L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Matte Free The Nudes Lipstick 06 No Hesitation

ponedeljek, maj 11, 2020

This line of L'Oreal's nude matte lipsticks appeared in our shops some months ago and it immediately attracted my attention. We have only a limited selection, which is similar to all of Europe I think, but US website has 16 shades, though with a different numbering system and names. I didn't pick any of the lightest shades, which might be a better suited nude tones for me (I've already found mine in Oriflame Pink Flair), instead I went for more 90's shade. 

Texture: I was blown away by the matte formula when I first swatched in the shop. It looked similar to Colourpop's Matte X, but mine is not as matte and it's less silicone-feeling. Texture like most matte lipsticks by now - smooth to apply and feels comfortable on the lips. I have no complaints about it and I think even those with more dry lips might find this one comfortable enough, but it's not as amazing as I had hoped. 

Shade: The colour looks brow in the tube, but on the lips it's more rosy-brown and lighter. It's a nice natural, wearable shade even for my pale skin tone, though I hoped it'll look a bit prettier on me, as the swatch on my hand made it look similar to Bourjois 07 Nude-ist.

Staying power: It lasts averagely ok for a matte classic lipsticks. By now all last well anyway.

Packaging: The packaging is standard for L'Oreal, it's just in a two toned nude shade. I've always liked the tubes from L'Oreal. 

Scent: It's scented with the classic L'Oreal lipstick fragrance that some call a granny scent, but I like it. It might be violets, I don't know.  

Price and availability: I got mine on Notino for 8.23 €, while it's about 12 or 13 € in drugstores here.

This is what drugstores needed, a wider selection of nude shades. Plenty of brands have nude colours, but it's limited to only a few per line. There could be more shades of course, as I'm not sure everyone is going to find their match now, but all look wearable to me. Formula is comfortable despite being matte and the only thing that might bother people is the fragrance. 

Have a great day

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  1. I've never seen this lipstick before. I think mat lipsticks are not my favorite. There is is only one mat lipsticks i truly love, radiant (matt lasting lip color radiant profesional.), a Greek company.also Dorothy L.🙂✌🏻

    1. Sadly no Greek brands here :) L'Oreal's is new range, it's possible it didn't reach you yet. This is definitely one of the most comfortable mat lipsticks :)

  2. Oh wow it is gorgeous! I love that colour! ;)

  3. Se strinjam, potrebovali smo več nude odtenkov :D Vsi imajo po dva nude odtenka, s tem da je en vedno presvetel, drug pa že gre ful na roza :D Sem imela en odtenek v košarici na Notinu, ampak sem se potem odločila, da ga ne rabim. Zdaj mi je rahlo žal :D

    1. Si popolnoma zadela situacijo v naših drogerijah :). S tem, da meni je pa prvi preveč rjav-oranžen, drugi pa že skoraj barbie roza na moji svetli koži. Škoda, da zdaj ni več testerjev v trgovinah, da bi se lažje odločila.

  4. Hey, wow, it's gorgeous! i love that..

  5. All the colours are fabulous. Love L'oréal