Lacquer in 345 Jade Green.

I haven't seen many more of these in the shops any more, but it's worth checking some DM's if they might still have them.

I got it for 3.63 € in DM.

Have a great day!

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  1. Gorgeous <3 Mi je kar žal, da sem zamudila te popuste. Verjetno ga več nikjer ne najdem. Že od Maybelline Mini Colorama ukinitve iščem nek pastelno zelen odtenek in ta mi je res všeč. Sploh nisem vedela, da so znižani. Moram nujno še it malo pogledat :).

    1. Mogoče če pogledaš v kakšnem manj obiskanem DM-u? Ne vem sploh koliko jih imate v MS, ampak tukaj jih imamo kar tri, od tega v enem zihr dobiš npr. stare TE od Essence. Samo še jaz tam redko hodim, ker je nasproti Revoza in tam ni kaj dosti drugega.

    2. Jutri bom šla pogledat. Mi imamo tudi 3 DMe :D. Saj če Maybellina še nimamo, mogoče še vsega znižanega niso pospravili :D.

  2. Absolutely in love with all of your articles, wish mine could be that good tbh.
    I really like the colour of this nail polish! I don't usually like green at all, but this one is such a light, white pastel green.. I'm thinking about buying it!

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