January Favourites, Updates and Wishlist

petek, januar 31, 2020

 MATRIX Total Results The Re-Bond 2 Pre-Conditioner & The Re-Bond 3 Conditioner
These two really impressed me. Re-Bond line is Matrixes intended of version of Olaplex, though only Olaplex has the ingredient that actually rebuilds the broken bonds and it's still unique in hair care world. Matrix, which is a L'Oreal brand, has its own system of three products, shampoo with citric acid that from what I can say based on ingredients is just a clarifying shampoo, step 2 is their intense treatment with malic acid which is applied on the hair first and left for 5 minutes, while step 3 is a conditioner with taurine that's applied on top of number 2. Honestly, I kinda didn't expect much from this and the reason for that is that I don't see any visible difference after using Olaplex and so far I've only seen results from protein treatments such as Joico K-Pack Reconstructor. This made my hair feel like I used the discontinued Kerastase NutritiveMasquintense Thick mask before bleaching. For some reason when I was blow-drying my hair it didn't inspire confidence in me because my hair looked frizzy (I ran out of Sexy Healthy Hair leave-in conditioner which helps with this) and I wasn't super impressed, but like always I tied my hair in a tight bun when it was still warm from the hair dryer (I do this to diminish frizz and to fix the puffy look because I have a lot of volume) and when I woke up my hair felt and looked so good. It got it's "flowyness" back (before it still felt a bit stiff and didn't fall nicely), it felt silky and there was definitely more shine than before. I didn't use it as directed, I never do when it comes to hair treatments. Instructions say to wash the hair with step 1 (which I don't have), then apply step 2 for 5 minutes, then apply step 3 and rinse. Since I know for my hair 5 minutes is a joke due my thick texture, I left it on for hours, wore a shower cap and wrapped it in a warm scarf to increase temperature (I do that with Olapex and Joico too). I washed my hair with Pantene shampoo, then applied coat of Step 2, left it on for about an hour (or 1 episode of random TV), then applied step 3 on top and left it on for a couple more hours. When I was rinsing it off my hair felt super silky, which usually indicates for me that the effect is going to be great and I was right. And the results lasted for the next washings too when I used a different hair mask. The price for both of these in not outrageous online, though it's not drugstore prices, but you get 200 ml of Step 2 and 300 ml of Step 3, both have the types of formulas that are easy to spread even in smaller amounts. I'm so glad I gave these a try, my hair feels a lot more normal now.

 JOICO K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor
This is a leave-in light version of the Reconstructor which is one of my favourite products. I haven't used it on its own, but together with other K-Pack products it's has amazing results and it makes me feel better that I have Joico's Quadramine Complex is a leave-in version too because it's quicker to use and I can use it in-between intense treatments with Reconstructor. I've also tried it on dry ends in between washes then added Nuxe oil on top and my ends stayed moisturised much, much longer than usual, as even if I dip my hair in oil, my ends absorb it like a sponge fast, but the combination of these two lasted a least a day. The bottle is massive with 300 ml of product which should last me a while. It's a light milky liquid that doesn't weight down the hair, make it greasy or sticky, so it should fit fine damaged hair like Joico says.

I know I mention this one a lot as my favourite foundation, but it just works for my skin and it deserves the praise. I wore this after about two months of not being able to wear makeup and it made my skin look so good. It looks very natural and smooth, so like my skin, but 10x better. Coverage is light-medium which suits me, as I'm not a fan of high coverage and it's available in shades that suit me.

This remains as one of the two favourite formulas of matte liquid lipsticks available in my local drugstores, the other one is Rimmel, but that one doesn't have such a pretty shade as this one. It's fully opaque, properly matte, not terribly drying and lasts well on the lips. 02 is a wearable light-medium muted pink that's suits any occasion, but this is the only shade I like in that selection.  

I've started wearing eyeliner in my waterline again and this one is just the best. So black, so intense in the waterline and it lasts all day. 

This is such a great natural shade that I can use to shape my lips and give them just a bit of a darker/more defining colour. I wore this as a sort of base and then a coat of Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, which gives an intense glossy look and it stays on the lips for hours.

BALEA Handcreme Urea
I immediately liked this. This is seriously good just like reviews say and yes I’m aware I’m probably the last person trying this. It’s not as fast absorbing as Nivea Anti-age, Aveo Med with 10% Urea or L’Occitane creams, but it leaves my skin softer and smoother than those, instead of just nourished. 

I still use this every day for my face and since it's not the cheapest, I stick to using it just for that, but like I already mentioned above at the Joico Reconstructor, recently I started using it occasionally for hair too. I use a lot of oils in my hair care routine, daily actually, mostly coconut and Createurs de Monoi oil. Those two are heavier, while this is a dry oil and looks less greasy when applied, plus it's heavily scented, so it makes my hair smell nice for hours unlike coconut oil which starts to smell strange in time. 


 THE ORDINARY Retinol 1% in Squalane
I'm losing hope with this one and about three weeks ago I gave myself a break from it after 3 months of frequent use (applied every 2nd or 3rd day). I don't see any positive results from this and yes I'm very aware it's still too early, but I went through "retinol uglies" almost from the first day and I just couldn't handle it. My skin didn't look bad without makeup, it just felt dry on the tops of my cheekbones, but overall ok with no visible flakes, except I kept breaking out on my chin, however, every single foundation and makeup in general looked horrific - obvious, flaky, uneven - it really bummed me out, so I stopped, at least for a while. I know you're supposed to be very patient with retinol, but I have this awful feeling I'll continue to be disappointed by this, just like with AHAs. I switched back to Eucerin's vitamin C and my skin again looks and feels ok, apart from annoying breakouts on my chin, which for some reason persist. 


BUXOM Wanderlust™ Primer-Infused Blush - I heard some great things about these blushes, everywhere I checked they have a high feedback. I'm not sure which shade I'd get yet, Dolly seems to be the most my typical colour, but since I have lighter hair I gravitate towards pink blushes such as Havana.

GUERLAIN Meteorites - These are such a luxury, but I'm so tempted because I'm not 100% happy with Hourglass Ambient powder and I have hopes this is better (though to be fair I got Hourglass at the worst possible time as you can read under TO's Retinol). Reviews have me conflicted though, as some say they are outstanding and then some say they do nothing at all. 

CLARINS One Minute Make Up Heroes Travel Kit - This is a feelunique exclusive and I want it because it had 4 products I'm interested in, the Instant Smooth primer which I heard great things about, the SOS primer that someone recommended to me on IG, Instant Lip Perfector that I used to have, but lost it and the lip oil which I tried in the shop and liked the formula of it. But the samples are so small for the price, it's hard to justify buying this one.

MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner Dusty Rose - I was checking some interesting lip liner shades in the shops and this dirty medium pink caught my attention. It looks like a nice wearable shade, I just hope it's not too dark on me for what I consider every day appropriate. 

DEBORAH 24h Velvet Matte Lipstick - These are completely new and as usually anything with the name matte appeals to me immediately. I did some quick hand swatches and I'm torn between two light shades, 02 and 07. 

MAYBELLINE Superstay Matte Ink Crayon Lipstick - another matte formula in a pen form. Texture looks very promising and I like the look of the shade 15.

MOROCCANOIL Glimmer shine - Click2Chic stopped selling my favourite spray oil from Createur de Monoi, so I'm looking for a replacement because I keep saving that one too much. I choosing between this and Macadamia Natural oil one, but Moroccanoil appeals to me more due to the scent, as Macadamia is just a bit too masculine scented for me. It's just silicones + oil in a spray form, but I love such products for adding some moisture and shine on days between washing when my hair gets very dry. 

MATRIX Total Results Color Obsessed - I got a glowing recommendation for this on IG. Since I'm so impressed by the re-bond, this is definitely on the list too to try and Matrix is somewhat decently priced for salon quality products, which is an extra plus. 

JOICO Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo - I really love the look of ingredients of this - no sulphates which wash off my toner/colours too fast, it's got coconut oil and two versions of keratin, plus reviews are quite good. It's really expensive for what I usually pay for a shampoo, but I might try it one day. 

KÉRASTASE Nutritive Masque Magistral and Resistance Masque Thérapiste - Chronologiste is a big disappointment in my books, so I'd like to try Magistral which I'm hoping is just a repackaged Masquintense Thick, which was flipping fabulous (I'm still confused whether it's discontinued or not, but it's not in online shops anymore) and I'd like to try the Resistance one too for damaged hair.

MOROCCANOIL Restorative Mask - I'm running out of Intense Hydrating mask which is one of the best ever mask and I need to repurchase that one, but I'd also like to try this one for damaged hair. Everything I've tried from Moroccanoil impressed me, so I have high hopes for this mask, though I'll probably get the small version first since it's quite expensive.

Have a great day!

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  1. Maybelline are definitely a stand out brand when it comes to foundations at the drugstore, I don't think I've found many that I really dislike!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. I'm a big fan of Fit me and Dream Urban SPF50 :) Maybelline and Bourjois are definitely the brands that excel at making foundations.

  2. Ti si že pravi hair guru :D. In se vidi na tvojih čudovitih laseh :). Joico je itak odličen. Jaz še vedno ostajam pri tej znamki, nočem eksprimentirat z dražjimi izdelki.

    Big Proposal je en tak res dobrih odtenkov, ki večini pristaja. Jaz moram na sploh rečt, da so mi Essence svinčniki res super. Še odtenki so zelo nosljivi, bolj kot pri več drugih drogerijskih znamkah.

    Ta Baleina krema za roke ima dodan kak parfum?

    Sem še jaz slišala same dobre stvari o teh Buxom blushih. Očitno so res nekaj posebenga. Ampak sama res redko kupim novo rdečilo, ker jih imam za moje pojme vedno preveč, uporabljam pa skoz ene in iste :D.

    1. Hvala :) Ja, Joico je res zanesljiva kvaliteta, me je pa tudi Matrix zelo presenetil :)

      Jaz sem pa ravno šla gledat, če je še kakšen lep odtenek pri Essence, pa me ni nič pritegnilo. Sicer veliko še nosim 06 under my skin.

      Na sredini seznama sestavin je parfum in ostane nekaj časa na koži (diši lepo). Lahko bi bil problematičen, samo med nisem ocenami videla, da bi komu dražil kožo.

      Si kar želim še kakšen blush. Mojih sem 3/4 zmetala stran, ker so bili stari, zdaj bi pa kaj novega. Buxom bi res rada preizkusila, samo so skoz out of stock na feel unique.