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nedelja, februar 09, 2020

I was going through my reviews and I was reminded what a great volumising effect this mascaras has, so I put it on my wishlist and later got it as a gift. What I failed to remember is how much it drops the lashes. In 2019 I was lucky enough to receive two absolutely amazing formulas, Max Factor's 2000 Calorie and Oriflame's Tremendous mascara, which I've been using for the pasts half a year and both keep my lashes up enough, so I sort of forgot about my lashes being annoying/thought maybe they changed, but sadly Paradise reminded me why I'm not a fan of most regular formulas. Regardless this has one of the nicest volumising effects. It quickly creates big, volumised lashes that are nicely separated and fanned out - it truly is a winner. So I ordered the waterproof version and hopefully I'll get the same effect with the added bonus keeping my lashes curled.
Müller, 13.99 €

L'OREAL Le Blush 
120 Sandalwood Pink
I've been in this rut when it comes to blushes because I've been using the amazing L.O.V. ones almost exclusively since I got them almost a year ago. This was on my wishlist since the day I first saw Le Blushes here and gave them a swatch. We only have two shades, but as far as I know more exist. I sort of forgot that not all blushes are as amazingly smooth as L.O.V.s, those truly spoiled me, thought this L'Oreal formula is still a great one, but kind of a standard good formula, similar to Catrice one. It's not as easy and fool proof to apply as L.O.V., but it behaves the same as the rest of my better blushes. It's nicely pigmented, it has a tiny bit of a glow, but not as much as I want (and get with L.O.V. 050) and it lasts well. The shade is muted rosy-slightly brownish/peachy shade that looks like a regular pink flush on my cheeks. You also get a brush and a mini mirror in the back of the packaging.
Müller, 10.99 €

DEBORAH 24 Ore Velvet Mat Lipstick
These are new in the drugstores and since they are matte I was immediately interested, luckily I got one as a gift from my cousin (thank you!). I was picking between shades 02 and 07, the first I felt looked a bit too brownish for me, though it was a pretty shade, but I picked the more pink looking 07. Formula is really well made, it's properly matte, glides on the lips with ease, it's not too thick or drying and it's got a good level of pigmentation. I was concerned it might not last long, but it looks like freshly applied several hour later, provided of course I don't eat. 
DM, 8.69 €

My favourite foundation. Müller had 30% off and I grabbed a spare because I wore this after about two months of not being able to wear makeup and when my skin settled, I picked up this and it made my skin look so good. It looks so natural and smooth, so like my skin, but 10x better. In Müller this is the lightest shade (I think there are some lower numbers in DM), which is ok for me, but 100 fits me better.
Müller, 8.49 €

CATRICE Lip Treatment with Shea Butter
This is about to be discontinued/it's already gone so it had a 50% discount. I'm just not impressed by it. The texture looks very promising, it's nicely thick and gives the appearance it's going to be very nourishing, however, it ends up being much lighter on the lips, it doesn't stay very long and it's not super moisturising. Maybe I'm spoiled from Laneige, but the cheaper Palmer's is better too as is their stick version, it's just annoyingly white on the lips. The scent is odd, I don't know of what it is, most say an artificial lemon scent, but mine is weirder, like something past expiration date. This was a missed purchase.
Müller, 2 €

*CATRICE Poreless Perfection Mousse Foundation
010 Warm Ivory
This is very similar to the Rimmel's Lasting Matte foundation I reviewed recently. It's so thick that it's not easy to get it out of the tube, yet it turns into this light mousse formula that's instantly dry-to-the-touch and completely matte, so it's like some pore refining primers. Shade 010 is much too dark for me (005 exists too, but we had no testers in my local Müller, so I couldn't check how light it is to report back to you) and this texture is impossible to lighten with The Body Shop Adjusting Drops, as it kind of clumps up and becomes useless. Another big issue with this is that I couldn't apply a concealer over it in a nice way because it made the foundation under it pile and cake. Maybe it's because it's silicone free, I don't know. However, on its own it has a nice effect on the skin - as described it creates a smooth, somewhat poreless effect and it's completely matte. Coverage is light, I can't call it a light-medium and it's not really buildable because the formula is an odd one. So far I find it's just too problematic, though if you can find match and you plan to use it on its own as pore hiding primer with some coverage it's okay-ish, but I find I can't apply anything with moisture on top. Maybe others had better luck with this one than me.
6.09 €

*CATRICE Instant Awake Concealer 
005 Neutral Light
This is much more impressive than the foundation and a very likeable product. It's not quite as nice as Maybelline's Eraser, mostly due to the packaging, but it has a similar texture and effect. It's a natural looking concealer with a medium coverage, so just the type I like most, but the applicator could be a bit better. At Maybelline's it's soft, yet not flimsy, but at Catrice's the sponge part is empty inside, so it's completely flexible and you can't use it for blending like Maybelline's. But that's not such a big minus and the formula deserve a praise, even though some might consider it not pigmented enough, but Catrice has their Liquid Coverage for when you need more. Due to a light formula it creases, so you need to set it with some powder. My shade is the second lightest and it's passable on me, it's due to the sheerer formula, so one shade fits a wider range of skin tones. One big minus that I think will become problematic soon - it's only 1.8 ml of product. Based on my experience with a Bourjois 123 CC concealer that has a similar amount, this won't last long, plus here the sponge absorbs a lot of the product (in comparison you get 6.8 ml at Maybelline, so it's actually much cheaper per ml).
5.09 €

CATRICE Tender Lash LE 3D False Lashes 
C03 Posh
I bought one pair myself and in a few days I got sent the same pair. These looked the most wearable and least crazy when I was picking which pair to take in this limited edition, however, when I tried them on they just look way too much on me. They are also too wide for my, granted, smaller eyes than average, so I'd have to cut away a bit to make them fit. They feel flexible and light, but they are noticeable on the eye due to the sheer weight. The added glue works ok, though for such big lashes I almost feel it could be a bit stronger.
Müller, 4.29 €

*CATRICE Tender Lash LE Liquid Eyeliner
C03 Reflection
A sparkly eyeliner with a dark purple/brown/grey base. It's more liquid than their black regular version I use all the time and not as pigmented, though you can get a fully opaque coat with this. It takes a couple of minutes to set and it feels more wet than their most. Staying power is not as impressive as at black one and most of it is gone in a few hours.
4.19 €

  Also wearing Catrice Instant Awake Concealer over Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, L'Oreal Le Blush 120 Sandalwood Pink and Deborah 24 Ore Velvet Mat Lipstick 07.

CATRICE Lash Couture 
Classicista Volume Lashes
The other lashes I picked on Catrice's stand, I was going to take the magnetic ones, but they look like something between an accent and regular ones, so I wasn't sure they are worth it (Essence's look even weirder). These reminded me of Ardell's demi wispies, which are the only lashes I liked so far. when I tried them first I was not impressed at all because they looked like I was wearing nothing, but the reason for than was my own obnoxious lashes. I wore Lash Paradise which doesn't hold them up, so even with extra length and volume of these lashes, I looked like I have none. On the second try I wore them with Essence's I <3 Extreme waterproof which managed kept my lashes curled and the effect was much more impressive. Actually I now I feel they are already too much for me, I'd prefer something more natural, but these are still a nice set for when you want big, voluminous lashes, but not look completely ridiculous like with the set I mentioned above. The band is flexible and they feel light on the eyes, so I’m not constantly aware they are on, unless I get the glue everywhere like I did the first time. The added glue holds ok, it got me through both days, but it’s not very strong. 
Müller, 4.29 €

*CATRICE Plumping Serum 1,5% Hyaluronic Acid
Catrice released three new skin care products, aside from this one also a vitamin C serum (with a combination of niacinamide and a stable version of vitamin C Sodium ascorbyl phosphate high on the list ) and a rose face mist. This serum seem pretty much the same to me as the hyaluronic serum from Hofer that I had many years ago and I didn't like it very much. It's a thick serum that's hard to pick up with the pipette and when dries it leaves this film on the skin, so when you want to apply anything over it, it can pile. I much prefer the texture of Hada Labo lotion which contains several sizes of hyaluronic acid and it doesn't feel at all sticky like this one. This serum is fragranced which might not make it suitable for some with sensitive skin. As a plus I can say that unlike several hyaluronic acid products it appears it's not breaking me out.
6.09 € 

*THE BODY SHOP Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate
I'm more of a fan of the Oil of Life line and I was always very sceptical about this one due to alcohol high on the list, though it is after glycerine, still I have fears this could totally wreck the barrier. But after reading reviews which are mostly positive, I've decided to risk it and just go with it, at least for some time. It's a similar thick serum texture as Catrice's Hyaluronic acid, but not as sticky. My skin starts to feel tight fast after application when I use it on its own, but I can't determine whether it's actively drying or just not enough for my skin on its own. I counteract the drying with a ton of extra skin care, which I use daily anyway. I saw no immediate results, though some people report visibly improves the condition of the skin practically overnight. I hear it assist at fading old spot marks, I have quite a few at the moment and after two weeks of regular use in combination with several products my skin did stop breaking out so much on my chin, which was my problem for the last month and my spot marks are less visible, but it's not a miraculously fast improvement. Honestly, I'm not comfortable using a product with so much alcohol so high on the list even if it would have amazing results. Annoying thing about this - it's so thick and the pipette's hole is so small, it can't suck up any product, so I'm forced scrapping it off the pipette.
29.50 €

*THE BODY SHOP Drops of Youth™ Youth Eye Concentrate
This is one of those eye product with a metal massage ball. You press the applicator and quite a lot of product comes out from the sides of the ball and TBS suggest you massage it in in a shape of an 8. The first two uses it burned. I don't know whether it was the alcohol, which is also high on the list here, or something else, but for the first few minutes I felt a medium strength burning, yet got no redness or irritations. The next uses were completely fine and I still continue to use it, though I see no result from this yet and my eyes aren't puffy when I wake up, so I don't know if the metal ball helps with that, but the applicator is nice to use. It's just the formula I'm not so sure about because it also has alcohol too high on the list.
21.50 €

*THE BODY SHOP Hemp Hydrating & Protecting Shower Oil
This is a brand new product by TBS and I'm not sure, but I don't recall any other shower oil, so it might be their first. The texture of this reminds me of L'Occitane's, meaning it's a thick formula that forms a rich emulsion and is definitely appropriate for dry skin. However, as much as I love the formula of this, I can't stand the smell. It's a strong herbal scent that lingers for so long and I never liked such fragrances. They need to make this formula with their shea scent.
13.90 €

*THE BODY SHOP Hemp Hard-working Hand Protection
Another great formula from The Body Shop, this one is an old one though and I remember it being very popular in the past. It's very thick and rich, similar to L'Occitane's 20% Shea Butter Creams and actually even more intense. It doesn't absorb as fast, but it leaves a nourishing coat that persists for a while, so I can see it working great on very dry skin. But again I can't stand the herbal scent which lasts for hours.
6.90 €

*THE BODY SHOP Heavy-duty Lip Care
A fairly average lip balm, but an average great one. It reminds me of Lip Smackers and it's not a waxy-feeling formula that just sits on the lips. The scent is not for me, though it's the most mild of the three products. 
6.90 €

L'OCCITANE 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream
Honey Harvest
I've always loved L'Occitane honey products, they smelled so authentic and it was one of the reasons I feel in love with the brand a decade ago (+ almond), so I was excited to see they released a few products late last year. I didn't test them before putting them on my wishlist because I was so sure they always use the scent, then I got it as a gift from my cousin, who got it for me well this set was sold out. This is quite far away from the honey scent I'm familiar with, it's a strong floral (probably orchid) with a tiny hint of honey. At least the formula is the same rich texture of the shea 20%, so excellent quality.

L'OCCITANE 5% Shea Butter Lip Balm 
Honey Harvest
Same goes for this as the cream: the scent is not honey and it makes the lip gloss taste like perfume. Formula is ok, but L'Occitane had much, much better glosses in the past. It's like a lip gloss-lip balm creamy hybrid, however, it doesn't last as long on the lips as some others. 

ORIFLAME Wild Blueberry Shower Cream and Multi-Purpose Cream
As expected this smells like candy blueberries. I've been using the shower gel and it's an average one one with a nice, strong scent. I haven't tried the cream yet.
Oriflame, Shower Cream 4.90 € (with current discount 2.99 €); Cream 9.90 € (with current discount 3.99 €)

A repurchase. I've raved about it many times because it never fails to fix my hair when very protein deficient, so even more coarse to the touch than usual with zero softness, lacks pliability and no amount of moisturising care nourishes it sufficiently. This is like a time machine that fixes the hair to its previous state. I always use it in combination with the Intense Hydrator since because it's a protein treatment, on its own it doesn't leave the hair soft and it's really recommended you use a moisturising mask after for the best possible result. Its' better than Olaplex on me in terms of visible, touchable effect, but I consider them different products and I still use Olaplex regularly.
Notino, 21.50 €

Another repurchase, this one unlike Reconstructor one of many since I've been buying it for years. It's one of the best treatments for my dry, thick coarse hair. It works best with Reconstructor, but when I don't need a heavy dose of protein, I use this on its own as a moisturising treatment.
Notino, 21.90 €

JOICO K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor
I already talked about this in my monthly favourites. It's is a leave-in light version of the Reconstructor that I use after most washes now (though I soon won't because every hair care needs a careful balance of protein and moisturing treatments, and overdoing on proteins can lead to brittle hair, so I'll alternate it with a moisturising one). I wanted Joico's Quadramine Complex in a leave-in version too because it's quicker to use and I can use it in-between intense treatments with Reconstructor. I mentioned in monthly favourites that I've been using it on dry ends too in between washes then I add Nuxe oil on top and my ends stay moisturised much, much longer than usual, which makes sense when you know that proteins fill the empty spaces on damaged hair, fix the porosity somewhat and therefore prevent it from "leaking moisture like a sieve" (that's my way of putting it, but porous hair absorbs and also loses moisture much faster, that's why damaged hair dries quickly being wet). The bottle is massive with 300 ml of product which should last me a while. It's a light milky liquid that doesn't weight down the hair, make it greasy or sticky, so it should fit fine damaged hair like Joico says.
Notino, 19.90 €

MATRIX Total Results The Re-Bond 2 Pre-Conditioner
I already raved about this in my monthly favourites - with one use this duo became one of my favourite product lines ever, truly the results were flipping mind blowing and even since I used it, my hair feels like new even after using other care. It got that bounce back, since after I bleached my hair didn't fall as nicely as before, it just felt stiff and though Joico did a massive improvement already fixing in (basically adding strength), this made that extra step to make it feel more healthy. It made it feel more silky and it added a lot of shine, and results lasted even after I used other treatments, so this get high praise from me. I said in my monthly favourites I left it on a lot longer than instructions say, though that's just my thing, obviously for most those 5 minutes should be enough, but leaving on longer doesn't hurt. You get 200 ml of this for 8 € and the texture of the product, though it's on the thick side, is very emollient so it's easy to spread all over the hair without using excessive amounts. 
Notino, 8.30 €

MATRIX Total Results The Re-Bond 3 Conditioner
Re-bond conditioner is meant for frequent use unlike step 2, which is more of a special treatment (step 2 should be layered with the conditioner, so you should invest in both if you plan to get it. The shampoo from this line looks like a regular cleansing/chelating one to me and since I heard it's drying, I skipped it). Texture is quite a light, liquid conditioner that is very easy to spread. I have only used it with step two and once with a Moroccanoil Restorative mask (I'll talk about it in next new in because I just used it once yesterday, but so far I'm impressed), so I don't know how it works on its own, but it might be too light for me. I might use it one day on it's own and report back, but I plan to use it mostly in combination with step 2. There was no scent at either of the products. Here you get 300 ml for 7 € (if you buy online, I saw some crazy prices in a salon and on meindm, which shows prices in Austrian DMs - 18.5 €!).
Notino, 6.90 €

A repurchase. I always say the same thing - I don't see visible results from this but I still use it because I bleached my hair and it's the only product that science proves rebuilds broken bonds, so the it's only one that fixes damage (L'Oreal's/Matrixes malic acid just lubricates the protein chains I believe, making the hair less brittle). I honestly wouldn't be bleaching my hair if I didn't have this in my collection. It's better to be safe than sorry.
Notino, 23.00 €

MATRIX Total Results Brass Off Custom Neutralization Hair Mask
This is a very complicated product to use, in fact I'm still trying to get a hang of it. It was designed for brunettes with blonde highlights, ombre, balayage - anything where bleach was involved. When dark hair is lightened you get first red, then orange, golden and lastly yellow tones, and to reach the lightest hair it can take several bleachings, so you can be stuck on more orange-yellow stages than a natural blonde would when lightening the hair and instead of a classic purple shampoo/mask, you need a blue product counteract those brassy tones that start to appear fast as the colour/toner is washing off. This looks so intense blue on the hair, it's kind of scary to see it, but at least it smells nicely like blueberries (Tigi's Small Talk has the same scent). It says to leave it on for 10 minutes and to use gloves (which stupidly I didn't as you can on my nails, but I don't like using gloves because I don't feel well where I already applied the product). It's a thick product, meaning you use a lot, especially since you have to make sure every strand is coated, so you use at least twice as much as of a regular hair mask (not sure if the conditioner is lighter, but it might have been a better choice if I got that instead. There's also a shampoo, but I prefer masks/conditioners based on experience). I assumed this was a product that is too strong for my relatively blonde hair by now, so the first time I left it on for only 5 minutes and I got zero effect. It all just washed off like I used nothing, like it was just a coloured coat sitting on top of the hair and it didn't even work on my lightest hair. I was surprised to see no effect because Subrina's Colour Refresh works almost in seconds. Same thing happened the second time I used it for recommended 10 plus a few more minutes, so that was two attempts that made me waste a lot of product. Attempt 3 was leaving it on for 20-25 minutes, only then I got an effect, but it was uneven just like with a purple mask. I got a mix of overcooled steel blue ends of level 10 (which were actually quite pretty if you like that grey effect), the level 9 yellow was toned most decently, but the hair where I actually expected toning, so golden yellow level 8 and some bit of orange level 7 stayed mostly the same (you can see that orange strand still peeking above the tube on the right picture, but most is hidden under the top layers). Basically I got a mix of super cool with warm shades and as expected now my hair is a bit darker, which some might say it looks terrible, but I just shrug and say whatever, I can deal with it. So the gist is, yes it works, but best results will be achieved on hair that is all lightened to the same level (so either all very light or all very golden-orange) and 10 minutes is not enough for hair that is not light blonde, which is exactly the type this was supposedly designed to. Also in the next washing most of it washed off, which I expected any way. In terms of how nice the formula is, it's a really good nourishing formula that was rich enough for my hair. I told you in an empties post that the back of my hair is quite orange (because I was bleaching my still natural dark brown there) and I immediately planned to re-do bleaching next time  I'm going my roots and hopefully get rid of strong orange and then this might be easier to use for me, the fact I didn't get the perfect result now is all the fault of my bad hair colouring anyway. Other options are that I leave it on for an hour and live with some very blue strands or try to single out those orange parts and just try this one those. 

  Notino, 11.52 €

SCHWARZKOPF GLISS Hair Repair Fiber Therapy Bonding Seal Mask
Though I see nothing particularly special on the ingredients list apart from a basic moisturising formula with a tiny bit of hydrolised keratin, I hope I'm just not knowledgeable enough to see what that omegaplex is at Schwarzkopf and gave it a go to see if it's any good. Omegaplex is supposed to be a bond builder, so something like Olaplex, but it can't be the same as Olaplex has their "special ingredient" patented. I also don't see any malic acid that L'Oreal uses in their Professional line and Matrix, nor succinic acid that Schwarzkopf has in their Blondme line. The texture is very thick, so it was not easy applying this on the hair quickly and I had to use a lot of it for one use. In terms of effect it was ok, nothing ground-breaking, but for a drugstore mask a nice one, very nourishing and that's about it. It can't compare to Matrix in terms of results, but for very dry hair that's not necessarily also damaged, it's a good one. 
About 6-7 €. I got it in Leclerc, since it's not sold in Műller or DM any more.

GARNIER FRUCTIS SOS Repair 10 in 1 All-in-one Leave-in
The 10 in 1 claim is obviously exaggerated - well, stretched out and kind of Captain Obvious one - but I got this because it has coconut oil high on the list, it's a heat protectant and because it can be used on damp and wet hair, so I had some hopes it's similar to the discontinued Dove Super Quench. It's not great on dry hair. The formula lacks silicones, so it quickly ends up feeling too heavy on the hair even on my thick, dry, unruly texture. On damp hair I had mixed results. The first time it added some extra care, but at the cost of that light, airy feeling of freshly washed hair. The second time I used only two pumps and results were much better. The the key here truly is quantity. The bottle is massive with 400 ml, so I have no idea when I'll use this up, especially since it's just a regular moisturising treatment to me and doesn't do the extra bits like taming the hair or making it feel smooth.
Leclerc, about 4-5 €

BALEA Handcreme Urea
I immediately liked this. This is seriously good just like reviews say and I really like using it. It leaves my hands nicely nourished and with this nice silky feeling so they feel softer with other hand creams. 
DM, about 1-2 €

FA Invisible Sensitive 48h Protection Anti-Perspirant
Rose & Hawthorne
This is my first time trying Fa deodorants. It's barely scented, but it appears to be working so far. It doesn't keep me completely dry all the time, but at least it keeps the odours at bay. 

BALEA Rasiergel Exotic Coco
An unwilling repurchase. I wanted any other scent, but this was the only one we had here for two months when I was checking out if we have the regular version or some new LE (ironically we got it a week after I bough this). It's not my favourite because it smells bland and not really tropically coconuty, but the gel itself is great as usual. 
DM, 1.99 €

BALEA Erfrischendes Wasch Gel
My regular repurchase. Packaging was changed again and now has the 10% aloe vera claim at the top, but I don't know if they changed the formula too.
DM, 1.99 €

BALEA Fusscreme 10% Urea
I got this after liking the hand cream. I'm not that impressed, it feels lighter than the hand version and therefore doesn't appear to be as nourishing despite more urea. I used up the 25% urea one and it wasn't super impressive. I was told this one is much better, but I think I'll just try to use it up quickly and use then use the hand version instead.
DM, 1-2 €

BALEA Reinigendes Handgel
Magical Team 
I had hopes this will be strongly scented, but it has this sweet floral scent that's nothing special. I wish we had Bath & Body Works here, those are so much more impressive. I hate this version only comes with the rubber sleeve which I have no use for; like the bottle isn't enough plastic already. 

BALEA Badesalz Wasser Melone
I got this as a gift and I haven't used this yet, but I can smell the watermelon through the bag. Something for giving you that summer feels in the bathtub. 

BALEA Pflegecreme Fűhl dich Gedrűck
I got this as a gift too. I used to buy these all the time and used them as hand creams because they are nicely nourishing and absorb fast. This one has a nice floral sweet scent. 

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  1. Wow i am so happy for that glittery eye liner. Imala sam essence a istekao rok a i neće više u ttžištu pa jedva čekam ovaj! :) Hvala ti što si mi pokazala, lepe vesti! Tip :možeš to koristiti iznad olovke.

  2. Tek su me danas obaveštili da nećemo imati taj ajlajner u Grčkoj.:(

  3. Jaz sem se zdaj popolnoma navezala na L'oreal Pradise maskaro. Sem zadnjič kupila nove zaloge, ko je imel dm 1+1. Meni sicer ne padejo dol trepalnice in je definitivno ena redkih, ki da res ogromen volumen. Upam, da ti bo vodoodporna verzija super ;).

    Catrice korektor mi je bil sicer všeč na prvi vtis v trgovini, ampak sem takoj ugotovila, da je premalo pigmentiran za moj okus. In izdelka je res premalo not.

    Z Joicojem pa itak nikoli ne zgrešiš. Jaz vedno kupujem ene in iste izdelke, samo tu in tam preizkusim kaj novega, ampak me še nič ni razočaralo :).