Bourjois Le Duo Blush Colour Sculpting & Le Petit Strobler Highlighter

nedelja, avgust 12, 2018

Little Round Pots have been around for over 150 years and actually one of my first experiences with blushes was with one of these small Bourjois ones. They've come so highly recommended at the time of my first purchase (to be fair there were not a lot of blushes here over 10 years ago), but I felt very let down by the pigmentation, though at the time the only thing I had to apply these with was the useless brush that comes with it. The newest blushes come in a duo form, meaning you get two shades in one pot which you can wear in three ways. Another new product is the highlighter which is more on a subtle side.

Texture: All the round pot blushes are baked and have a very hard texture. The latter is the reason only very dense brushes can pick them up properly, while the added brush is entirely useless. Pigmentation is relatively poor compared to most blushes, though these can be layered slowly and you get a good flush going, it just takes time and I never like that at a blush. Swatching it with a finger barely picks up any colour because it's so hard, so brushes truly are the only way at these.

Le Duo Blush Colour Sculpting
01 Inséparoses

01 Inséparoses is a combination of a bright shimmery pink and a muted brownish pink which swatches as a dirty peach. They can be worn individually, while mixed together they create a basic peachy-pink shade. Though these are shimmery, there isn't really a glow on the cheeks, but neither is there chunky shimmer. Bourjois excels at creating formulas that blend nicely into the skin and have a very natural effect, and this is one of those products too.

Le Petit Strobler Highlighter/Illuminator
Universal Glow

Universal Glow is not a very pigmented highlighter, but if you take a very dense small fluffy brush you can get a decent glow that looks like naturally illuminated skin without any visible shimmer. The shade is best for very fair people, as it's quite a pale champagne gold. It's great for those who like their glow to be on a subtle side and want a natural look.

Scent: Both products are some of the most scented powders I own and they have a typical "French/Bourjois" floral rose-violet fragrance. I've had these for a couple of months now and the scent is starting to fade a little. It used to be like spraying a perfume, while now I can't smell it anyone once they are on the cheeks.

Staying power: I didn't notice anything particularly impressive when it came to how long these lasted on my skin. They lasted averagely, so about 5-6h, though highlighter is hard to see because it's so subtle anyway.

Packaging: These are small compared to most blushes and hold 2.5g (most hold at least twice as much). They have a magnetic closing system, a mini mirror and come with a strange, thin brush that is unable to properly pick up any colour. 

Price and availability: These are sold in drugstores and some places online. They cost about 8€.

Honestly these didn't blow me away, just as my first Bourjois blush didn't, but I'm the type of person who doesn't have much patience when it comes to applying a blush and with this I need three layers. But I have to hand it to Bourjois that they always know how to make a formula that looks so natural on the skin, as this isn't at all powdery looking on the cheeks and it blends nicely. The blush is versatile with three different ways to wear it, while the highlighter is subtle for my (current) taste, but the glow does look like healthy shine. The scent of these is very strong, which I actually like, but I know a lot of people will find it too much. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Naah, hvala, bom izpustila :P Ne prepričata me ;)

  2. Se prav spomnim, da je bil en izmed mojih prvih izdelkov Bourjois senčilo, ki je bilo v enakem formatu kot ta blush. Baked in nisem mogla spravit skoraj nič barve z njega. Ampak mi je bil pa tisti vijoličen odtenek všeč, čeprav sem mogla res nadgrajevat nanos. To je bilo obdobje, ko še ni bilo DMa in Müllerja in je bila samo ena majhna drogerija v celi Murski Soboti :). Bourjois je očitno ena najstarejših znamk na našem trgu.

    Imam pa zdaj tudi en baked blush od Bourjois, ki pa mi je všeč. Kot praviš, ne dobiš ful pigmenta v prvo, ampak izgleda pa res lepo. Moj ima celo bleščice, ki pa se dejansko razgubijo s čopiča, tako da ni preveč svetleč odtenek. Vonj mi je pa všeč, čeprav meni bolj na pudrasto vleče :).

    Dejansko so mi vsi trije odtenki tega tvojega rdečila všeč. Čeprav dvomim, da bi si ga sama kupila, že zaradi cene :D.

    1. Senčila še nisem sprobala, ampak sem vedno sumila, da so enaka. Še vedno ne razumem, zakaj so ti blush tako pohvaljeni, ker meni je to pretrda formula. Cena je pa tudi meni visoka, sploh ko vem, da je v drugih blushih večinoma več izdelka.